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12 Replies to “Corsi to Tucker: Mueller wanted me to lie”

  1. I disagree with Tucker that most lawyers have probably never heard anything like that, it’s common prosecutor harassment and fraud, but its still a crime. With all their harassment they still have not gotten anything.

  2. Rewind: 428-348 BC
    “I shall assume that you silence gives consent.” – Plato

    Rewind: 2012
    I shall assume that Marco Rubio was Sean Hannity’s pick.

    “Gretchen Hamel on Hannity (01.31.2012)”
    Gretchen Hamel – Published on Feb. 1, 2012

    This was the last time that Joseph Farah,WND was on the Sean Hannity show. Why?
    Because he brought up NBC @ 1:22…2:07.

    “Sean Hannity Bans Obama Eligibility And Forged Birth Certificate Callers” Bob Grant Show
    BirtherReportDotCom – Published on September 10, 2012

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