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  1. Iranian journalist gets 12 years for ‘insulting judiciary’ (dawn, Dec 2, 2018)

    “TEHRAN: Iranian journalist and women’s rights activist Hengameh Shahidi has been sentenced to more than 12 years in prison on unspecified charges, the official IRNA news agency reported on Saturday.

    “Given the confidentiality of the proceedings and the security nature of the case I cannot disclose details about the court’s verdict,” her lawyer Mostafa Turk Hamedani told IRNA.

    He said Shahidi had received 12 years and nine months in prison, plus temporary bans on joining political groups, online or media activity, and leaving the country.

    Shahidi was advisor on women’s affairs to reformist candidate Mehdi Karroubi during the disputed 2009 presidential election, and has been a fierce critic of the judiciary for locking up journalists and activists…”

      • These days who knows.

        Agreed. It’s why I didn’t comment on this earlier. Modern biochemistry has provided so many ways to cause human death without readily detectable residues, that a rapid forensic determination of suicide as cause of death now indicates the possibility of a hasty autopsy.

        I continue to remain astonished at the number of people who have checked out at the top of their game. Comedian par excellence Robin Williams and culinary scribbler Anthony Bourdain spring to mind.

        Finding a permanent solution to a temporary problem seems looks like a human specialty. Yet, far too few people ever bother to inform themselves adequately about medical and therapeutic protocols that can change the future of just about anyone. In this Internet age, there’s no excuse for not becoming more aware of alternatives to suicide.

  2. Possible proof the Crimea crisis may have been a premeditated provocation with U.S. knowledge. It must be considered too valuable an asset–for obvious reasons– to not support this regime. This ad predates the high seas confrontation. Or else, possibly, some strong forces at play refuse to allow PT and Putin to come to understandings and terms. I think this idea can find support since PT took offfice.

    • Odd as it may seem, China’s hyper-pragmatic approach in dealing with its restive Uighurs may end up serving as an ideal bugbear to parade before insufficiently intimidated Muslim majority nations.

      As in: “Please understand, there’s always the ‘Chinese Approach’ but we’d rather refrain from such disrespectful and harsh measures … Say, nice yurt! You wouldn’t want anything to happen to it, would you?”

    • BREITBART – Reuters Reveals Up to 1,200 ‘Muslim Gulags’ Built in China

      China is rapidly expanding the construction of its so-called “vocational” centers used to incarcerate, torture, and subject up to a million members of the country’s Muslim minority to communist indoctrination, according to a bombshell Reuters investigation published this week.

      Reuters reported on Thursday:

      Adrian Zenz, an anthropologist who has tracked the expansion of the camps, estimates there could be as many as 1,200 – at least one for every county and township in [Muslim-majority] Xinjiang [province]. There is limited information on the costs of construction, but tenders for one facility outside the city of Kashgar list a combined budget of $45.6 million.

      Muslim Uighur-majority Xinjiang is China’s largest province. Xinjiang’s long border covers various countries, including Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, and India.

      Previous estimates, including one by the Agence France-Presse (AFP), had placed the number of re-education facilities, also known as mind-transformation centers and concentration camps, at no more than 181.
      Citing a forensic analysis of satellite images of 39 of the re-education facilities, Reuters found that China is “expanding” the construction of the centers “at a rapid rate,” adding:

      The building-by-building review of these facilities revealed that the footprint of the built-up area almost tripled in size in the 17 months between April 2017 and August 2018…By August this year, the number of buildings at these facilities had more than doubled to 1,129. The area they covered had almost tripled to more than 1 million square meters – roughly the size of 140 soccer fields.

      According to the report, China began construction of new facilities and expansion of existing around April 2017, soon after Bejing implemented new anti-extremism regulations in Xinjiang, including bans on the wearing of veils and long beards in public places.

      China reportedly continues to expand the magnitude of its re-education facilities.

      “A further 67 buildings, covering an area of 210,000 square meters, are now under construction in these compounds, according to the most recent satellite imagery that was analyzed,” Reuters noted.

      Echoing other reports, the news outlet found that China’s persecution of Muslims has prompted adherents of Islam to abandon mosques.

      “Mosques across Xinjiang are now adorned with Chinese flags and banners exhorting people to ‘Love the Party, Love the Country.’ During Friday prayers, the mosques are almost empty,” Reuters reported.

      Although the majority of detainees at the centers are Uighur, Beijing is also reportedly incarcerating Muslims from other ethnic groups, including Kazakhs.

      The U.S. government and United Nations has determined that China has forced an estimated one million individuals into re-education centers where they face systemic torture, disappearances, executions, and arbitrary detentions as part of Beijing’s campaign to ensure its Muslim minority is loyal to the communist party.

      Beijing has denied the accusations, arguing that the camps are vocational centers intended to combat terrorism and Islamic extremism.

      “Former detainees describe being tortured during interrogation, living in crowded cells and being subjected to a brutal daily regimen of Communist Party indoctrination that drove some people to suicide,” Reuters noted.

      • Thank you, Martin, for your informative update on this modern politico-religious psychodrama. However disquieting (during the podcast with Amy Mek) Trevor Loudon’s identification of a nexus between Communism and Islam has to be, it’s nonetheless curious to see Red China treat its own population’s Muslim fraction like nuclear waste despite how Western nations just cannot seem to comprehend why.

        The area they covered had almost tripled to more than 1 million square meters – roughly the size of 140 soccer fields.

        At least they’ll have plenty of room to play football. Now, if only there was a properly inflated, regulation goat’s head available. Drat it all!

        … soon after Bejing implemented new anti-extremism regulations in Xinjiang, including bans on the wearing of veils and long beards in public places.

        Sounds pretty darn Islam-unfriendly to me! And I mean that in a good way, with lots of hearts and flowers and all that stuff.

        Echoing other reports, the news outlet found that China’s persecution of Muslims has prompted adherents of Islam to abandon mosques.

        Like the proverbial busload of lawyers on that lake’s bottom … It’s a good start. A little bird told me that it didn’t merely involve hanging strips of raw bacon on door handles.

        Mosques across Xinjiang are now adorned with Chinese flags and banners exhorting people to ‘Love the Party, Love the Country.’ During Friday prayers, the mosques are almost empty,” Reuters reported.

        Priceless. Effing priceless. An ideology that, on pain of death, absolutely prohibits having dual allegiances is, instead, exhorting its own followers to “Love” a political machine that has spewn forth the world’s largest population of self-identified Atheists.

        One can only suppose that Beijing hasn’t gotten to the instruction manual’s chapter about taqiyya and kitman. After all, let’s face it, ‘almost empty mosques’ returns us to the days of 9-10, 2001 in ways that will now require bloodshed incarnadine to replicate.

        Although the majority of detainees at the centers are Uighur, Beijing is also reportedly incarcerating Muslims from other ethnic groups, including Kazakhs.

        Not taking any chances, Beijing’s Mandarins are wearing both belt and suspenders. In fact, what we’re really witnessing is Communist China’s version of inclusivity. This is non-discriminatory Fascist Multiculturalism at its best where, everyone ends up behind the wire.

        “Well, isn’t that special.” [/Church Lady]

        Former detainees describe being tortured during interrogation, living in crowded cells and being subjected to a brutal daily regimen of Communist Party indoctrination that drove some people to suicide,” Reuters noted.

        What a supremely comical fluke! Followers of an ideology that goads even its most blameless and enfeebled into launching suicide attacks, instead, are desperately topping themselves after exposure to an even more despotic and boring dogma than their own psychotic brand of violently austere puritanism. Pobrecitos!

        • NR–it is despicable to gloat at the systematic murder of 1M people, so I hope you have the opportunity to remove your comment.

          • NR–it is despicable to gloat at the systematic murder of 1M people…

            To date, there have been no mentions of mass executions, otherwise I would be protesting them right now. Please note that nowhere above have I advocated or sought to “gloat” over human death.

            However often I may predict it, there still is no way that I promote genocide. Nonetheless, my own abhorrence about exterminating large segments of the global population makes ZERO difference regarding Islam’s headlong rush towards self-annihilation.

            Misery and suffering are entirely different matters, specifically when dealing with Islam in any way, shape or form. Historically, it has spread itself with such malice and cruelty that the travails and woes of modern-day Muslims (of any stripe) simply do not evoke much personal sympathy.

            As an example, second only to corruption—in its various and sundry forms—Islam is the principal driver of “man’s inhumanity to man”. It is a bedrock foundation for why I continue to maintain such a bleak outlook for this world’s Muslims. They are doing absolutely NOTHING to decelerate the careening Jihadist Juggernaut™ that Westerners have come to know and love so well.

            Small wonder that a plethora of other cultures hold Muslims (particularly of the Arab type) in such relatively low esteem.

            • No you haven’t advocated genocide, you predict it more then I do but that is all. You are probably right in predicting several genocides in the future. They will occur all around the world.

    • This makes several assumptions that are not necessarily true, For Trump to be the last President the left is going to have to change their MS over the next 2 and probably 6 years. Right now the majority of the people don’t like what the Dems are doing and if they increases their attacks once they are in power (as they promise to do) they will drive move people to support anyone but them. Also the lefts militias (antifa, BAMN, Black LIves Matter and others) are going to keep up their attacks on Trump Supporters. This will drive a lot of conservatives underground but once in the voting booth they will vote to keep conservatives in power.

      Finally if/when Trump wins re-election I think the Dems are going to go full revolution, a revolution they can’t win. Granted that will change the US in ways we can’t guess so in that respect he may be right. Maybe but I don’t see the left winning the civil war.

    concienciaradio – Published on Dec 1, 2018

    • “BORDER ALERT – Message from the Mayor of Tijuana IT’S TIME TO ACT!”
      concienciaradio – Published on Dec 1, 2018

      Message from Tijuana Mayor, Juan Manuel Gastelum, on the threat that the Migrant Caravan has become as they threaten to shut down the border again. IT’S TIME TO ACT!
      Translated and subtitled by Alex Backman

  4. Time for a bit of fun:

    Vegan activists storm steakhouse, are mocked by patrons mooing at them

    The gang, from Direct Action Everywhere, flashed anti-meat eating signs with “It’s not food, it’s violence” emblazoned on them and barked out a speech at the Touro Steakhouse in Brighton, England.

    But after barging through the restaurant they were ordered to leave with jeering diners chanting “you’re not singing anymore” as they were marched out.

    Footage of the demonstration begins with the person filming saying: “This smells horrible, look at all the flesh.”

    But as a spokeswoman attempts to give a speech about the benefits of veganism, patrons can be heard mocking her with one mimicking a cow mooing while waiters can be seen arguing with the protesters.

    Vegans being mocked by people whose expensive dinners they’ve wrecked? Quelle Horreur!

    Behind the camera, someone says: “They’re letting us protest but they’re eating the flesh of animals in front of us.”

    Right there is the corker. These incurable whiners voluntarily conspire to trespass in numbers, on private property, totally without invitation, and then complain as if they’re being forcibly compelled to witness the regular operations of a food service establishment.

    These well-mannered restaurant patrons didn’t just politely tolerate your little tantrum, they also graciously refrained from simply beating the everliving crap out of your lot—which is supreme good fortune for you whinging little snowflakes.

    That some people had the inexcusable temerity to dare continue eating the expensive meals that they were paying for is the entire idea of Free Speech (even if it didn’t actually apply), you sanctimonious vegan dolts!

    That you @ssclowns were tolerated permitted any voice at all in a private establishment instantly cancels all further moral authority on your part. To then complain about what activities you have voluntarily surrounded yourself with—as if entitled to any sort of censorious attitude thereafter—demonstrates an unacceptable “one way street” approach to Free Speech and voluntary association.

    Epilogue: Remember, a Caterpillar D11 can turn any parked up one-way street into a two-way street within an amazingly short amount of time.

    • It is not a level playing field. The vegan side may have poor identity skills, so have allowed themselves to be mainpulated into believing that food choices are moral choices. Further delusions are that these moral choices compel them to act this way as an ethical matter without questioning. I attribute the anti-social behavior to lack of real-world responsibilities, such as feeding a growing family or actually ranching or farming.

    • They should have held them down and inserted hotdogs into all their orifices. Hotdogs aren’t really meat so they should survive.

  5. Witzenhausen, Germany: Muslim attacks Christmas market visitors with a hatchet+++
    Yesterday evening, a 38-year-old foreign citizen from Bornhagen was arrested at the Christmas market in Witzenhausen who threatened visitors to the Christmas market with an axe. At 8:30 p.m. several calls were received by the police, according to which the suspect, with his arm raised and his hatchet in his hand, ran from the pedestrian zone towards the Christmas market. There he “waved” with his hatchet and shouted “Allahu Akkbar” several times, threatening several visitors of the market. According to the current state of investigation, the 38-year-old did not carry out any concrete slapping movements with the axe. As a result, nobody was injured.Then the suspect left the grounds of the Christmas market and got on a bicycle, which he had parked nearby a pharmacy. Shortly afterwards he was arrested in the pedestrian zone by the police patrol of the Witzenhausen police station. The axe was found and secured in a bed of plants during a later search of the market. The 38-year-old, who was highly aggressive and insulting to police officers, was taken into custody for further police action. The investigation is ongoing.
    Read more:

    • The axe was found and secured in a bed of plants during a later search of the market.

      As we all know, “a bed of plants” is crucial to the safe storage of axes. The sole remaining question is whether it was a legally compliant locking “bed of plants”.

  6. Read your own symbolism into it, but tonight is the first night of Chanukkah. Know that empires built on physical power do come and go, but with effort, truth of the Spirit endures.

    ¥ ¥

  7. ‘This is the start of a revolution’: Paris rioters steal police assault rifle, torch dozens of cars and vow to ‘stay in the streets until Christmas’ as fuel protests continue into the night and spread across France – and even to Holland

    The centre of Paris was on lockdown tonight after masked protesters stole an assault rifle from police, clashed with riot squads and set fire to cars and Christmas trees on the Champs-Elysees in furious demonstrations against the French government.

    Protesters said today’s actions were ‘the start of a revolution’ that would eclipse the mass strikes and occupation of universities and factories in1968 when the country was on the cusp of civil war.

    Fires and clouds of tear gas covered the French capital from early morning until late in the evening, in some of the worst violence ever seen in the French capital as more than 5,000 demonstrators brought chaos to Paris for the second week running.

    As so-called Yellow Vest fuel price demonstrators marched along the opulent Avenue Foch near the Arc de Triomphe, home to embassies and luxury residences, they were joined by criminal groups included looters.

    French President Emmanuel Macron has promised the protesters will be ‘held responsible for their acts’.

    Macron said today’s demonstrations which have left dozens injured and hundreds arrested ‘have nothing to do with the peaceful expression of a legitimate anger.’ He said ‘no cause justifies attacks on police or pillaging stores and burning buildings’.

  8. “State of insurrection” as fuel tax riots engulf central Paris

    PARIS, Dec 1 (Reuters) – Rioters ran amok across central Paris on Saturday, torching cars and buildings, looting shops, smashing windows and clashing with police in the worst unrest in more than a decade, posing a dire challenge to Emmanuel Macron’s presidency.

    The authorities were caught off guard by the escalation in violence after two weeks of nationwide protests against fuel taxes and living costs, known as the “yellow vest” movement after fluorescent jackets kept in all vehicles in France.

    In Paris, police said they had arrested almost 300 people while 110 were injured, including 20 members of the security forces. Police fired stun grenades, tear gas and water cannon at protesters at the top of the Champs-Elysees boulevard, at the Tuilleries Garden near the Louvre museum and other sites.

    In some areas there was virtually no police presence at all, as groups of masked men roamed in the shadows of the capital’s fabled landmarks and through its fanciest shopping districts, smashing the windows of designer boutiques.

    Macron, in Argentina for a G20 summit, said he would convene ministers to discuss the crisis upon his return on Sunday. Prime Minister Edouard Philippe cancelled a trip to Poland.

    • Clashes Break Out as ‘Yellow Vest’ Protests Continue in France

      Hundreds are arrested as the “yellow vest” protests continue in France.

      Police fired tear gas and water cannons at the protesters in Paris today and clashes broke out between authorities and demonstrators.

      Over 5,000 people are taking part in the protest in the French capital in order to voice their anger over fuel taxes and the high cost of living.

    • Macron mulls state of emergency after worst unrest in decades

      PARIS (Reuters) – President Emmanuel Macron considered declaring a state of emergency as he met security chiefs on Sunday seeking a way out of nationwide protests after rioters turned central Paris into a battle zone and vandalized the Arc de Triomphe monument.

      Riot police on Saturday were overwhelmed as protesters ran amok in Paris’ posh neighborhoods, torching dozens of cars, looting boutiques and smashing up luxury private homes and cafes in the worst disturbances the capital has seen since 1968.

      The unrest poses the most formidable challenge yet to Macron’s presidency, with the escalating violence and depth of public anger against his economic reforms catching the 40-year-old leader off-guard and battling to regain control.

      Arriving back from the G20 summit in Argentina, Macron rushed to the Arc de Triomphe, a revered monument and epicenter of Saturday’s clashes, where protesters had scrawled “Macron resign” and “The yellow vests will triumph”.

      • Macron mulls state of emergency after worst unrest in decades

        Micron would do well to ‘mull’ over an “exit plan”. Preferably (for him), one that doesn’t involve handcuffs and an extended stay in the gray bar hotel—avec ses violeurs immigrés abominables. Imposing martial law would be, for Elysee Palace, one of the most disastrous mistakes imaginable.

        Can you picture the incandescent rage Yellow Vests would experience as they watch “immigrants” saunter about and violate whatever curfews without repercussions (i.e., due to police fearing allegations of racism)—even as indigenous French citizens are forced from the streets?

        It’s quite possible that this is Antifa’s short-term goal—to enable “immigrant” violence even as native locals are transfixed by such an obscene spectacle of vicious inequality. With or without martial law, Micron is now working without a net. Already, he has burned enough political bridges to warrant a stern UN advisory about contributing to Global Warming.

        PS: The term “micron” also is a unit of measure for high-vacuum gauges—and you just don’t get any more vacuous than Micron without a determined struggle (or glue sniffing). A micron equals one seven-hundred and sixty thousandths of sea level atmospheric pressure. As things stand, attributing even a micron of internal cranial pressure to this incompetent Oedipal bungler is overly-generous to a fault.

        • I agree with your prediction of anger if there is Martial Law and the Invaders are allowed to ignore the curfews. You are right antifa’s short term plan is to generate as much anger violence and chaos as possible. Their goal is the destruction of Western Civilization and the nation states that composed Western Civilization.

          They have already destroyed most of Western Civilization and the rule of law that allowed it to operate in so many nations. We are now fighting to maintain freedom and the nation states that allowed us to develop civilization.

    • France’s Macron learns the hard way: green taxes carry political risks

      PARIS (Reuters) – When Emmanuel Macron rose to power, he put the environment at the heart of his agenda. Eighteen months later, anger over those policies has stoked protests that are a huge challenge for the French president.

      Rioters torched cars and buildings in central Paris on Saturday following two weeks of protests caused partly by higher fuel taxes which Macron says are needed to fight climate change. Some protesters called for him to resign.

      Macron’s plight illustrates a conundrum: How do political leaders’ introduce policies that will do long-term good for the environment without inflicting extra costs on voters that may damage their chances of re-election?

      It is a question facing leaders across the world as delegates hold talks in the Polish city of Katowice this week to try to produce a “rule book” to flesh out details of the 2015 Paris Agreement on fighting climate change.

      “Clearly, countries where inequalities are the highest are the ones where these kinds of push-backs are mostly likely,” Francois Gemenne, a specialist in environmental geopolitics at SciencesPo university in Paris, said of the political risks.

      • He’s got the correct hand-shape and manual position but the contours of his mouth are all wrong. Let’s hope his adoring immigrant buggermates remedied that little deficiency once the cameras were turned off.

    • DAILY MAIL – Macron starts the clean-up: Graffiti is removed from the Arc de Triomphe 24 hours after ‘gilets jaunes’ protesters stole assault rifle from cops,
      attacked police, burned cars and left 133 injured in France’s worst riots in 50 years

      Violent protesters took over the Champs-Elysees and torched cars, smashed windows and attacked police
      Emmanuel Macron visited the Arc de Triomphe today as soon as he returned from the G20 in Buenos Aires
      The protests began as a rebellion against fuel prices but have grown into weeks of civil unrest in the capital

      […]The French President at the Arc de Triomphe today standing in front of a message saying ‘Macron – we want your a**e’

  9. U.S. consulate in Mexico attacked with grenade, no injuries

    MEXICO CITY, Dec 1 (Reuters) – Mexican authorities are investigating an apparent grenade attack on the U.S. consulate in the city of Guadalajara, officials said on Saturday, underscoring the security challenges facing Mexico’s new president.

    The attack took place early on Saturday morning, local media reported, ahead of the swearing in of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador later in the day.

    No one was killed or injured in the attack and Mexican authorities are investigating the matter, according to a U.S. official in Mexico.

    Jalisco state prosecutors wrote on their Twitter account that federal authorities had taken over the investigation of the incident.

    The state is the home base of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, which is considered one of the most powerful gangs in Mexico by U.S. and Mexican authorities.

    The gang’s leader, Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, or “El Mencho” is on the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s most wanted list.

      — Cartel Nueva Plaza heating the plaza hoping the Marines will catch Mencho.
      — might be Cartel nueva plaza (Cholo) provocation against CJNG (Mencho)

      See also commenter recalling this earlier post
      And if it wasn’t Cholo it had to be the US sealing their reasons to go full bore in concrete. I gotta give props to whoever it was. It was pretty ingenious planting the seed with the interrogation video. You’re right, if Mencho really wanted to make a statement and had men close enough to throw grenades they could’ve definitely made a much bigger mess without any real extra effort. It will be very interesting to see how this plays out from here.
      — by watching the reaction in US media we can know if it was false flag by the US gov. If the reaction is strong (lots of coverage) it is a US gov false flag operation to nurture the image of the next bogey man.

      • also
        AnonymousNovember 23, 2018 at 8:29 PM
        I believe you are right. Mencho knows that if he goes against the US consulate, the full weight of the USA will come down on his head, like it did Caro and the whole Guadalajara gang from the 80s.

        It’s Marro getting desperate. And since when do narco’s bandage the injuries of their victims? It’s a set up.

  10. Dems reveal their priorities: This will be first piece of legislation they take up in new House
    By LU Staff December 2, 2018

    It’s encouraging to know that the Democrats are planning ahead, mapping out their agenda under their new majority in the House of Representatives. So what will be the focus of their very first bill? Will they address the bottleneck at the southern border by attempting to draft an immigration reform bill? Will they deal with the growing threat to the nation posed by China?

    Nope. Those trivial matters can wait. As noted by Fox News, House Resolution 1 (H.R. 1) will take aim at President Trump’ tax returns:

    The measure would mandate presidents to disclose their tax returns as part of a package that Democrats say would improve government and transparency of elected officials.

    As J.E. Dyer wrote back in September, the plan it to dust off a 1924 law that allows the chairmen of tax policy committees to privately examine the tax returns of anyone who files one in the United States, even without that filer’s permission.

  11. 23 shopping days till Christmas: Plenty of time for liberal protests, shenanigans
    By Ben Bowles December 2, 2018

    Ho, ho, ho! Have you been a good girl or boy? It doesn’t matter. Liberal Grinches are already out in force doing their best to destroy the nation’s most festive holiday for the legions of Americans of all faiths who celebrate Christmas in some fashion.

    We’ve already had the season’s first sighting. No, not of a jolly man riding a sleigh behind a team of eight reindeer, but of a schoolteacher (substitute, no less) telling a class of first-graders that Santa Claus doesn’t exist. It happens every year, but this year a hopeful note was at least sounded by the school superintendent, who said a statement:

  12. Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) reveals Intel Committee has made criminal referrals to Mueller
    By Daily Caller News Foundation December 2, 2018

    The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has made criminal referrals to the special counsel’s office, including regarding former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, the chairman of the panel revealed Friday.

    “We have made referrals to the special prosecutor,” North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr said at a forum held at the University of Texas in Austin. “One instance just highlighted of late, is that the special prosecutor is using the transcripts of interviews that we have used in our committee to indict somebody for lying to Congress.”

    “It’s a loud message to everybody who’s interviewed by our committee … if you lie to us we’re going to go after you,” the Republican added. (RELATED: Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty In Mueller Probe To Lying To Congress)

    Trending: MSNBC commentator declares whites are ‘always going to vote with their whiteness’

    Burr was referring to Cohen, who pleaded guilty Thursday to lying to the Senate panel and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence in 2017 regarding his work on a deal to build a Trump Tower in Moscow.

    • Turkey Should Choose Between Russia and the West…

      It’s time for Ankara to fight or fü¢k fish or cut bait. There’s still good American demand for Turkey right now but all of that changes around year’s end when everyone gets sick of the sight of it.

      Russia doesn’t even have any traditional treatments for Turkey. So, just imagine the butchering Big Bird Türkiye Cumhuriyeti will suffer in the Bear’s paws.

      Disappointingly, even a conniving, inbred Muslim can outwit the EU’s budding Social Engineers. If only for that reason, Ak Saray should be facing West long before mealtime.

      • And most of the Middle Eastern fighting men that he could call on for help are stationed in Europe which is about to explode.

        Gonna be interesting.

      • This is from the CFR, no fringe humanitarian-flavored NGO. Pretty stark:

        Neither Friend nor Foe: The Future of U.S.-Turkey Relations

        Since the 1950s, U.S. presidents have recognized Turkey as a critical ally. The legacy of this Cold War partnership continues to frame U.S. policy discussions about Turkey in which the country is routinely referred to as a strategic ally. Yet the world has changed considerably since the Cold War ended, and transformations in global, U.S., and Turkish politics over the last three decades require a reevaluation of the U.S.-Turkey relationship. Turkish opposition politicians have been supportive of the Bashar al-Assad regime, are hostile to expressions of Kurdish nationalism, joined the AKP in demanding Fethullah Gulen’s extradition from the United States, and stoke anti-Americanism.

        Although some present and former U.S. policymakers continue to make the case that Turkey is a strategic partner and an anchor for stability, the evidence for these declarations is thin. The two countries do not share interests or values. Analysts and officials looking for a new and positive framework for bilateral ties are unlikely to find one. Instead, the basic assumption that should guide Washington in its approach to Ankara is that while Turkey remains formally a NATO ally, it is not a partner of the United States. The bilateral relationship is marked by ambivalence and mistrust.

        The strategic relationship is over, and going forward, cooperation between the countries will be limited and contingent on specific circumstances. Policymakers should regard Turkey as neither a friend of the United States nor as an enemy. In many areas, Turkey is a competitor and antagonist of the United States. As a result, American officials should abandon the intensive and often fruitless diplomatic efforts to convince Turkish policymakers to support the United States.

        Instead, the United States should not be reluctant—as it has been in the past—to oppose Turkey directly when Ankara undermines U.S. policy. In practical terms this means the United States should develop alternatives to Incirlik Air Base, suspend Turkey’s participation in the F-35 jet program, and continue to work with the People’s Protection Units (YPG) to achieve its goals in Syria.

        • Right now Turkey is shifting from the competitor column to the enemy column, not a very big threat but still moving into the enemy column. Aggravating that problem is the left wing Propaganda Media that is still trusted by way to many people who will publish any Turkish lie if they think it will hurt the US. As I keep saying we have been here before during the Cold War but back then our enemies were sane, now some of our external enemies are only loosely connected to reality and a large number of our internal enemies suffer from the same problem. They are living in different dream states but those states bear very little resemblance to reality.

  13. Nearly Four Out of Five French Don’t Want to Accept Any More Immigrants – Poll (sputniknews, Dec 2, 2018)

    “Earlier, French President Emmanuel Macron called on EU members to “share” refugees and expel so-called economic migrants, while the French parliament signed a new immigration law aimed at ensuring “controlled immigration, an effective right to asylum” and “successful integration” of new arrivals.

    Well over half of France’s citizens believe their country accepts too many immigrants, comprehensive poll data published Saturday by the French weekly Journal du Dimanche has shown.

    According to the poll, conducted by Ifop in partnership with the Jean-Jaures Foundation and the American Jewish Committee, 52 percent of French men and women believe that France welcomes “too many foreigners”. Another 27 percent believe France welcomes “enough”. Taken together, some 79 percent of the country’s citizens believe France does not need any more immigrants.

    Similarly, 64 percent of those surveyed agreed with the sentiment that “our country already has many foreigners, and welcoming additional immigrants would be undesirable”. 77 percent of respondents said they fear that a policy that is too welcoming of immigrants will end up attracting even more immigration; 71 percent believe excessive migration will lead to a decline in wages due to migrants’ willingness to work for low pay.

    The French government has swung right on immigration policy in recent months to account for growing public discontent over the ongoing European migration crisis. However, members of the French National Rally party (formally known as the National Front) have urged the Macron government to follow the example of Italy and adopt even tougher rules.

    Most of the migrants who have arrived in Europe in the last few years come from the Middle East and North Africa, particularly Syria and Libya, which have been struck by devastating civil conflicts allegedly promoted by the US, France, UK and other foreign powers. Last year, a report by Pew Research Center, a US nonpartisan think tank, projected a dramatic rise in Western Europe’s Muslim population over the next several decades, with the Muslim population of France projected to rise from 8.8 percent in 2016 to as much as 18 percent by 2050.”

    • Nearly Four Out of Five French Don’t Want to Accept Any More Immigrants

      Does anyone honestly think that this overwhelming degree of public disapproval will put a stop to Micron’s borderless insanity?

  14. Christianity CRACKDOWN: Millions of Christians face ‘imminent extinction’ in Middle East (express, Dec 2, 2018)

    “CHRISTIANS are on the brink of “extinction”, the Archbishop of Canterbury has warned, insisting the religion is under severe threat in the Middle East.

    Most Reverend Justin Welby said that Christians are facing “the worst situation since the Mongol invasions of the 13th Century”, explaining how many in the Middle East are living in fear to practise their religion.

    Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, Archbishop Welby warned how thousands of Christians have fled their homes, have been killed, enslaved, or forced to convert from Christianity.

    He wrote: “Hundreds of thousands have been forced from their homes. Many have been killed, enslaved and persecuted or forcibly converted. Even those who remain ask the question, ‘Why stay?’.

    “The Christian population of Iraq, for instance, is less than half what it was in 2003 and their churches, houses and businesses have been damaged or destroyed.

    “The Syrian Christian population has halved since 2010.

    “As a result, across the region Christian communities that were the foundation of the universal Church now face the threat of imminent extinction.

    Only 1 in 400 Syrian Christians were given refuge in the UK even though their lives were under threat, has found.

    An estimated 10 percent of Syrians are Christians, and the number of those granted asylum in the UK has plummeted since 2016.

    Christians settled in the Middle East more than 2,000 years ago, building churches and establishing their communities in the region for centuries.

    However, Archbishop Welby explained how millions of Christians in the Middle East now face threats of persecution, and how governments must address the severity of the problem.

    He wrote: “Whether in large and flourishing communities, such as in Lebanon or Egypt, or smaller, struggling Churches, they need the protection and encouragement of governments and people at home and abroad, and foreign popular expression.

    “Without this they cannot live out their vocation as citizens of their native lands in co-operation with other religious groups.

    On Tuesday, Prince Charles will be joining a service at Westminster Abbey to honour Christians’ contribution in the Middle East.

    The Prince of Wales will be giving a Reflection service focusing on forgiveness and reconciliation, and previously spoke about his “heartbreak” over the Christian persecution crisis.

    In his Easter speech this year, Charles said: “Over the years, I have met many who have had to flee for their faith and for their life – or have somehow endured the terrifying consequences of remaining in their country – and I have been so deeply moved, and humbled, by their truly remarkable courage and by their selfless capacity for forgiveness, despite all that they have suffered.””

  15. Navy sinks migrant aid as boats are too costly (express, Dec 2, 2018)

    “PLANS to seek help from the Royal Navy to tackle desperate migrants illegally crossing the Channel have been abandoned because the boats are too expensive, it is claimed.

    Home Secretary Sajid Javid wanted Navy boats to be used for patrols as weather worsened in the Channel and concerns for the safety of migrants grew.

    Traffickers are thought to be increasing activity before Brexit.

    But of five small cutters operated by Border Force – responsible for patrolling Britain’s borders – just two are deployed in British waters.

    Two are on humanitarian missions in the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. The fifth is being repaired.

    The Home Office, sources say, was already considering using Royal Navy boats when Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson announced the MoD would be keeping three big offshore patrol vessels [OPV], once earmarked for sale.

    Senior civil servants decided the 25-crew vessels would be an ideal way of bridging the gap while allowing Britain to continue to honour its Mediterranean mission.

    But the plans fell apart when civil servants learned the daily cost of “renting” an OPV with crew.

    The cost of a 16,000-tonne OPV, with a range of 5,500 nautical miles (6,337 miles), starts at £20,000 a day.

    Add fuel and other factors and it can increase to as much as £50,000.

    According to Home Office sources, the cost could simply not be sanctioned so it was decided to pull back one of the Border Force humanitarian cutters instead.

    Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson last week announced that the three Royal Navy River-class vessels, HMS Tyne, HMS Mersey and HMS Severn, had been saved to work in UK waters.

    A Home Office source said: “It seemed logical to investigate the use of these offshore vessels. But it’s cheaper for us to bring our humanitarian cutters back than pay for the Royal Navy to get involved. So that’s where we’re at.”

    A senior Royal Navy source said: “We are ready to provide military assistance should the Home Office make an official request.”

    But the Home Office said it had “no current plans” to use the Royal Navy but might review this.

    Rescue ships ‘becoming taxis’

    TV REPORTER Jonathan Swain fears many more migrants will put their lives in danger to cross the Channel after filming nine people being rescued from a dinghy this week.

    He said it “took his breath away” when he saw a white light flashing in the distance and came across the packed vessel carrying nine people and an 18-month-baby at 4.30am on Tuesday.

    The two Iraqi families on board were picked up by a Border Force vessel and taken to Dover to be processed.

    “Our Border Force teams are in a difficult position,” said Swain, left, filming for ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

    “They are not a deterrent but at risk of becoming a rescue service and taxi to mainland Britain. I can’t see it ending.””

    • You build your military and police according to need, not cost. Losing you country is more expensive then building a military and police.

  16. Italian Far-Left Group Promises ‘Civil Resistance’ Against Salvini Migrant Decree (breitbart, Dec 2, 2018)

    “The far-left L’Associazione Nazionale Partigiani d’Italia (ANPI/National Association of the Italian Partisans) has promised to engage in “civil resistance” following the confirmation of the new migrant and security decree drafted by populist interior minister Matteo Salvini.

    The group said they would be looking to organise against the implementation of the decree aimed at curbing terrorism and illegal immigration, which they have accused of revolutionising the Italian constitution, Il Giornale reports.

    Carla Nespolo, the current president of ANPI, said that the decree would push the Italian republic into “the nightmare of legal apartheid.”

    “It is truly incredible that such a thing happened, that such a heavy blow was made to the right to asylum, to acceptance, to integration, to a model that brought wealth and civil cohabitation to those communities that had responsibility, and the courage to experiment with it,” Nespolo said.

    Nespolo also called on members of the ANPI to, “organise a broad, widespread, unitary civil and cultural resistance,” against the Italian government.

    In reaction to the statement, Salvini said: “The nostalgic of the red flags speak of a ‘nightmare’ and invoke ‘civil resistance… the nightmare was the governments of the left, driven out by the Italians. Now we finally restore law and respect.”

    The ANPI is just the latest left-wing group to come out against Salvini, with radical left-wing extremists even calling for his assassination in Bologna.

    Members of the far-left Autonomous University Collective (CUA) called for the killing of Salvini, putting up posters showing his face with a target on it and the words: “Assassin, take aim at this”.

    While much of the rhetoric has remained only words, some far-left extremists in Italy have gone even further. In August, members of the extremist anarchist “Santiago Maldonado Cell” took credit for the bombing of an office of La Lega, the party led by Salvini.”

  17. Thousands of Muslim Islamists march in Jakarta ahead of elections

    Around 100,000 people marched in Indonesia’s capital Sunday to mark two years since a demonstration that led to the fall of Jakarta’s Christian ex-governor, as presidential candidates seek to rally support ahead of next year’s general election.

    • Indonesian Islamists rally in Jakarta in a show of force (DW, Dec 2, 2018)

      “Hardline Muslim groups held the rally to mark the second anniversary of demonstrations that forced Jakarta’s Christian ex-governor to step down. An Islamist-linked politician is now seeking to become president.

      Thousands of people marched in Indonesia’s capital Jakarta on Sunday as the country’s Islamists seek to topple President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) in next year’s presidential election.

      The rally also marked two years since the toppling of Jakarta’s Christian ex-governor, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama. The 2016 Islamist demonstrations against Purnama’s alleged blasphemy forced him to resign from his post. The former governor was later jailed for two years.

      Sunday’s demonstration was attended by former general and ultranationalist politician Parabowo Subianto, who has strong links to Islamists and is seeking to win the April 2019 poll. Subianto was narrowly defeated by the incumbent president in the 2014 vote.

      At least 100,000 Indonesians — many of whom dressed in white and carried Islamic flags — participated in the Sunday rally.

      “We are proud because Islam in Indonesia is Islam that unifies and is united and will maintain peace for everyone,” presidential hopeful Subianto told the crowd.

      Increasing Islamization

      Experts say conservative Muslim groups in Indonesia have been rapidly gaining influence in the country.

      Political figures in the country, where Muslims account for around 85 percent of the over 260-million strong populace, are also becoming increasingly willing to make common cause with conservative and even extremist Muslim organizations in pursuit of their electoral goals.

      “Religion is being used by Indonesian politicians as a means of winning elections. This is even more dangerous than money-driven politics,” Ray Rangkuti, an Indonesian political analyst, told DW.

      This view is shared by Zaky Yamani, an Indonesian journalist. “Politicians here still use religion to win public support. The citizens also support the use of religious issues in politics. This situation is bad for the climate of pluralism in Indonesia,” he told DW.

      On the question of whether Jokowi can maintain his support base and win the next elections without pivoting toward a more religiously-inspired hardline stance, experts say he will be able to do that as there is no credible alternative to him at this point.

      “There is no other candidate so far considered to rival the popularity of Jokowi,” said Sumanto al Qurtuby, cultural anthropologist and professor at King Fahd University in Saudi Arabia. But his electoral fate will ultimately depend on how the political parties form their alliances, he noted.

      But some disagree, arguing that adopting conservative moves would actually be bad for Jokowi. “He could lose a significant chunk of his voters, and gain nothing as those who like those kinds of policies wouldn’t vote for him,” Yohanes Sulaiman, a political analyst and lecturer at the Indonesian Defense University, told DW.

      In a bid to counter pressure from Islamists, President Jokowi nominated cleric Ma’ruf Amin as his vice presidential candidate.”

  18. EU Confirms Funding for Migrants Massed at Bosnia Border, Locals Say Crime Rife (breitbart, Dec 2, 2018)

    “As the EU confirmed it was spending taxpayers’ cash on migrants seeking to break into the bloc, Bosnians have pleaded for the Balkans migration route to be shut down amidst increasing “militancy” from newcomers.

    Authorities in border towns in Bosnia, which is outside the European Union, have been struggling to cope with increasingly bold and forceful attempts to push through police lines and onto EU soil since mid-October, when thousands of third world immigrants began camping near the border with EU member Croatia — reportedly following misinformation that Croatia was set to open its frontiers.

    In the border town of Bihac, Mayor Suhret Fazlic said the 3,000 or so migrants currently living in the area nearby were presenting a major problem for the city with “militant behaviour” and committing hundreds of criminal offences.

    “First of all, it is necessary to immediately stop the arrival of new migrants,” he told Euronews this week, adding that he believes that residents of Bihac should receive “some kind of compensation for the damage caused” by the influx of newcomers to the area.

    On Thursday, the EU Commission announced it would be spending an additional €500,000 of taxpayers’ money on “humanitarian assistance” to third world migrants camping in the Balkans with the intention of illegally crossing into the bloc.

    “Refugees and migrants continue to arrive in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the EU is committed to provide humanitarian assistance to those in need,” Aid Commissioner Christos Stylianides boasted in a statement which noted Brussels has spent €31 million on migration-related projects in the region since 2015.

    Earlier this week, the UN Migration Agency/International Organization for Migration (IOM) admitted “80 to 85 percent” of immigrants attempting to break into the EU from the Balkans are “economic migrants and not people who need international protection”.

    IOM coordinator for the region, Peter Van der Auweraert, said “roughly 35 percent are Pakistanis”, accounting for the largest proportion of migrants, while around 20 percent claim to be from Syria.

    “But concerning the Syrians, I have doubts because we also have a number of people from North Africa who say they are Syrian,” he added, telling Euronews: “In total, between 20,000 and 21,000 people have entered Bosnia since the beginning of the year and 4,500 of them are still here.

    “Therefore, three-quarters of the migrants managed to enter Croatia illegally,” Van der Auweraert said.

    According to reports in Austrian media last month, European intelligence from the Balkans has alleged that “ninety-five percent of these migrants who are trying to break through [the Croatian border] are young men, almost all of whom are armed with knives.”

    In terms of migrants’ maintenance and day-to-day living costs in Bosnia as they attempt to break into Croatia, sources at the Austrian Interior Ministry’s migration department said the supply of provisions to illegal immigrants appeared to be “fairly well-coordinated”, with many of them allegedly equipped with prepaid debit cards provided by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)…”

  19. Thousands of Radical Muslims hold rally in Jakarta

    Thousands of conservative Indonesian Muslims hold a peaceful rally to commemorate the second anniversary of a demonstration which led to the fall of Jakarta’s then Christian governor Basuki Thahaja Purnama.

  20. Maltese coast guard takes 11 migrants saved by trawler (abcnews, Dec 2, 2018)

    “Eleven migrants rescued by a trawler last week have been handed over to the Maltese coast guard and will soon reach port in Malta, a Spanish aid group said Sunday.

    Proactiva Open Arms says on Twitter that the Spanish trawler Nuestra Senora de Loreto radioed them to say the migrants had been transferred.

    Earlier Sunday the Spanish government told the trawler that it had permission to dock in Malta, putting an end to its weeklong wait in the open sea.

    Malta, along with Italy, had initially refused to accept the boat because it had rescued the migrants in Libyan waters. The trawler rescued 12 migrants last week. One migrant was evacuated for health reasons on Friday.

    European Union countries have been sharply at odds over who should take in migrants from North Africa. So far this year the International Organization for Migration says 107,216 migrants have arrived in Europe and 2,123 others have died or gone missing in their dangerous journeys across the Mediterranean Sea.”

  21. BBC – ‘Freedom’ after seven months in airport –

    Syrian refugee Hassan al-Kontar was stranded in Kuala Lumpur International Airport for seven months and held in an Malaysian detention centre for two.

    But now he has been sponsored to come to Canada for a new life.

    After months stuck indoors, he tells the BBC what it was like to feel fresh air – and his hopes for the future.

    • Well, OK, you sound pretty smart and have good language skills. If you really mean it and are not an Islam-o-nut then, you would make a good prospect for a Western nation.
      But… have you considered the dreck that has washed up against our shores over the last 18 years? What do you have to say to them?

  22. Ex-FBI director Comey drops bid to challenge Republican subpoena

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Former FBI Director James Comey has dropped his legal challenge seeking to quash a Republican congressional subpoena and will agree to a closed-door deposition on Dec. 7 about the FBI’s decision making on investigations leading up to the 2016 presidential election, his lawyer told Reuters on Sunday.

    As part of a new agreement with the Republican-led House Judiciary Committee, lawmakers have agreed to release a full transcript of Comey’s testimony within 24 hours, and he in turn is free to make all or part of it available to the public, his lawyer David Kelley said.

  23. GERMANY – Police arrest further suspect in connection with Freiburg gang rape case

    An additional suspect has been arrested in connection with the alleged gang rape of an 18-year-old woman in Freiburg, southern Germany.

    There are already eight suspects – seven Syrian men aged 19 to 29-years-old and a 25-year-old German – who are in custody.

    The latest suspect is said to be an 18-year-old man from Syria, according to German media outlets, including Bild and Focus Online.

    Bild said police had arrested the suspect on Thursday evening in Emmendingen, a city in the state of Baden-Württemberg. He will be brought before a court on Friday afternoon.

    The arrest came after a DNA sample from the suspect, according to police. The man had voluntarily given a saliva sample.

    He is one of two further suspects that police have been searching for. The second additional suspect has not yet been found.

    According to investigators, 10 men are suspected of raping the victim after she had visited a nightclub in Freiburg on October 14th.

    Police previously said the woman had taken drugs, but that it was unclear whether a drink she took afterwards was spiked.

    It is understood the woman had left the club and the main suspect, a 22-year-old man, had gone with her. The victim was then allegedly raped.

    The man then reportedly went back to the club where he told other men that the woman was defenceless outside, and other men reportedly raped her.

    The shocking crime caused major unrest in the picturesque university town of Freiburg, with a demonstration launched by Alternative for Germany (AfD), as well as a counter-demonstration.

    Since the attack, there’s been a larger police presence in the area to reassure the public.

  24. Turkey’s Reign of Terror: The Persecution of Minority Alevis

    by Uzay Bulut
    December 2, 2018 at 5:00 am

    In Turkey, several methods are employed to eliminate religious minorities, not only by physical violence. Instead, the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an tries to erase minority faiths by preventing their ability to function by denying them the freedom to establish and safely operate their own institutions and places of worship. The Alevis, for instance, a historically persecuted religious minority in Turkey, are all-too-familiar with this form of oppression.

    The Alevi-owned broadcaster, TV10, for example, was closed down in September 2016, two months after the failed coup attempt against Erdo?an, for allegedly “threatening national security and belonging to a terror organization.”

    A TV10 cameraman, Kemal Demir, was taken into police custody on November 25, 2017 and arrested on December 2. Veli Büyük?ahin, TV10’s chairman of the board, and Veli Haydar Güleç, a TV10 producer, were arrested on January 10. All are still in prison.

    After the closure of TV10, employees and supporters held protests every Saturday for 82 weeks at Istanbul’s Taksim Square, demanding that the authorities reopen their media outlet. On April 28, they ended their demonstrations, stating in part: “We have not been able to take back our TV channel, but we have declared that the voice of Alevis cannot be silenced.”

  25. “Burnt Beyond Recognition”: Extremist Persecution of Christians, August 2018

    by Raymond Ibrahim
    December 2, 2018 at 4:00 am

    Ethiopia: Approximately 15 Christian priests were killed—at least four burned alive—and 19 churches torched during Muslim uprisings in the east, where most of the nation’s Muslim population, consisting of 33% of the population, is centered. “Similar tensions are bubbling under the surface in other parts of Oromia,” which is approximately 50% Muslim, said a local source. “We have even heard of places where Muslims had asked Christians to vacate the area. And though this call is veiled as ethnic rivalry by some media and observers, it is at its very core a religious matter.”

    Nigeria: During one of eight raids on Christian villages on August 28, Muslim Fulani herdsmen burned alive a Christian pastor, his wife, and three young children in their home; two other non-relatives were also killed in the raids. Armed with machetes and AK47 rifles, the Islamic raiders also looted and destroyed 95 houses and three churches. Gyang Adamu, one of the pastor’s surviving children who was away at the University of Jos at the time, “got to know about the attack when I saw a post on Facebook that Abonong village [his home], was under attack,” he said. When he finally got through to someone local, “the report I received was very devastating; I couldn’t believe that all my family members have been engulfed in the pogrom. On reaching home, I saw my daddy and younger ones burnt beyond recognition. The sight of the gory incident broke me down.”

  26. 43% of Dutch Jews hide their identity
    By Pamela Geller – on December 1, 2018

    Who are they hiding from? Muslims. But telling such truths is indictable in an increasingly Islamized West. Jews in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe have stopped wearing kippot and other visible signs of their Jewish identity, because if they do, they will be attacked by Muslim migrants. What everyone knows but refuses to speak about is the vicious and violent Jew-hatred endemic in the Muslim world. It is a central tenet of Islam, and anywhere Muslims immigrate, Jew-hatred and jihad follow. Mass Muslim immigration is finishing the job that Hitler began, and destroying European Jewry. Years of Muslim immigration have made life impossible for European Jews. Cities that had vibrant Jewish communities have been decimated. Jewish schools have become fortresses. Synagogues have become empty. In 2018, Jews are not able to walk the streets without being verbally or physically assaulted.

  27. Breaking: Fired FBI Chief James Comey Agrees to Private Testimony with House Judiciary Committee

    On Sunday Morning Futures this morning Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), the current Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, told host Maria Bartiromo he expects fired FBI Chief James Comey to withdraw his motion on Sunday to appear in public before the committee.

  28. Nigeria: Boko Haram kill 2 in Yobe state raid, injure 5 in suicide attack in Maiduguri (thedefensepost, Dec 2, 2018)

    “Boko Haram militants killed two soldiers in a gun attack in Buni Gari in Nigeria’s northeast Yobe state, and seriously wounded five militia members in a suicide bomb attack in Borno state capital Maiduguri, military and militia sources told AFP Sunday, December 2.

    In the first incident, Boko Haram gunmen attacked a remote base in Buni Gari village, in Yobe state, around 60 km (37 miles) south of the state capital Damaturu on Saturday, with six of the assailants killed.

    “We lost two soldiers in the attack and six terrorists were also killed and their bodies recovered by soldiers,” a military officer told AFP.

    Air support and reinforcements from a military base in the nearby town of Buni Yadi “effectively routed” the jihadists, said the officer. He asked not to be named because he was not cleared to speak about the incident.

    A member of the militia fighting beside the troops confirmed that the bodies of two soldiers and six jihadists had been recovered after the gun battle, which lasted less than an hour.

    Buni Yadi district is a known Islamic State West Africa Province stronghold, according to AFP…”

  29. Key Afghanistan Taliban commander killed in US air strike (BBC, Dec 2, 2018)

    “One of the Taliban’s most senior commanders has been killed in a US airstrike in Afghanistan.

    Mullah Abdul Manan Akhund was the Taliban’s “governor” and military chief for the southern Helmand province.

    He was killed in the Nawzad district of Helmand on Saturday night, provincial officials said.

    The Taliban said his death was a “major loss” but it would not deter them in their efforts to take back control of Afghanistan.

    But Afghan interior ministry spokesman Najib Danish told the AFP news agency his death was a major blow to the Taliban and would “lower the moral” of its fighters in southern Afghanistan…”

  30. Israel Must Reevaluate Its Policy of Nuclear Ambiguity

    BESA Center Perspectives Paper No. 1,023, December 2, 2018

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: In view of growing Middle Eastern turmoil since the Arab upheavals of 2011, the time has come for Israel to review the efficacy of its traditional policy of deliberate nuclear ambiguity.

    Given the upheavals cascading throughout the Middle East since 2011, Israel now faces a unique dilemma. Notwithstanding the logical underpinnings and coherence of its own unilateral foreign policies, whatever Jerusalem should decide to do or not do about the “big picture,” a vision that could include the advent of a nuclear Iran as a regional hegemon and heightened Shiite-Sunni infighting, this ever-volatile region could slip irretrievably into a still deeper level of chaos.

    If Israel is to remain secure in such an environment, it will have to re-evaluate its policy of deliberate nuclear ambiguity.

    To date, the “bomb-in-the-basement” policy has made good sense for Israel. Both friends and foes recognize that it possesses significant nuclear capabilities that are both survivable and capable of penetrating enemy defenses. Indeed, for adversaries not to acknowledge these capabilities would require a self-imposed intellectual deficit.

    But what should Israel do about its nuclear posture going forward? How should this ambiguous stance be adapted to the convergent and inter-penetrating threats of still-impending Middle Eastern/North African revolutions, a nuclear Iran, and Israel’s more or less constant concern about negotiating agreements with state and sub-state (terrorist) organizations?

  31. Iraq Defuses 83 ISIS Explosives in Anbar (aawsat, Dec 2, 2018)

    “Iraq announced Saturday that authorities had defused 83 explosives planted by the ISIS terrorist group in the Anbar province.

    Forty explosives were dismantled in the al-Salam region, 32 in a raid in the Albou Hassan area and 11 in the Albou Obeid region.

    Iraq’s Joint Operations Command spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Rasoul said that the security forces in Anbar also arrested a fugitive wanted on terrorism charges.”

  32. Jail, fine for violators of Umrah regulations (saudigazette, Dec 2, 2018)

    “Citizens and expatriates who are found transporting, employing, sheltering or providing cover-up to any overstaying Umrah pilgrim will be imprisoned and fined, Director of Public Relations and Information Administration at the Directorate General of Passports (Jawazat) Brig. Gen. Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saad reiterated on Sunday…”

  33. Saudi Vision 2030 closely aligned with core G20 objectives (saudigazette, Dec 2, 2018)

    “Saudi Arabia joined the G20 Troika, a three-member country committee chaired by Japan, the current presidency; Argentina, the previous presidency; and Saudi Arabia, the future presidency in 2020, said a G20 press release.

    The Troika was established to ensure that previous, current and subsequent G20 presidencies work hand-in-hand to achieve consistency and continuity of the group’s agenda.

    The G20 press release said, “Since the announcement of the 2020 G20 Saudi presidency at the 2017 G20 Hamburg Summit, the Kingdom commenced a whole of government approach for its presidency’s preparation.

    “The G20 Saudi Secretariat was established to coordinate efforts, with the aim of pursuing a progressive agenda that advances the Group’s accomplishments and priorities across global economic and developmental fronts.

    “Saudi Arabia will capitalize on its regional and international roles to engage with G20 members, invited countries, civil societies, and international and regional organizations to incorporate diverse viewpoints that reach policy recommendations addressing current and emerging global challenges impacting societies and economies throughout the world.”

    The press release said that the “G20 Saudi Arabia presidency will include a multitude of meetings, throughout the year of its presidency, for ministers, deputies, working groups and other stakeholders with the aim of building broad consensus on policy proposals that address G20 topics. These meetings will be crowned by the G20 Leaders’ Summit.”

    “Saudi Arabia is undergoing major economic and social transformation guided by its Vision 2030, which is closely aligned with core G20 objectives of achieving macroeconomic stability, sustainable development, women empowerment, enhanced human capital, and increased flow of trade and investment,” the press statement said.”

  34. Taliban militants kidnap 60 coal mine drivers in Samangan province (khaama, Dec 2, 2018)

    “The anti-government armed militants have abducted at least 60 drivers working in a coal mine in northern Samangan province of Afghanistan, the local security officials said.

    Provincial governor’s spokesman Sediq Azizi sadi sixty coal mine drivers who were on their way to Balkh province were abducted by the Taliban militants.

    Provincial police spokesman Mohammad Munir Rahimi had earlier confirmed that the incident has taken place in Dara Suf district at around 10 am local time.

    Rahimi further added that the anti-government armed militants have kidnapped at least 60 drivers in Khush Dara village.

    He said efforts are underway for the release of the kidnapped passengers and the drivers.

    The anti-government armed militant groups including Taliban militants have not commented regarding the kidnapping of the passengers so far.

    This comes as at least 25 passengers were abducted from Balkhab district of Sari Pul province as they were travelling to Mazari Sharif city last week.”

  35. Islamic Development Bank enjoy ‘strong partnership’ with Turkey: IsDB head (hurriyetdailynews, Dec 2, 2018)

    “Turkey and the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) Group enjoy “a very strong partnership,” the group’s president said.

    “Turkey is the fourth largest beneficiary of IsDB Group financing,” Bandar Hajjar said in an exclusive interview with Anadolu Agency.

    So far, the IsDB has invested a total of $11.6 billion in various development projects in Turkey, 45 percent of which were invested over the past five years, he noted.

    The bank, through its ten-year strategy, supports different sectors including health, education, transport and energy in Turkey, he said.

    “In the energy sector, we have invested over $700 million in renewable energy and energy efficiency enhancement projects to support the Government of Turkey’s targets,” Hajjar said.

    “We have also supported around 1,000 megawatt of renewable energy generation and catalyzed around $1.4 billion of relevant investments,” he added.

    Through its industrial energy efficiency projects, the IsDB Group has reportedly been able to contribute in reducing more than 2 million tons of reduction in CO2 emissions, Hajjar said.

    He added that the IsDB Group also supported transportation projects, especially electric locomotives and high-speed trains, the public-private partnership hospital and science projects.

    “We have also been providing support to Turkish exporters and importers to better reach newer markets and increase their productivity and competitiveness in key sectors such crude oil, coal, plastics, textiles, machinery, and soft commodities in the agricultural sector,” Hajjar said.

    ‘Integrated, holistic solutions’

    The group president said his five-year program “aims to find integrated and holistic solutions to the challenges that our member countries are facing while focusing on root causes of development challenges rather than symptoms.”

    “Our new business model promotes a change of narrative for development by adopting a growth mindset focusing on job creation and building and strengthening national competitiveness and connectivity to global markets,” he added.

    Speaking about the private sector’s development, he underlined that the bank recommended member countries to create long-term policies and plans to promote labor-intensive high value added industrialization and improve the quality of education to create a new generation of skilled and semi-skilled workers.

    The IsDB has two science, technology, and innovation programs – Engage and newly launched $500 million Transform Fund – to connect scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs in the online platform and support start-ups and SMEs’ ideas, he explained.

    The bank supports member countries which face varying economic and social challenges and actively strives to help accelerate their economic growth, improve productivity, and foster decent work, Hajjer said.

    He said the bank also supports the private sector through its various programs and products aiming at building capacity, supporting the development of laws, and overcoming obstacles.

    The IsDB Group, established in 1975, has 57 member countries, where nearly 1.7 billion people live, in four continents – Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

    The IsDB Group, which maintains an authorized capital of $150 billion, has provided about $131 billion of financing to its member countries’ economic development since its establishment.

    It has also issued more than $19 billion worth of Sukuk – the noninterest-bearing note – at the global financial markets.”

  36. ISIS member who BEHEADED former US soldier has been KILLED in a drone strike (express, Dec 2, 2018)

    “AN ISIS leader involved in the abduction and beheading of a former US soldier has been killed in a drone strike in Syria, according to a coalition spokesman.

    Abu al-Umarayn was killed yesterday by a US drone strike in Syria after he aided in the abduction and beheading of the former US Army Ranger turned aid worker Peter Kassig in 2014.

    The terrorist and “several other ISIS members” were killed after a precious drone strike in the Badiyah Desert in Syria. Since the fall of the ISIS capitals in Iraq and Syria, Mosul and Raqqa, members of the extremist organisation have been forced to flee to the few remaining territories held by the group.

    Coalition spokesman Colonel Sean Ryan confirmed the death of al-Umarayn in a statement.

    He said: “Al-Umarayn had given indications of posing an imminent threat to coalition forces and he was involved in the killing of American citizen and former US army ranger, Peter Kassig.

    “He has been linked to and directly involved with executing several other prisoners as a senior ISIS member.

    “Coalition airstrikes continue to disrupt ISIS command and control on the battlefield as we remove key figures from their ranks.”

    Mr Kassig worked as an aid worker in Syria following serving in the US Army in Iraq…”

  37. US-Led Coalition Strikes Syrian Positions, Syrian Military Source Says – Reports (sputniknews, Dec 2, 2018)

    “A source from Syrian military reported that the US-led coalition attacked Syrian army positions in country’s east, Syrian media reported.

    A Syrian military source reported that the US-led coalition fired several missiles at Syrian positions and caused limited materiel damage, Syrian SANA news agency reported. The missiles hit the positions south of Al-Sukhnah in eastern Syria, the source told the agency.

    “Forces of the US-led coalition fired several missiles toward the positions of our units in the area of Al-Ghurab mount, to the south of the city of Al-Sukhnah at around 8:00 p.m. [18:00 GMT],” the source told the Al-Ikhbariya television channel.

    Previous month, Syrian state television reported that over 30 civilians had been killed as a result of a US-led coalition airstrike on a village in the Deir ez-Zor province, which came just two days after Syrian media accused the US-led coalition of killing at least 6 civilians in the town of Hajin in the same area.

    Syrian government has repeatedly accused the US-led coalition of causing civilian casualties while conducting aerial operations in Syria.

    The US-led coalition of more than 70 countries is conducting counter-terror military operations in Syria and Iraq. The coalition’s operations in Iraq are conducted in cooperation with the Iraqi government, but those in Syria are neither authorized by the government of President Bashar Assad nor the UN Security Council.”

    • Well, plenty of Chinese gamble themselves into debt. Gambling is an addiction for many Chinese.
      And Asians in general don’t metabolise alcohol as readily as Caucasians.

      The Chinaman is speaking Mandarin, I suppose. Does this African understand what’s being said? If so, he’s not the dummy projected by his interlocutor.

      Both of them – I’d watch my back.

      This new !! improved !! Chinese imperialism isn’t going to go as smoothly as the Red Devils think. At least the European version had a light dusting of Christianity. Chinese (and Japanese) don’t regard black Africans as human. (Not much below most Round-Eye Devils.)

  38. Richard: This article is about what the next tempest in a tea pot will be about. The Hatch Act says that Federal Employees are forbidden to engage in Political campaigns or matters during work hours, just as the Military is forbidden to do any politicking in Uniform. The Propaganda Media and their political masters don’t care about this and will use the incident in the article to raise hell.

    Federal Government Infringing on Employees’ Free Speech?

    Employees of the federal government were warned this week that both praising and criticizing the Trump administration while on duty may be considered illegal. Federal workers are specifically barred from “advocating” for or against impeachment and from expressing support for the so-called “resistance” to President Donald Trump.

    Such expressions could be considered violations of the Hatch Act, a 1939 law that largely prohibits federal workers from engaging in political activity while on the clock or in their official capacity as a government employee. In a memorandum released Tuesday, the Office of Special Counsel (no relation to Robert Mueller’s Russia probe) Hatch Act unit explains what kind of speech should be avoided.

    The memo goes on to warn against activity related to such words and phrases as “#resist,” “the resistance,” and “#resistTrump.” Such terms, the memo points out, are clearly associated with efforts to oppose the Trump administration’s policies. Since Trump has already announced his reelection bid, the Office of Special Counsel assumes that “the use or display of” those terms “and similar statements is political activity unless the facts and circumstances indicate otherwise.” The agency notes that there’s nothing wrong with using those words in a clearly apolitical context.

  39. DHS extension request could mean troops spend holidays at border

    Troops could spend the holidays deployed to the border instead of heading home by mid-December .

    Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is reviewing a request Friday from the Department of Homeland Security to extend the deployment of U.S. troops at the Mexico border until the end of January.

    The secretary has not yet approved the request, according to the Pentagon, but it will likely mean thousands of troops will spend the holidays assisting Customs and Border Patrol agents as caravans of migrants arrive.

    • What intel do they have that they are making this request?

      Granted it could be that they want the back up there in case there is another attempt to push through the border by a much larger number of invaders.

      • Media wants an issue?

        These are volunteers.
        They’ll get federal benefits for the rest of their lives.
        The border isn’t Kandahar.
        The soldiers are not children.

        … Christmas deployment!…..

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