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17 Replies to “Paris”

  1. Who are these people with faces covered destroying everything?

    One thing we know, they’re not PEACEFUL French people. Try to look at their faces, if you can.

    I know French people (in France and from France) and I also know Moroccan people. There’s a particular tilt to their voice tone (in French) that tells me they’re Moroccan. One must know both to identify it.

    I posted a video earlier elsewhere on this site where Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) are lighting the symbol of the Unknown Soldier that had been vandalized.

    Who has a history of vandalizing the Unknown Soldier? Moroccans. That seems to be the first place they go when winning a sports event.

    Thus, who vandalized the Tomb – once again – of the Unknown Soldier?
    Anarchists weren’t involved before today. Just saying.

    ONE COMMENT: ”L’identité des casseurs est volontairement cachée/ignorée par les médias. Ca les arrange et les dérange, en même temps.”

    Translate: The ID of the vandals are intentionally suppressed by the media avoid problems.


  2. Going from bad to worse: Major general strike in France is in sight because of Macron’s unwillingness to address the People’s unsatisfaction of the government.
    The Yellow Jackets are having a major impact.

    (How can we not see the government will be brought down?)


    • She’s saying the government is not responding and they’re heading toward a catastrophe. She’s encouraging every worker to join the general mobilization…

      This is so much fun to watch, for me.

    • How can we not see the government will be brought down

      The trick is to ensure a good government replaces this one, don’t celebrate until we see if the revolution causes a free France or if a new Napoleon arises to become Emperor.

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