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10 Replies to “Yellow vests work overtime to dismantle a street”

  1. What’s happening is the government doesn’t want them on the main boulevards as traffic flow will suffer. So, they’re destroying the boulevards.

    Who would have thought that one day, a common cause would unite all of them? And they aren’t aware yet of the Global Migration Compact!

    Which brings us back to why the EU wants an EU Army.

    I’m so happy, the revolution is starting in France.

    • There are much more protestants than the French media and the government are taking about. Ministrz of Interior said there was : 1619 protests and 106 tys. participants and something like 65 people @ demonstration. In fact people in France are saying that it is not even a propaganda, it is kind of alt reality. In majority of protests, even in small towns, there were more than couple of hundred people.

  2. Yellow vests work overtime to dismantle a street

    If that video clip is any indication, the Yellow Vests have cobbled together quite the crew.

  3. Let’s not forget that those people wearing a yellow vest are “working class “ citizen. The are not paid community agitators.
    The French have taxed the “Rich” 75% years ago. Now you have the middle class/working class getting tax so the welfare/food stamps class get their free stuff and don’t “ United “ with those working men and bring back the guillotine on the street …
    Politicians have abused their power and enriched themselves for years .

  4. This round of protests should bring down the French Government and possibly turn into the revolution so many people have been waiting for.

  5. One Bastille was attacked, who would know 200 years later the Whole of THE REPUBLIC, notorious for being secular, in order to be enlightened and based on reason – – – would become Bastilles for the French and a paradise for Pirates.

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