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  1. Maybe I posted it before, but here it is again. It’s most of what’s been bothering me about our disposition in Mesopotamia for the last year.

    The US is juggling too many agendas in eastern Syria

    The problems the US faces is that it is trying to do too many things at once and it has misled most of its allies and partners by speaking out of two sides of its mouth.

  2. FULL: Netanyahu’s Speech Amid Coalition Crisis

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to the press and the Israeli public following a meeting with main coalition members regarding recent security issues and the coalition crisis. He announces that he will take on the role of defense minister. He implores that the coalition stay together and moves to assure the public that he is working hard to keep the state safe.

  3. Statement on the Election of a New Interpol President

    by Garry Kasparov and Members of the Standing Committee of the Free Russia Forum
    November 21, 2018 at 2:00 am

    On November 21, the election of a new President of Interpol will take place. The leading candidate for this post is the representative of the Russian Federation, Major General of the Russian Police Alexander Prokopchuk. The Standing Committee of the Free Russia Forum expresses its categorical protest against the election of this candidate to the post of head of Interpol. Such an influential organization as Interpol cannot be led by a representative and functionary of an unfree nation that violates the rights and freedoms of its own citizens, violates its international obligations, annexes the territories of other states, and is currently the protagonist of several wars of aggression.

    It is well-established that Russia has abused Interpol as a tool to persecute abroad the political opponents of the ruling Russian regime who have been forced to emigrate. Critics and other targets of the Putin regime residing outside of Russia have repeatedly been victimized by Interpol mechanisms such as Red Notices and “diffusion” notices, as a result of which they were detained and put through lengthy legal procedures before they managed to convince Interpol of the political nature of their persecution — often requiring political intervention on their behalf.

    A few examples: members of the Standing Committee of the Free Russia Forum Leonid Nevzlin and Ilya Ponomarev, founder and CEO of the Hermitage Capital Management investment fund William Browder, employee of the Anti-Corruption Foundation Nikita Kulachenkov, anti-fascist Peter Silaev, Voina activist Oleg Vorotnikov, Izhevsk journalist and activist Andrei Nekrasov, Ulyanovsk blogger Sergey Kryukov, former head of the Tutaevsky municipal district of the Yaroslavl region Jan Andreev.

  4. Mexico to deport migrant caravan members after Tijuana arrests

    TIJUANA, Mexico — Migrants camped in Tijuana after traveling in a caravan to reach the U.S were weighing their options Tuesday after a U.S. court blocked President Donald Trump’s asylum ban for illegal border crossers.

    Many said they have no intention of breaking the law, but were feeling pressure after anti-migrant protests in this Mexican border city amid claims by Trump and the Tijuana mayor that the caravan harbors gang members and criminals, something they strongly deny.

    Keven Paul Mejia, a 27-year-old former security guard from the Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa, said there were some delinquents traveling with the group of several thousand who smoke marijuana and get drunk.

    But, he said, most are like him, just hoping to land a job in the U.S. “There are more of us who are good, than bad,” Mejia said.

    Herson Cordonez, a 29-year-old Honduran, said the actions of a few migrants were tainting the image of the 4,000 to 6,000 in the caravan, not all of whom have yet reached Tijuana. “We are not criminals, we are migrant workers,” Cordonez said, adding that he was considering trying to get into Canada if the U.S. doesn’t want him.

    Tijuana officials said late Monday they had arrested 34 caravan members for drug possession, public intoxication, disturbing the peace and resisting police, and they would be deported to their home countries.

  5. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Came After Your Guns, Now He’s Coming After Your Private Property

    New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) is known for being a gun control zealot. He’s done everything in his power to make gun ownership as minimal as possible. But now, he’s taking aim at private property.

    During an interview with NY mag, de Blasio said something rather scary: that the government should control property, meaning the average American shouldn’t have a right to own buildings or homes.

    From the interview (emphasis mine):

    In 2013, you ran on reducing income inequality. Where has it been hardest to make progress? Wages, housing, schools?

    What’s been hardest is the way our legal system is structured to favor private property. I think people all over this city, of every background, would like to have the city government be able to determine which building goes where, how high it will be, who gets to live in it, what the rent will be. I think there’s a socialistic impulse, which I hear every day, in every kind of community, that they would like things to be planned in accordance to their needs. And I would, too. Unfortunately, what stands in the way of that is hundreds of years of history that have elevated property rights and wealth to the point that that’s the reality that calls the tune on a lot of development.

    I’ll give you an example. I was down one day on Varick Street, somewhere close to Canal, and there was a big sign out front of a new condo saying, “Units start at $2 million.” And that just drives people stark raving mad in this city, because that kind of development is clearly not for everyday people. It’s almost like it’s being flaunted. Look, if I had my druthers, the city government would determine every single plot of land, how development would proceed. And there would be very stringent requirements around income levels and rents. That’s a world I’d love to see, and I think what we have, in this city at least, are people who would love to have the New Deal back, on one level. They’d love to have a very, very powerful government, including a federal government, involved in directly addressing their day-to-day reality.

    It’s not reachable right now. And it leaves this friction, and this anger, which is visceral. I try to explain the things we can do. It’s a little bit of a Serenity Prayer — let’s talk about the things we can fix. The rent freeze we did reached over 2 million people. In 2015 and 2016, the mayor’s appointees ruled that new one-year leases on rent-stabilized units could not increase. I’ve talked to people who were going to be evicted, and we stopped the eviction by giving them a free lawyer. And I’ve talked to people who got affordable housing under our plan for 200,000 apartments.

    It’s rather scary that someone who is a star in the Democratic Party admits that he wants to create a utopia here in America. How do other socialist countries start? With the people being disarmed. Then the government moves to control every aspect of a citizen’s life. And that’s exactly what de Blasio wants to do.

    Read the article at Townhall to see the sections that were highlighted.

    • Pure illuminati,read their agenda.Once private property is gone so is the right to self defence,life and limb,then the individual is nothing but a slave to be used as the master wishes,as I have said many times it is only the fact of the second amendment that is preventing the new world order from fulfilling its plan for our enslavement and the enslavement of the world,they can not complete their move against Europeans while americans are still armed,they want us totally defenceless with nowhere to run.

  6. Official: Algeria deported 37,000 Nigeriens since 2014 (memo, Nov 21, 2018)

    “Algerian authorities have deported 37,000 Nigeriens who had illegally entered Algeria including women and children, over the past four years, APS reported a government official as saying.

    The director of immigration at the Algerian interior ministry, Hassan Qasimi said “as many as 37,000 Nigerien have been deported between December, 2014 and November, 2018 after reaching an agreement with the government of Niger”.

    According to Qasimi, the deportees included 1095 women and children who were caught begging in Algeria on behalf of Nigerien criminal networks that used the money for illegal purposes such as buying weapons.

    The same source confirmed that “these criminal networks that were active in Niger, are exploiting children and women to collect money by begging in Algeria” noting that such criminal activities began between 2013 and 2014.

    According to Qasimi, the Algerian authorities are currently working to eliminate these criminal networks and have removed a number of them in the capital, the city of Oran in western Algeria and the provinces of Tizi Ouzou and Bejaia east of Algeria.”

    • Nedim Yasar, a 31-year-old former gang leader who worked as a radio show host and mentor for young people, was fatally shot in Copenhagen on Monday night after a launch event for his new book…

      Typical “Islamic censorship”.

  7. 9 Charged In L.A. Election Fraud Scheme Where Homeless Were Paid With Cigarettes And Cash

    Nine people have been criminally charged after a Los Angeles election fraud scheme was busted by undercover officers.

    Hundreds of homeless people on skid row were targeted and given cash and cigarettes in exchange for fraudulent signatures on voter registration forms or ballot initiatives this year and during the 2016 election cycle, reports the Los Angeles Times.

    “They paid individuals to sign the names,” said LAPD officer Deon Joseph of the defendants. “That’s an assault on our democracy.”

    In Los Angeles, you can earn up to $6 a signature on proposed ballot initiatives. “People hired to help qualify initiatives for the ballot are often paid per signature collected, typically $1 to $2, but officials said a recent slew of proposed ballot initiatives had pushed the rate as high as $6 a signature,” says the report. You cannot, however, pay people for signatures.

  8. Bosnia and Herzegovina: Mass brawl as migrants resist transport to new centre

    Tensions were running high at the Bosnian-Croat border in Velika Kladusa on Wednesday.

    A fight broke out when a man resisted transportation to a temporary migrant centre run by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM).

    Police tried to separate the two men, but the fight then morphed into a brawl as several people piled in.

    One migrant was seen being escorted away by police.

    No one was available for comment.

  9. UK: ‘Absolute disaster’ – UKIP leader Batten on Brexit deal

    The leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) Gerard Batten called the government’s Brexit deal an “absolute disaster” during an RT ‘Studio London’ interview on Wednesday.

    Batten called Prime Minister Theresa May’s premiership “discredited” and said the UK should have dictated its own terms to the European Union (EU) in negotiations.

    “The only way Britain is ever going to leave the European Union is unilateral, unconditional withdrawal where we don’t ask them how we’re going to leave, we tell them how we are going to leave,” he said.

    Batten was also highly critical of the transition period and backstop option which could mean EU residents preserve residency rights for several decades into the future.

    The UKIP leader believed a no-deal scenario would be preferable, as the UK would be able to trade on World Trade Organization (WTO) rules.

    “You do not need to be in a single market to trade with Europe or anywhere else, trade now is predominantly done under the World Trade Organization rules. This whole thing about a single market is another false argument,” he concluded.

  10. Austria: Kurz blames Muslim migration for rising anti-Semitism in Europe

    Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz spoke at the ‘Europe beyond anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism – securing Jewish life in Europe’ conference in Vienna on Wednesday.

    “You should only let as many people immigrate in a country as many as many you are able to integrate. So, I think that a not-registered, and not-organised flow of immigrants can always be a problem for a country,” said Kurz.

    “And especially a strong flow of immigrants coming from Muslim countries can cause troubles like a different understanding about Israel or anti-Semitic ideas, which we would not like to have in our societies,” he added.

    Executive Director of the American Jewish Committee David Harris stated, “I’d like to see European countries angrier, angrier about the treatment of Israel in the International community.”

    “Instead of going along too often, European governments need to stand up more and show backbone, exactly as Sebastian Kurz is now doing and demonstrating that it can be done,” he added.

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