Yellow Vest Interviews in France: The people are broke and over taxed

I wonder why they have so little. What could be costing the government so much?

I have been very busy today but hopefully the fruits of today’s work will manifest tonight and tomorrow. I hope to have some great content later, as well as a more efficient and taster process.

Thank you Ava Lon for the work on these four interviews grabbed from Twitter.


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8 Replies to “Yellow Vest Interviews in France: The people are broke and over taxed”

  1. It looks like France is running out of other peoples money to spend, that is the eventual fate of all socialist nations, no matter how rich they end up with all but a very few people broke and often starving.

    • And the banker is signing the U.N. Global Migration Compact. Worse is to be expected when these people find out about the upcoming invasion.

      • That is when we see if they still have enough spirit to stage a violent revolution, my bet is that they do, both them and the Germans.

  2. “…what could be costing so much…?

    Bang on. Where’s the drain?

    You know these poor people are serious and their plight is spead across the west. Good people who have eyes and can see. The reckoning won’t be surgical–it will be broad and bloody–but it will be effective.

    • That is my guess, we may see Madame Guillotine brought back. I doubt if the really bring back the Guillotine, they will probably settle for a hang rope or a bullet tot he back of the head. It will be a broad revenge and if the Police have any brains they will do all they can to help the rebels so they don’t end up being part of the ones killed.

      • Well , it certainly puts the efforts by Macron and other dear leaders of the eu , to create an army of their own , into an interesting perspective…

        • That is what they want, the want to use Brits and the Northern Europeans in France and Germany and the French and Germans in Britain and the Northern and Southern European nations. I think they waited too late to try to organize an EU Army but things might wait the 2 to 5 years needed for the EU Army to organize, recruit and get equipment.

          • Well , i was thinking in terms of creating an instrument to use against their own populations , should widely spread civilian dissobedience and general unrest for some unimaginable reason arise….Frankly i’d trust most of the dear leaders to do that .

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