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6 Replies to “Once again, multiculturalism means “any culture but ours””

    • or not? https://electwomen.com/2010/12/hat-controversy-brewing-congress/ Wilson, 68, who was elected last month to represent part of the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area, has distinguished herself with a daily display of head-snapping hats that blend church lady formality with rodeo queen panache. But her love for a flashy Stetson has run up against a long-standing rule: No hats on the House floor.

      The ban dates to 1837, and not even the famously tough-talking, hat-wearing former congresswoman Bella Abzug could overturn it.

  1. Funny this Mohammedan brings up politicians having “blind spots.” By allowing her to wear her “flag of Islam” as Linda Sarsour puts it, they indeed have a “blind spot” about who/what/when and WHY the US Marines/Navy was founded.

    This is what having your own laws used against you looks like.

    • The Marines were founded during the revolutionary war but were expanded from a couple of hundred men to a much larger force after the Barbary Pirates War when it became obvious that the US needed a ground force that could be used to project power outside North America.

      The Marines are part of the Navel Service but the Continental Congress authorized the creation of the Marine Corp several days before it authorized the creation of the Navy.

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