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18 Replies to “Socialists in Spain vote to exhume Franco’s body”

  1. Wait until Catalonia secedes (first stop for muslims)and becomes the first sharia state in Europe. Franco was a survivor and IMO the role model for right wing dictators. He happily accepted help from Italy and Germany but had the good sense to stay out of WW2 (Blue division was symbolic) and happily handed over power to the “monarchy”. The death toll so amplified by Hemingway et al. palls by comparison to that of the “socialists” in Spain(read any of Blair’s books after his little stay with them or anyone one else who had a change of mind after fighting with the communists)) and they would still be in power with a mounting death toll as more mass graves are exhumed. The idiotic Spanish are as brainwashed as the rest of the west and have no idea as to how lucky they were.

    • Wait until Catalonia secedes

      This will succeed only in their dreams, in reality it will touch off a civil war that will spread around the world.

      FYI: Fascism is not Right Wing, it was started by Marxists who wanted to create a Marxism that works. The Marists proudly claimed Fascism as prat of the left until Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union then it became Far Right. In reality it is only a little further to the right then Communism.

      If you have International Socialism on the Far Left and National Socialism on the Far Right were on the political spectrum are the non socialist types?

      • Quote:”FYI: Fascism is not Right Wing etc.”
        Sorry Richard but that is how he is regarded. I actually had no little problem in describing him but as he was anti-Communist I had to place him on the “right” and I know all about fascism (we have had this conflict before). He was primarily a nationalist who sided with the fascists as they supported him to balance out the soviet support but even the Nazis were strictly speaking not fascists. The fact that the two ideologies nazism and fascism both evolved from aborted Marxist leftist foetuses should tell everyone about Marxism.

        • The book, Postmodernism Explained, details the history of Nazism and Fascism as being viewed at the time as, “Collective right” vs. communism, “collective left”.

          Both are Lilliputian differences from each other and both hated the real liberals, who believe in individual rights.

          I find it a satisfying explanation.

    • Franco NEVER handed over power to the monarchy!
      The King just smiled and waved.

      The death toll was enormous!
      Postwar revenge murders, torture, the notorious thugs of the Guardia Civil. Reprisals on extended families, old feud scores settled. The masses forced into exile were by no means communists!

      No one dared to look too closely, that’s all. The USA counted on docile Spain as a Cold War bastion. It was a theme-park, flamenco-&-bull-fight culture for the delectation of foreign tourists. Cheap.

      The country was a prison for decades. It was crawling with secret police – conversations were monitored even in a convent school girls dormitory. (1st-hand experience.)

      There was a tiny rich, powerful class and impoverished masses unlike anything you’d see in Italy or France or Switzerland or Germany. Peons and masters. “Equal under the law” – what a joke! Corruption as bad as behind the Iron Curtain.

      It was freeze-dried backward. Iron censorship of everything held till Franco was put into the ground.

      So much pent-up rage, I’m not surprised it finds expression in nonsense like this Franco fiasco.

      • Just because we see the Left as it is today, and we know classic communist oppression, doesn’t mean the REAL farrr-rrright is something to hold up as a model.

        It’s appalling.

        Yes, if I had to choose, I’d still pick strongman rule to communist tyranny or sharia. I’d prefer Mussolini to Franco.

        • You’ve been reading too many leftist stories about Franco. The left never got over the fact that THEY LOST just like Hillary lost and will never get over it. The left has vilified General Franco ever since with lies.

  2. Read The Last Crusade by Warren Carroll to understand that General Franco was the “good guy” in the Spanish Civil War fighting against the left and the Communists who hated the Church and brutally murdered scores of Bishops and thousands of priests and nuns. Franck prayed the Rosary every night with his wife.

  3. I’ve been there. It is really quite spectacular but, in some ways reminded me of Soviet architecture. Franco is buried right in the center of the memorial which looks more like a church, albeit very heavy handed, from the inside.

  4. You’re looking to discredit the communists of today by whitewashing the regime of Franco. That betrays a profound ignorance of Spanish history.

    That’s as ahistorical as celebrating the noble savage.
    I don’t want any part of it.

    If I have to defend myself by sliding to what is _in_ fact_ the extreme right, I’ll do it with my eyes wide open.

    • yucki, Tell me? Was Franco “extreme right” before, during or after the Civil war? I do not condone all of his actions but the Civil war was as close to total war as possible and I guess that if you really want to win you have to fight back that way. You can sit on the high moral ground in any total war conflict but take a shovel with you and dig a deep hole as no one will bury you. The coming war will be TOTAL and moralists will die like flies as survival is the name of the then game. Why do you think that muslims and communists hold the west in contempt? Because we wont fight back like they do. If we win we can reinstate our morality code if we lose there wont be one.
      Eeyore? The early members of the Nazi party were primarily socialists but ones with absolute contempt for communism (hard to grasp that one) as they held them (and the Jews) responsible for the 1918 collapse of Germany. This was quite apparent with e SA who wanted control of the army and the nationalization of all industry both hardly “right”. This was the primary reason why the SA leaders were killed and the SA rendered harmless. After this the Nazis became “right”. I just find the terms “right’ and “left” to be thrown about by most with nary a clue (NOT a shot at you)as to their real meaning. The Nazis were racist nationalists and the only real way to call them “right” was because they hated communism and this standard is still in use today. Disagree with a leftist and you are far right. What absolute rubbish! I am here because I see the coming disaster and I know who to blame but whether I am right, left or middle is irrelevant. These are just pathetic attempts to pigeonhole people.

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