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9 Replies to “BPS does a good summary on the state of Soviet-islamic West Europe”

  1. IMO the German SAS plot as outlined by that journalist is rubbish a la Turkey and merely an excuse to weed out anyone in command who does not agree with Merkels’ policies. As for it being “NeoNazi” the use of that expression clearly shows the political bias of the writer or of the person who told him the story. As for the “officer” involved? What a load of rubbish! Anything as important as such a conspiracy would be highly selective in the ones informed of its aims and extent. IMO they simply are using opinion to remove possible later challenges. After all, in a disarmed society the armed forces are the ones who hold the aces and I am well aware of the massive dissent in our rank and file WRT muslim invasion.. This is merely an excuse for a purge, by the traitors, of potential military leaders.

  2. All of Western Europe is facing massive civil war, the people who are willing to rebel are hampered by the heavy handed gun control laws that have been enacted in Western Europe. People who are desperate enough will discover how to make weapons that can be sued to get firearms from police and military arsenals. The lack of weapons in the hands of the civilians has allowed the Western European governments to turn very nasty thinking no one can do anything to stop them. They are wrong, all they have done is make the revolution bloodier and nastier as the people take revenge on their oppressors.

  3. Oh I add that calling them NeoNazis is incredible as the ONLY comparison in German history is the 1944 attempt to assassinate Hitler that the Left have enshrined in such rubbish as Valkyrie( he should have stood next to Hitler with the bomb IMO and his cowardice killed 100s of thousands if not millions) which was an attempt to remove totalitarian control of Germany.

    • The reason that non of the attempts to kill Hitler succeeded is that the German General Staff couldn’t find a Colonel or General that could do a Corporals job. Having said that you are right he should have stayed in the room to ensure that Hitler died and he should have had someone outside to spread the word after the explosion.

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