Theresa May faces non-confidence motion: Links 1, Nov. 15, 2018

1. Tim Poole observes the disparity between left and non-left tactics and core values.

2. It looks a lot like Theresa May, the current British PM, but former minister of the interior, who’s brilliant decision making included banning American talk show host, Michael Savage from entering the UK when in fact he had no plans to go there whatsoever, will be replaced in a procedural coup today.

FURIOUS Tories led by Jacob Rees-Mogg are this afternoon pulling the trigger on a leadership challenge to Theresa May.

Boris Johnson joined an emergency meeting of mutinous MPs this afternoon where plotters were set to launch a vote of no confidence in the PM after a wave of resignations over her Brexit deal.

Good riddance to defacto socialists.

3. If there is one thing Pakistani muslims love, its demanding people they don’t know be killed for something that has to do with islam. Protests over acquittal of Asia Bibi continue right up to now.

Thank you M., EB., Johnny U., Wrath of Khan, and all who sent in news links.

More to come today indeed.

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    History’s Most Expensive Virtue Signal
    The biggest wealth transfer from poor to rich in UK history
    The Climate Change Act is now ten years old. It was passed overwhelmingly in the House of Commons, with only five MPs voting against it.
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  2. Theresa May, that’s great news if they could oust her & replace with Boris Johnson.
    Every time I see the woman covered up in a mosque, I cringe. And all these thought policies must go.

  3. Tim Poole says he is a classical liberal and from things he has said in other videos he believes most of the BS said about American Conservatives, having said that he supports almost everything we (the regular readers and contributors) stand for and supports what we want to achieve.

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