Nigel Farage thanks Merkel for making BREXIT a reality

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16 Replies to “Nigel Farage thanks Merkel for making BREXIT a reality”

  1. Amazing every word was everything that I have said
    Frenchies and crautz together militarized
    Puff puff it will never work.two people that hate each other for centuries
    Macron is an idiot if he thinks that he will be an equal.ha ha
    Frncies will be vassals as they always have been in front oh crautz.
    What a mess

  2. “A militarized, undemocratic EU is hardly a recipe for peace.” (paraphrasing Mr Farage). And of course, he’s right; it’s actually rather chilling when one thinks of it. What I personally wonder is whether the increasing Islamization of the EU will eventually hamstring it, economically, culturally (in terms of crime, for instance) and creatively (islam is hardly known for this). But then again, muslim nations for centuries have sent their surplus young males off on jihad to either conquer new territory for the Caliphate, or die in the process; either way, a benefit to the state that sent them. Perhaps the EU, when it goes full islam, will do likewise. A powerful European islamic Caliphate – now there’s a pleasant thought.

    • If you look in history they had caliphates for hundreds of years in Spain and Eastern Europe
      They where vassals and they pay tribute.Istambul dictated the leaders and if they rebel(which they often did) they wher decapitated and another one was put instead.
      All was based on treason ,from within mind you.
      I always hated that when I read my history books.
      So I would not be surprised of a new this time western Europe a caliphate.
      The east will be dealt with later or Russia will take over.
      Because with no western support the eastern countries will look east.i can see that clearly, and not because they love Russians , no it is because they hate Muslims more.

      • Jan yoiu are right, if there is no freedom in Western Europe and no hope of Western Europe being liberated from the Left-Islam Caliphate Eastern Europe will be forced to look to Russia for protection. That is one of the many possible futures that result from the left destroying Western Civilization. This is the most likely one if the Dems manage to successfully carry out their coup against President Trump, the Rule of Law and the US Constitution. Their chances of success in North America are much less then their chances of talking over Europe,of course they will then discover that their Islamic foot soldiers are putting a Western Caliph in command and killing the leftists who made the Western Caliphate possible.

  3. Step over into Macedonia and liberate us from NATO and the European Sojuz. We Macedonians don’t want either of them, but they have put a gun to our head with a criminal mafia coup d’etat “government”, and are changing our name against our will. We Macedonians said no to changing our name Macedonia in a referendum, but the fascist European Sojuz has told us, “What you want is irrelevant. We much rather go with Russia and China or BRICS, than the dictatorial and fascist European Sojuz, but we can’t say no. This is right out of the “Godfather” movie, “I will make you an offer you can’t refuse”.

  4. Junker was checking his emails….while Farage was speaking. He knows more than Farage knows.
    Well…how can Merkel ask excuses ? She really did what she had to…if the rest of humanity don’t want to accept it…then…f_k the rest of humanity.
    Farage is still naive.

  5. Look guys… If we are not ready to die protecting our lives…then we will have no life. And there many ready to die for a PS4…. 🙂

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