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  1. Yeah, it’s ugly, but – I would think – all Vlad readers already know that Google sucks (and Facebook, and Twitter, and Youtube and ….) We just have to get the word out to others (friends, family, colleagues, etc) who may be ignorant of this fact.

    • Would they fight for their country today?
      Most of Europe won’t.

      France Has Neither Nationalism nor Patriotism

      Just 29% of the French are willing to fight for their country, according to a 2017 WIN/Gallup poll, a bit above Germany’s 18%. Contrast that to 84% of Israel’s Jewish population. That’s “patriotism” or “nationalism,” as you prefer.

      All Europeans want is an untroubled journey to extinction. As it happens, there is a reasonably tight statistical relationship between the total fertility rate and readiness to defend one’s country.…

      Why should any European lay down his life for the welfare of future generations, when there aren’t going to be any future generations?…

      […] Men are immoderate. We are not as different from our fathers as we like to think. The childless, hedonistic Europeans of today are the same people who fought and died in their millions for king and country in 1618 or 1814. Anything worth living for is worth dying for; if we can think of nothing we would die for, it means that we have nothing to live for, either – like today’s Europeans.…


        • Before June 1941 the French communists actively collaborated with the Germans to the level where they virtually extinguished all real opposition. Only the escape routes for allied airmen, shot down, remained with the minimal involvement that it required. Post june 1941 the communists 9those left) were the heart of the “maquis” (a joke if ever there were one) if still virtually useless until late 19439(after Kursk) when everyone in France saw who was going to win. Remove Napoleon and French military history is embarrassing.

  2. On that graph I would like to know how they justified the flat line up to 1900? Ohh no digital stats? How obtuse of me! Of course, reality and old history book and nespapers have been totally ignored: this is GOOGLE’s New World. By ignoring the nationalism that poured across Europe after the muslims were thrown out of Spain and which dominated the world up to and including now they have made a total fool of themselves with their lies.

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