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4 Replies to “Two Brad Johnson shorts on the Midterms, and the staff changes orbiting POTUS 45”

  1. You are right, the end to the Mueller investigation would be the best Christmas Present the US and what is left of Western Civilization could get.

    I will have to remember the statement about the blog having more viewers then CNN, that may be true.

  2. Sensational summary!

    We got rid of many House RINOs who only served as delivery-critters for legislation drafted by K-Street. Too bad RINOs like carpetbagger-Romney[*] haunt the Senate, but that’s all we can get this time around.

    Now the party of Resist-Delay-Obstruct has the ball. We’ll watch the Lügenpresse cover every fumble as a score, but that’ll just be noise. The House is hamstrung by the Senate.

    This is our window of opportunity to appoint decent judges. An enduring legacy of this administration no matter what else happens.

    Sessions gone, PT didn’t waste time. Let the demolition derby commence!
    [*] Romney knows Mueller for what he is.
    He was governor of Massachusetts when our state had to pay $100 million to cover for Mueller’s malicious prosecution. That was a joint-venture: Irish mafia + FBI. By the time Mueller was promoted, he helped it transition to MB + FBI.

    Now Romney’s tweeting about the integrity of the Russia-collusion witch-hunt? Knowing what he knows? And he’s the one who’s supposed to be the paragon of civic virtue?

    • The new Judges are the most important thing right now, they will be the people who set the national path for the next 2 decades and possibly longer.

      I wonder if Ginsburg is going to be able to keep setting as member of SCOTUS or will her injuries and health force her to resign?

      • Judges! Judges! Judges!
        You know only too well how I obsessed about the Courts before the elections.
        I’m holding on to the gratitude for G-d’s mercy, a future that need not shame our ancestors.

        RE: Ginsburg
        It’s kinda bad luck to speculate, so I’ll just say,
        All in good time, all in good time.

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