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  1. Ann Coulter: The resistance is going to get more out of control

    Conservative commentator Ann Coulter discusses the midterm election results and why the resistance from the left is going to get “more out of control.”

  2. Gunmen abduct four Catholic priests in Nigeria: state official (news24, Nov 8, 2018)

    “Gunmen have abducted four Catholic priests in southern Nigeria, a local state official told AFP Wednesday.

    The kidnapping happened on Tuesday at a border community between Edo and Delta States in the south, said Andrew Aniamaka, a spokesperson for Delta State.

    “They were abducted on their way to Ekpoma, Edo state, from Delta for an event,” he added, saying police and local security were hunting for the gunmen.

    A source at the Warri Catholic diocese in Delta State confirmed the incident, which comes less than three weeks after five Catholic nuns were kidnapped in Delta State.

    The nuns were released two weeks later, and a suspect was in custody, said Aniamaka. He would not say if a ransom had been paid.

    Several sources confirm that the nuns had been returning from a burial ceremony in the southeast Nigeria when they were abducted by gunmen who opened fire on their vehicles, injuring two other nuns.

    In January, Nigeria’s bishops denounced a wave of kidnappings for ransom in the country.”

  3. Saudi Arabia MURDER: Fears a SECOND journalist brutally killed after Khashoggi torture (express, Nov 8, 2018)

    “SAUDI ARABIA has allegedly killed another dissident Saudi journalist critical of the nation’s human rights abuses, only weeks after the brutal murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

    Turki Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Jasser is believed to have been murdered in a Saudi jail last week, after being forcibly detained in March for his supposed connection to a Twitter count outlining numerous abuses committed by the Saudi royal family.

    Prominent human rights activist Yahya Assiri commented previously on the case to The New Arab, saying: “Al-Jasser was forcibly disappeared, and we are following his case.”

    Reports indicate al-Jasser may have been tortured and killed while in detention, but claims are yet to be confirmed.

    Al-Jasser’s disappearance came after Saudi spies allegedly infiltrated Twitter’s headquarters in Dubai, and connected him to a Twitter account which monitored human rights abuses committed by the Saudi royal family…”

  4. BBC – Jamal Khashoggi: What more can we learn from his death?

    One of those alleged to have been involved is the then media adviser to the Crown Prince, a man called Saud al-Qahtani, described by some as his enforcer. He has since been demoted by the regime.

    But was this the first suspicious death that he had been implicated in?

    • Israel: Snowden accuses Israeli cybersecurity firm of enabling Khashoggi murder

      US whistleblower Edward Snowden accused an Israeli cybersecurity firm of developing and selling surveillance software to Saudi Arabia, enabling the murder of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi, at a conference in Tel Aviv on Wednesday.

      • Putin is using his “guest” to boost interest in this MB-scumbag. You think Putin or Turk or MbS or Sissi CARES? That this is anything but routine in the region?

        Putin’s just messing with our heads. It’s got his fingerprints all over it. The Turk’s hoof-marks are elsewhere, the MB-USA have also left tracks.

        This is slightly different. The cynicism is stunning.

        We’ve got Khashoggi-fatigue, so Putin’s helping out his buddies, trying another angle. He’s using his own vehicle, RT. The Turk had the WaPo, NYT, WSJ, CNN, BBC, etc. relay stories on his behalf. Pre-packaged for the Western audience – because no one else CARES.

        Here we have a libertarian Hero, who’s sacrificed all for the cause of digital privacy-rights. That beats Mom and apple-pie for a certain segment of the social media market. Close to it for most everyone else.

        Throw in nefarious doings of shadowy JOOOS. Though the actual connection is unclear ~ ~ some software created by Israelis? ~ ~ well yeah, they certainly write a lotta code per capita…
        => => But putting ISRAEL in the title is a jooo-conspiracy hook that’s classic Russian.

        Then Snowden. A dicey piece of work, at best. Now a creature of Putin.
        Serving the noble Turk. Preaching digital privacy-rights from sanctuary in Russia_!!_

        That introduction was disingenuous. (I’m being polite.)
        Khashoggi wasn’t just a “writer”: he was deeply involved with executing the agenda of the Explanatory Memorandum.

        The following article has good links:
        Jamal Khashoggi Was Working Together With US CAIR Leader Nihad Awad

        Melanie Phillips adds another layer (from Israel, Oct. 18):

        The story behind the story of Jamal Khashoggi

      • ... it is not the murder "per se" that is interesting, it is all the ramifications and the Muslim and Western amorality around it ...

  5. OT Confined to bed of late and so my daughter bought me a new book to read. I had read the trilogy’Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” seen both the original movies as well as the Hollywood version. They were quite good from the reader POV even though the leftist idealistic view of autism (which has created such rubbish as “the “good” doctor”) is a little far from the reality for 99%. I was disappointed to hear that the author Larsson had died and surprised to read that he was a communist and had left his property in toto to the swedish communist party. Now his character Blomquist was an out and out PoMo leftist but it never really damaged the books and their stories and there were no harangues, rants or speeches on politics.
    BUT I did wonder what the communists would do with all of that money.
    Now I know: they commissioned an author to continue the series in the above book (now a movie already..OMG these commies work fast) and his politics reek from the start. Already the book is covered by my scribbled comments on these views although not yet sufficently damaging to stop me continuing so far.
    I just thought that I would warn you all as the efficiency with which they have used the system which they want to destroy, to further their ideals, is incredible.

    • A GUNMAN armed with an “Uzi” machine gun and smoke grenades opened fire at a bar in California killing 12 people including a cop and injuring at least ten more today.

      Wearing a black jacket and sunglasses, the suspect shot a security guard and young female cashier before showering the Borderline bar in Thousand Oaks near Los Angeles with bullets.

      A police officer is among the wounded in the mass shooting at the Borderline bar in the city of Thousand Oaks near Los Angeles, reports say.

      Dressed in black, the shooter is still “active” and has exchanged fire with cops who were alerted to the attack at 11.20pm local time.

      Revellers, mostly young college students, are said to be hiding in bathrooms and attic spaces in a bid to flee the gunman who was carrying an “Uzi” machine gun, reports claim.

      Marc Brown, an ABC7 reporter, said that he has seen one dead body outside the venue which does not match the description of the suspect.

      Police captain Garo Kuredjian told reporters that cops received a call that shots had been fired at the venue at 11.20pm local time.

      He said that there are at least “six victims including one deputy” who are still inside the bar.

      Kuredjian could not confirm the status of the wounded and whether there were any fatalities.

      The police captain also did not know whether the gunman had been “neutralised” or not calling the situation “fluid.”

      Witness John Hodge told ABC7 he saw the suspect throwing smoke grenades into the front of the restaurant after shooting a security guard.

    • […]A hooded gunman wearing all black opened fire at a country dance bar holding a weekly “college night” in Southern California, using a handgun and a smoke device to kill 12 people and sending hundreds fleeing, authorities said Thursday.

      […]Terrified revelers used barstools to break second-floor windows and jump to safety to escape the dance bar, where the gunman was later found dead. Those killed in the shooting Wednesday night also included 11 people inside the bar and a sheriff’s sergeant who was the first officer inside the door

      […]The official said the 29-year-old man deployed a smoke device and used a .45-caliber handgun when he opened fire.

      […]The gunman at the dance bar was tall and wearing all black with a hood and his face partly covered, witnesses told TV stations at the scene. He first fired on a person working the door, then appeared to open fire at random at the people inside, they said.

      […]Video from the scene accessed by The Associated Press is punctuated by loud sounds of several rounds of gunfire. A terrified witness runs out. Police cars are seen arriving and an armed officer takes up position outside the bar. Three men rush out carrying a bloodied fourth individual. They try to stem the bleeding of what appears to be a gunshot wound.

      8:34AM Update:

      Police in California say, they’ve identified the 29 year old suspect in a deadly mass shooting at the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, California. But, they are not releasing his name yet. They’ve also identified the weapon he used.

    • DAILY MAIL – Tattooed trenchcoat-wearing ex-Marine, 29, dentified as the gunman who masacred twelve people during student night at country bar: Suspect killed himself after hurling smoke grenades onto dance floor and slaying cop in California
      Ian Long, 29, opened fire at Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, Southern California, at 11.20pm
      He was dressed in all-black and let off at least 30 shots from a pistol with extended mags
      Long also let off smoke grenades to confuse the terrified crowds
      He killed himself after killing 11 people inside the bar and a sheriff’s sergeant who responded to the scene
      There were around 100 people inside the bar, including some who were under 21, who were there to dance
      The College Country Night is a regular fixture and youngsters from nearby colleges can go and stamp black X’s on their hands to mark that they won’t drink
      Some of those inside were students at Pepperdine University and others are thought to have gone to California Lutheran University – both are Christian schools

    • Marine with PTSD identified as gunman who went into student bar and killed 12

      Read more:

      Twitter: | Facebook:

      The gunman who killed 12 people at a bar holding a student nigh has been named as former Marine and PTSD-sufferer Ian David Long. Long, 28, drove his mom’s car to Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, California at 11:20pm local time Thursday, where he shot a doorman and cashier before opening fire inside the bar room. Police raided the heavily-tattooed killer’s home Thursday morning, with neighbors describing him as a veteran who suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.

      Read more:

      Twitter: | Facebook:

    • California shooting: Country fans inside Thousand Oaks bar ‘were Las Vegas massacre survivors’

      A gunman dressed in black opened fire at the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, west of Los Angeles in California

      A number of people at the Borderline restaurant in California where a gunman opened fire had survived the Las Vegas shooting, a friend claims.

      At least 11 people have been injured including one police officer at the popular venue in Thousand Oaks, west of Los Angeles.

      The man was dressed in black and shot a security guard before firing upon revellers inside.

      The Borderline Restaurant & Grill is a Western-themed bar that was hosting college night with the dance floor packed with teenagers and students from the area.

      A man being interviewed by local ABC station said he had multiple friends at Borderline who were survivors of the Route 91 shooting in Las Vegas just over a year ago.

  6. Every 5th young Swiss Muslim is in favor of Sharia law
    by Qendresa Llugiqi –
    Many Muslim youths in Switzerland reject western values and want the Sharia. Experts call for action against hatred of the West….

    43 percent of Muslim youths have pejorative view of Western societies.

    21.7 percent believe that Sharia Islamic law is much better than Swiss law.

    • 21.4 percent of Muslim youth believe that Switzerland needs a leader who governs according to Islamic law.

    • 33.7 percent believe that only Islam is able to solve the problems of our time.

    • According to 26.1 percent, women in countries like Switzerland have far too many freedoms.

    • 29.3 percent find the lifestyle of people in the Western world (including wearing expensive clothes or overt sexuality) repulsive.

    • 26.1 percent think that Islam is the only true religion and all others are worth less.

    • 42.6 percent believe that there is no morale left in Western countries.

    • 60.9 percent of Muslim youth believe that violence and war only exist in Islamic countries because the Western world exploits and oppresses these countries.

    • 63.4 percent think that Muslims are oppressed by the West….–junge-Schweizer-Muslim-ist-fuer-die-Scharia-12575118

  7. Twelve dead as trenchcoat-wearing masked gunman, 29, storms student night at Californian country bar: Suspect kills himself after hurling smoke grenades onto dance floor and killing a cop

    Twelve people have been killed at a country music bar in southern California after a masked gunman wearing all black opened fire on crowds of college kids before taking his own life with a semi-automatic handgun.

    The shooter, who has not been named publicly but has been identified by police, stormed Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks on Wednesday at 11.20pm. He first shot the bouncer then opened fire on the crowds of youngsters who were there to enjoy a night of line dancing and country music.

    As dozens ran for their lives, hid beneath pool tables and used bar stools to shatter the windows to escape, the shooter continued firing his Glock .45 that was legally bought in Ventura County.

    He also threw smoke grenades to confuse the crowds.

    When the first police officers arrived at the scene three minutes later, the gunman shot one of them multiple times before shooting himself. By the time SWAT teams arrived, he was dead. The sheriff’s sergeant who was shot later died in hospital. He was Ron Helus, a 29-year veteran.

    In total, 13 are dead; 11 people inside the bar, the sheriff’s sergeant and the gunman. The gunman was 29 and drove his mother’s car to the bar to carry out the attack.

    Scroll down for video

    Richard:1) Another mass shooting in a gun free zone.

    2) It was a Country and Western bar.

    3) A witness said (I heard him) the shooter was dressed in black.

    FOX is saying that there are 13 dead.

    This sounds like a replay of the Vegas shooting, a Country and Western crowd (natural assumption of the leftist loons they are Trump people) with a shooter dressed in antifa’s favorite color. The shooter was using a hand gun and according to a witness the shots sounded l ike a 40 caliber. (Yes you can make good estimates of the caliber from the report if you know guns).

  8. Washington in battle mode as Trump vows retaliation against Democratic probes

    Washington plunged into political war on Wednesday in the wake of a split decision by voters in the midterm elections, with President Donald Trump ousting his attorney general and threatening to retaliate against Democrats if they launch investigations into his personal conduct and possible corruption in the administration.

    The rapid shift to battle stations signaled the start of what is likely to be two years of unremitting political combat as Trump positions himself for reelection. For the first time, Trump will be forced to navigate divided government as Democrats who won the House pledge to be a check on his power and face pressure from their liberal base to block him at every turn.

    The acrimony was punctuated by Trump’s bombast, as the president refused to show contrition or take responsibility for his party’s washout in many suburban areas where voters who previously backed Republicans rejected the president’s hard-line politics.

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Calif., who is poised to lead the new Democratic majority as speaker, said her caucus would use its subpoena authority to pursue sweeping oversight of the Trump administration.

    Richard: This is the best thing that can be done, warn the Dems you are going to fight back, the establishment Repubs and the talking heads in most of the big media are going to say that this is unpresidential. The problem with taking the high moral position is that it only works if you opponent believes you are doing that on principles instead of thinking you aren’t fighting back because you are afraid. People who have left the far radical left adn become conservatives have long advocated that when the Dems attack and try and take out one of ours that we fight back and try to take out 2 or m ore of theirs. We now have a President who is willing to do this.

    Remember what my Father always said, “Smile it is gong to get worse before it gets better”.

    Keep your musket clean, your powder dry and watch your six.

  9. Trailing but close, Abrams pushes to keep campaign alive

    Early Wednesday, trailing but tantalizingly close in the race for governor, Stacey Abrams exhorted her supporters to brace for a do-over: a month-long campaign leading to a Dec. 4 runoff election.

    As the day after Election Day ground on, however, the Democrat’s path forward looked increasingly narrow.

    Republican Secretary of State Brian Kemp declared victory late Wednesday, announcing plans to begin the transition to a new administration on Thursday. And even before his declaration, political strategists and experts in Georgia election law cast doubt on Abrams’ ability to prolong the campaign.

    Abrams’ hopes center on picking up enough votes from absentee and provisional ballots to deprive Kemp of an outright win. She also could ask for a recount. And she could file a lawsuit, seeking a judicial solution to a political problem.

    Citing “significant irregularities” in Tuesday’s voting, Abrams’ campaign vowed to make sure all ballots get counted.

    “We are moving forward,” Abrams’ campaign manager, Lauren Groh-Wargo, said in a conference call with reporters Wednesday morning. “This is what it is, and we’re going to explore all our options.”

    Abrams’ perseverance followed an Election Day highlighted by a series of presumably unrelated missteps. Voting machines didn’t work properly or were i–regional-govt–politics/trailing-but-close-abrams-pushes-keep-campaign-alive/7BVThq0RDAfyh2C9oUShmJ/

    Richard: This is going to be one more flash point, she is trying to force another election simply because she lost, the new rules the Dems want is that they always win. Since we on the right aren’t going to accept this idea the left is gong to turn more and more violent.

  10. Sheep euthanised after being violently raped by ‘dark skinned man’ in Germany

    The man wanted to feed the sheep in Velden on Saturday morning around 5 am, when he made the shocking discovery.

    At the feeding site, the sheep farmer saw a man kneeling behind one of his sheep, in a clear position, during sexual intercourse with the animal.

    The stranger fled after he noticed the farmer saw him. The man ran into an electric fence that confined the sheep pasture, and then fled in an unknown direction.

    At the scene he left a sock and an earphone. The items were secured for forensic investigation.

    A summoned veterinarian diagnosed several injuries of the sheep, which clearly indicated ‘sodomite acts’ by the offender.

    According to reports, the sheep suffered from a ruptured rectum through the sexual act. The animal had to be euthanised because of its injuries.

    The suspect is described as a dark-skinned man, about 25 years old, with a slender figure. The police in Vilsbiburg has started an investigation. If you have any suggestions, please call 08741/96270.

    This is certainly not the first rape of a sheep in Germany. More than a week ago an African migrant was arrested in the German city of Freiburg for raping several animals and sexually assaulting three women.

  11. 105 Articles Cover Ilhan Omar’s Win. Zero Cover Her Anti-Semitism, Finance Investigations, or Perjury Evidence

    For two years, U.S. media has maintained a near-blackout on the specific evidence of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-Minnesota) disturbing character and legal issues. In the 18 hours after Omar was elected to replace Keith Ellison in MN Congressional District 5, the media left zero doubt as to why.

    At approximately 3:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday, Google News was returning 105 links to the search term “Ilhan Omar” which had been posted since her victory. Those links are listed below.

    Not one of the 105 linked articles presents the troubling evidence against Omar — except, in two or three cases, to dismiss it without explanation.

    In all of the links, Ilhan Omar is covered positively as a “history-making” symbol: The first Muslim woman elected to Congress, and a Somali refugee.

    Here’s a quick summary of Ilhan Omar’s controversies: Can you identify a candidate in recent memory with a more disturbing set of skeletons?

    Omar has made — and defended — anti-Semitic statements that are indistinguishable from Ayatollah Khamenei’s Twitter feed.

    Just weeks ago, the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board opened an investigation into her after evidence of a third major violation surfaced.

    A stunning amount of evidence — official state documents, court proceedings, and time-stamped, verified social media posts from Omar’s own account — shows that Ilhan Omar may have committed multiple serious federal and state felonies.

    Immigration fraud, marriage fraud, many instances of perjury, tax fraud, student loan fraud, and more are implicated by the evidence.

    Zero evidence has surfaced to counter any of that hard evidence.
    On the contrary, Omar has been caught deleting much of it.

    The media has made the following decision: Presenting Ilhan Omar as a symbol is more valuable information for the public than presenting Ilhan Omar as an individual with a remarkably troubling background. Transparently, the media has decided this is a hill to die on. Their reputations, their readers’ trust, the rule of law, and America’s struggle against anti-Semitism are secondary to pleasurable, if false, symbolism.

    more :

  12. Bolsonaro says he cannot save Brazil alone

    Brasília (AFP) – Brazil’s President-elect Jair Bolsonaro said Wednesday that he alone cannot rescue the country from economic hardship and spiraling violent crime, as he met with outgoing head of state Michel Temer and the country’s Supreme Court chief.

    Bolsonaro won an election run-off 10 days ago against leftist candidate Fernando Haddad with a market-friendly, tough-on-crime platform that resonated with a population disillusioned with political corruption and increasing insecurity.

    “No single person is going to save our country,” Bolsonaro — who takes office on January 1 — said on the second day of a visit to the capital Brasilia, where he met Temer for the first time since the election.

    It takes “a team, the unity of authorities alongside the people in order to offer alternatives that will allow Brazil to occupy the prominent position it deserves” globally, he added.

  13. Deutsche Welle – German conservatives against UN migration pact

    Opposition within the CDU to a UN migration pact has grown despite Chancellor Angela Merkel’s backing. Critics say the Global Compact for Migration conflates economic migration and refugees.


    Sie wollen unseren Nationalstaat in ein Siedlungsgebiet verwandeln! – Alexander Gauland – AfD

    • UN Refugees and Migrants – Global compact for migration

      Pic :

      Global compact for migration

      The global compact for migration is the first, intergovernmentally negotiated agreement, prepared under the auspices of the United Nations, to cover all dimensions of international migration in a holistic and comprehensive manner.

      Today, there are over 258 million migrants around the world living outside their country of birth. This figure is expected to grow for a number of reasons including population growth, increasing connectivity, trade, rising inequality, demographic imbalances and climate change. Migration provides immense opportunity and benefits – for the migrants, host communities and communities of origin. However, when poorly regulated it can create significant challenges. These challenges include overwhelming social infrastructures with the unexpected arrival of large numbers of people and the deaths of migrants undertaking dangerous journeys.

      In September 2016 the General Assembly decided, through the adoption of the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants, to develop a global compact for safe, orderly and regular migration.

      The process to develop this global compact started in April 2017. The pages in this section detail 18 months of consultation and negotiation, and provide the relevant documentation for each of the events.

      On 13 July 2018 UN Member States finalized the text for the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (Text available in all official languages).

      The Intergovernmental Conference to Adopt the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration will be held on 10 – 11 December in Marrakech, Morocco.

      Global Compact

      The Global Compact for Migration is the first-ever UN global agreement on a common approach to international migration in all its dimensions. The global compact is non-legally binding. It is grounded in values of state sovereignty, responsibility-sharing, non-discrimination, and human rights, and recognizes that a cooperative approach is needed to optimize the overall benefits of migration, while addressing its risks and challenges for individuals and communities in countries of origin, transit and destination.

      The global compact comprises 23 objectives for better managing migration at local, national, regional and global levels. The compact:

      – aims to mitigate the adverse drivers and structural factors that hinder people from building and maintaining sustainable livelihoods in their countries of origin;

      – intends to reduce the risks and vulnerabilities migrants face at different stages of migration by respecting, protecting and fulfilling their human rights and providing them with care and assistance;

      – seeks to address the legitimate concerns of states and communities, while recognizing that societies are undergoing demographic, economic, social and environmental changes at different scales that may have implications for and result from migration;

      – strives to create conducive conditions that enable all migrants to enrich our societies through their human, economic and social capacities, and thus facilitate their contributions to sustainable development at the local, national, regional and global levels.

      The list of the 23 objectives can be found in paragraph 16 of the Global Compact for Migration.

  14. RAIN MAKERS China ‘will move clouds and make it rain in different places using satellites’ in terrifying weather control plan

    The revelation confirms years of strange rumours that China might be meddling with the world’s weather

    CHINA is launching a bizarre bid to control Earth’s weather so it can shift rain clouds thousands of miles from its soaking south to its parched north.

    Six satellites will form a ring to spot water-laden clouds and create an atmospheric corridor to allow them to move to the arid regions, state media said.

  15. China’s brightest children are being recruited to develop AI ‘killer bots’

    A group of some of China’s smartest students have been recruited straight from high school to begin training as the world’s youngest AI weapons scientists.

    The 27 boys and four girls, all aged 18 and under, were selected for the four-year “experimental programme for intelligent weapons systems” at the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) from more than 5,000 candidates, the school said on its website.

    The BIT is one of the country’s top weapons research institutes, and the launch of the new programme is evidence of the weight it places on the development of AI technology for military use.

  16. CNN’s Jim Acosta Denied White House Entry After Trump Presser Dust-Up

    Hours after a harsh on-air confrontation between the President of the United States and Jim Acosta, the CNN reporter has been “suspended” from the White House “until further notice.”

    That’s a de facto banning that Press Secretary Sarah Sanders says is because of the way the longtime Trump foil interacted with a White House intern during the post-midterm elections press conference

    “President Trump believes in a free press and expects and welcomes tough questions of him and his Administration,” Sanders said in a statement this evening. “We will, however, never tolerate a reporter placing his hands on a young woman just trying to do her job as a White House intern. This conduct is absolutely unacceptable.”

    CNN’s Jim Acosta is BANNED from the White House as it suspends his media credentials after heated press conference exchange with the President

    CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta has been denied access to the White House after getting into a heated shouting match with President Donald Trump and pulling a mic away from a female aide at a press conference.

    A Secret Service agent denied Acosta entry to the White House grounds on Wednesday evening, and revoked his ‘hard pass’, the long-term press pass issued to the White House press corps.

    ‘I’ve just been denied entrance to the WH. Secret Service just informed me I cannot enter the WH grounds for my 8pm hit,’ Acosta wrote in a tweet at 7.46pm.

    Minutes later, the CNN journalist posted a cell phone video of a Secret Service agent asking him to hand over his press pass and removing it from his lanyard.

  17. Trump rails against ‘rude’ media in heated press conference

    A combative President Trump on Wednesday got into an angry confrontation with reporters at a White House news conference Wednesday.

    After CNN’s Jim Acosta pressed him on why he characterized a caravan of a few thousand Central American asylum seekers hundreds of miles from the US border “an invasion,” the president erupted.

    “Honestly I think you should let me run the country, you run CNN and if you did it well, your ratings would be much higher,” Trump said, adding “That’s enough. That’s enough. That’s enough. Excuse me, that’s enough,” as Acosta tried to follow up.

    But the CNN anchor persisted, asking the president about special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

  18. CNN’s Tapper Compares Trump to Gangsters After Press Conference on Midterms

    CNN anchor Jake Tapper compared President Donald Trump to mafia bosses Wednesday, saying his leadership is reminiscent of films such as The Godfather.

    Tapper was discussing Trump’s press conference after the midterm elections in which Republicans lost control of the House but gained seats in the Senate. Trump downplayed the problem and blamed Republicans in the House who did not embrace him in their campaigns and subsequently lost.

    Tapper said Trump “started out by doing a dance on the graves of Republicans who did not show him enough fealty.”

    “He danced on their graves. He said because they didn’t embrace him they lost, and he was flip about it,” Tapper said. “I’ve never seen a president take delight in people of his own party losing. And the only thing I can compare that to is some of the works of Francis Ford Coppola or Martin Scorsese.”

  19. Can you tell the difference? First AI newsreader looks UNCANNILY like real deal
    IN a world first, a Chinese state news agency has created a virtual newsreader that works 24/7 and says whatever it is told to.

    The AI’s looks are closely modelled on a real news anchor, and its lips are matched to frame each word that is programmed to come out of its mouth.

    The agency jokes that he works 24/7 without taking any overtime.

    Xinhua News claims the presenter can “read texts as naturally as a professional news anchor”.
    Promoted Story

  20. Watch tiny robots swim through an eyeball to deliver medicine

    Although the mere thought of a swarm of microrobots burrowing into an eyeball is enough to make some people squirm, scientists believe tiny, controllable delivery vehicles could be the future of eye medicine. Now, researchers have developed a tiny, rotini-shaped spiral that could one day be deployed in the thousands for targeted drug delivery.

    Current treatments for eye diseases such as glaucoma or diabetic macular edema are delivered through direct injection or eyedrops. Those methods are effective but imprecise, often blanketing the entire eye in medication.

    So scientists used nanoscale 3D printing to create spiral-shaped robots small enough to pass through the dense jelly known as the vitreous humor that makes up most of the eyeball. The researchers added a slippery coating and magnetic materials so they could propel the microbots through the eye using a magnetic field.

  21. Record-setting 17-foot Burmese python caught in South Florida, officials say

    The largest Burmese python ever seen in South Florida wasn’t able to slither her way out of being captured earlier this week.

    A snake hunter captured the female snake while on South Florida Water Management District property in Miami-Dade County Monday night, the agency announced in a press release Wednesday.

    Homestead resident Kyle Penniston was credited for reeling in the elongated reptile, which was measured at 17 feet, 5 inches and weighed in at 120 pounds, according to the SFWMD.

  22. Coming soon to the Senate: A 2020 Democratic brawlAt least a half-dozen senators are likely to run, a dynamic that Mitch McConnell jokingly said will be ‘fun to watch.’

    The biggest 2020 campaign stage isn’t Iowa or New Hampshire. It’s the United States Senate.

    Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer just endured a brutal midterm election, but now he’s in for an equally challenging task: managing the half-dozen or more presidential hopefuls in his caucus jockeying for position. That group of liberal White House aspirants is on track to be the caucus’ most closely watched, and potentially influential, bloc.

    Richard: TheDems who are running for the 2020 nomination are going to\ be putting on shows to draw attention, the ones who think that the Dems aren’t being aggressive enough in their resistance are going to be the ones pushing the investigations and will be pushing for impeachment. If they are really stupid enough to push impeachment this will help the Repubs take control of the entire government in 2020.

    Be prepared for increasingly heated rhetoric and the crazies on the left are going to become more aggressive. The big problem is that the true progressives are sure that they lost in 2016 because the Dems hadn’t moved far enough to the left. They are now sure that they lost the Senate because they weren’t far enough to the left and weren’t violent enough.

  23. Richard: potential game changer and major flash point for the crazies on the left

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg admitted to hospital after fall at Supreme Court

    Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is being treated in hospital after fracturing three ribs in a fall in her office.

    The 85-year-old had initially gone home after the incident but was admitted to hospital this morning after experiencing discomfort overnight.

    George Washington University hospital said the justice was taken in for “observation and treatment”.

    Ms Ginsburg is the court’s senior justice, having served for more than 25 years since being appointed by former President Bill Clinton in 1993.

    The justice has a reputation as being the most progressive out of the Supreme Court’s four liberal judges.

    Ms Ginsburg wrote the first opinion of the Supreme Court’s term this year on age discrimination.

    Richard: She is 85 as mentioned in the article, at that age any broken bone is serious and takes a long time to heal. If this leads to a long term illness she will be forced to retire giving Trump the opertunity to nominate a third Supreme Court Judge. Since all of the other Judges he has nominated this one will be a conservative Judge who is a strict constructionist. A 6-3 Court with 6 conservatives (three being strict constructionists) and 3 liberals will do more to change the direction of the US then any other action. This shows why the Senate is so important and why the left is scared and turning violent. The Judges being put on the bench will sift the direction of the nation and they will remain on the bench no matter who wins in 2020.

  24. White South Africans Barred from Government Jobs Website

    White South African men are reportedly being excluded from a government-partnered youth employment initiative program, according to a new report. The Youth Employment Service (“YES”) government job website has the goal of helping South Africans who have been unemployed for more than six months. The program has been endorsed by the National Development Plan 2030, which intends on eliminating poverty and reducing inequality within the next 12 years in the country.

  25. Gruesome find leaves Venezuelan veterinary students in tears

    MARACAY, Venezuela

    Rafael Toro, a student at Venezuela’s top veterinary school, suspected something was amiss when a beloved horse called Miss Congeniality didn’t greet him at the fence one recent morning along with others in the campus’ small herd.

    The bright-eyed, bay-colored mare had earned her nickname for helping disabled students overcome their fear of riding horses. They say she was smart and even trotted up when you called her name.

    To his shock, Toro discovered the horse’s skin and dismembered bones hidden among trees in the corner pasture of the sprawling campus in the central Venezuelan city of Maracay. Thieves overnight had hopped the fence, slaughtered the horse and made off with her meat — either to sell or to feed their hungry families.

    “I burst into tears,” said Toro, who delivered the grim news to other students. “We came here, and together we all cried.”

    The slaughter isn’t an isolated incident. Across Venezuela, as the once-wealthy oil nation’s economy collapses and sky-high inflation leaves residents struggling to afford scarce food, crimes of hunger and desperation are soaring.

    Read more here:

  26. euronews – Liz Fekete: the far-right “very adept at using the free speech issue”

    In an exclusive interview, Euronews speaks to Liz Fekete, Director of the Institute of Race Relations about the rise of the far-right
    She is the author of A Suitable Enemy: Racism, Migration and Islamophobia in Europe.
    Liz Fekete signed a letter posted at The Guardian on February 1 2017 from the Stop Trump Coalition, “a coalition of organisations and individuals [who] joined forces to protest against Donald Trump’s planned visit to the UK.”[2],[3]

    The letter read, in part:

    “We write to impress upon Theresa May and her government our opposition to US President Donald Trump being accorded a state visit or any official visit to this country. The US population has suffered more than a decade and a half of a fall in incomes, but billionaire Trump offers no solution to this problem.

    “Racism, sexism, misogyny, Islamophobia, antisemitism, homophobia, war mongering, climate change denial or policies designed to boost the wealth of the already super-rich should not be rewarded or celebrated in this country.

  27. zero hedge – Former NY AG Eric “We Could Rarely Have Sex Without Him Beating Me” Schneiderman Escapes Charges

    Sometimes in bed, she recalls, he would be “shaking me and grabbing my face” while demanding that she repeat such things as “I’m a little whore.” She says that he also told her, “If you ever left me, I’d kill you.” -The New Yorker

    Disgraced former New York Attorney General Eric Schniederman won’t face charges after the prosecutor assigned to the case decided to close it following an “exhaustive review.”

    Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas announced her decision Thursday after interviewing four women who had romantic relationships or encounters with him – concluding that “legal impediments, including statutes of limitations, preclude criminal prosecution.”

    After establishing himself as a prominent fixture in the #MeToo movement, Schniederman resigned following a report in The New Yorker in which four women accused him of choking, hitting, and threatening them during brutal, alcohol-fueled sexual assaults.

    Two of Schneiderman’s accusers did not reveal their identities, while the other two, Michelle Manning Barish and Tanya Selvaratnam, have come forward in full. All four accuse the New York Attorney General of heinous and abusive sexual assaults – along with threats, mental abuse, and stealing prescription medication.

    All have been reluctant to speak out, fearing reprisal. But two of the women, Michelle Manning Barish and Tanya Selvaratnam, have talked to The New Yorker on the record, because they feel that doing so could protect other women. They allege that he repeatedly hit them, often after drinking, frequently in bed and never with their consent. Manning Barish and Selvaratnam categorize the abuse he inflicted on them as “assault.” They did not report their allegations to the police at the time, but both say that they eventually sought medical attention after having been slapped hard across the ear and face, and also choked. Selvaratnam says that Schneiderman warned her he could have her followed and her phones tapped, and both say that he threatened to kill them if they broke up with him. (Schneiderman’s spokesperson said that he “never made any of these threats.”) -The New Yorker

    One of the anonymous accusers said Schneiderman told “repeatedly subjected her to nonconsensual physical violence,” but was too afraid to come forward. The fourth woman – a prominent New York attorney, says that Schneiderman slapped her across the face and left a mark after she rebuffed his advances.

    The other Schneiderman accuser who revealed her name, Tanya Selvaratnam – a feminist author, actor and film producer, says that she met Schneiderman at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. After they began dating, “it was a fairy tale that became a nightmare,” as Selvaratnam says Schneiderman began physically abusing her in bed, and that it got worse over time.

    “The slaps started after we’d gotten to know each other,” she recalls. “It was at first as if he were testing me. Then it got stronger and harder.” Selvaratnam says, “It wasn’t consensual. This wasn’t sexual playacting. This was abusive, demeaning, threatening behavior.”

    When Schneiderman was violent, he often made sexual demands. “He was obsessed with having a threesome, and said it was my job to find a woman,” she says. “He said he’d have nothing to look forward to if I didn’t, and would hit me until I agreed.” (She had no intention of having a threesome.) She recalls, “Sometimes, he’d tell me to call him Master, and he’d slap me until I did.” Selvaratnam, who was born in Sri Lanka, has dark skin, and she recalls that “he started calling me his ‘brown slave’ and demanding that I repeat that I was ‘his property.’ ”

    Then, the abuse got worse…

    Schneiderman “not only slapped her across the face, often four or five times, back and forth, with his open hand; he also spat at her and choked her. “He was cutting off my ability to breathe,” she says. Eventually, she says, “we could rarely have sex without him beating me.”

    In her view, Schneiderman “is a misogynist and a sexual sadist.” She says that she often asked him to stop hurting her, and tried to push him away. At other times, she gave in, rationalizing that she could tolerate the violence if it happened only once a week or so during sex. But “the emotional and verbal abuse started increasing,” she says, and “the belittling and demeaning of me carried over into our nonsexual encounters.” He told her to get plastic surgery to remove scars on her torso that had resulted from an operation to remove cancerous tumors. He criticized her hair and said that she should get breast implants and buy different clothes. He mocked some of her friends as “ditzes,” and, when these women attended a birthday celebration for her, he demanded that she leave just as the cake was arriving. “I began to feel like I was in Hell,” she says.

    Selvaratnam also said Schneiderman routinely “drank heavily,” took sedatives, and pushed her to drink with him.

    “Drink your bourbon, Turnip” – his nickname for her. In the middle of the night, he staggered through the apartment, as if in a trance. “I’ve never seen anyone that messed up,” she recalls. “It was like sleeping next to a monster.”

    And then came the alleged threats…

    “He had said he would have to kill me if we broke up, on multiple occasions. He also told me he could have me followed and could tap my phone,” said Selvaratnam.

    Despite the allegations, Schneiderman won’t face prosecution.

  28. Former French Secretary of State Latest to Warn of Rise of Destabilising Violence (breitbart, Nov 8, 2018)

    “Former French secretary of state Philippe de Villiers has become the latest politician to denounce the growing violence in France, saying the country is spiralling out of control.

    Mr De Villiers, who served under the second government of former French President Jacques Chirac, opened up about comments regarding the rising tide of violence made to him by his brother General Pierre de Villiers who resigned as the Chief of the Defence Staff last year, Il Giornale reports.

    According to the former politician, his brother told French President Emmanuel Macron, “If the suburbs give rise to further and even more violent uprisings, we will have no way to face them: we lack the means, we lack the men. This is the reality of the French political situation.”…”

  29. Second Pupil Removed from ‘30-Year-Old Asylum Seeker’ School (breitbart, Nov 8, 2018)

    “A second pupil has been pulled from Stoke High School following allegations that an asylum-seeking pupil there who claims to be 15 was actually aged 30.

    The Ipswich secondary school confirmed the Year 7 pupil, who would apparently be aged between 11 and 12, had been taken out of classes just days after a Home Office investigation was launched into a pupil in Year 11.

    Stoke High School referred the first individual to authorities after outcry from parents concerned over reports from children claiming the pupil said he had been lying about his age in order to get GCSEs because his qualifications from overseas were not recognised in Britain.

    Another pupil at the school posted an image of the Year 11 pupil, who is thought to be an Iranian, on Snapchat with the message “How’s there a 30 year old man in our maths class?”

    A spokesman for the school said: “This is a matter for the Home Office and we have referred it to them. The student is not attending the school at this time. A student in Year 7 is also not currently attending school.

    “We cannot comment further on individual cases, but we have followed Government and local authority policies and guidance, as we do for any admissions matter.

    “We are continuing to liaise with the authorities on this. We have informed parents of the situation and will continue to keep them updated as we receive information.”

    The spokesman would not confirm whether the two pupils who have been removed from the school were related, nor whether the Year 7 pupil was also under investigation, according to the East Anglian Daily Times…”

  30. Germany: 30 people go on trial for alleged migrant abuse (abcnews, Nov 8, 2018)

    “Thirty people have gone on trial in western Germany for allegedly abusing migrants physically and mentally at an asylum center in 2014.

    The defendants, who went on trial Thursday at the district court in the town of Siegen, include both security guards and employees at the center in Burbach, a small town about 100 kilometers (62 miles) east of Bonn.

    The German news agency dpa reported that they are charged with 50 cases of illegal restraint, severe bodily harm and theft.

    The case became public when a video showing scenes of the abuse was leaked to the media and created an outcry in the country.”

  31. Rights group warns US against swift normalization with Sudan (abcnews, Nov 8, 2018)

    “Human Rights Watch is cautioning the United States against lifting its designation of Sudan as a state sponsor of terrorism.

    The New York-based watchdog says Khartoum continues to violate basic human rights, with security forces regularly attacking civilians and opening fire on peaceful protesters.

    Thursday’s statement comes after Washington agreed to a second phase of rapprochement with Khartoum that includes six criteria, which if fulfilled would qualify Sudan to have the designation lifted.

    The State Department says these include expanding counterterrorism cooperation and enhancing human rights protections and practices, including freedoms of religion and press.

    Also on the list are “ceasing internal hostilities and creating a more conducive environment for progress in Sudan’s peace process.”

    Washington also wants Khartoum to abide by U.N. resolutions related to North Korea.”

  32. Egypt convicts 65 on terror charges, allegiance to IS (abcnews, Nov 8, 2018)

    “An Egyptian court has convicted 65 suspected militants of setting up a terrorist group and declaring allegiance to the extremist Islamic State group, sentencing 18 of them to life in prison.

    Thursday’s verdict by a Cairo criminal court also sentenced 41 people to 15 years in prison and six more to five years.

    Two defendants were acquitted.

    Of the 67 defendants, only 43 are in custody, while the rest, who include two women, are fugitives.

    The prosecutors said the group set up cells in six provinces and members received training on firearms and explosives.

    Egypt’s security forces have for years been battling militants in the turbulent northern Sinai Peninsula. The militants’ insurgency, led by a local affiliate of IS, have targeted police, army soldiers and Egypt’s Christian minority.”

  33. Iraq officials say 4 killed in bombing in western Mosul (abcnews, Nov 8, 2018)

    “Iraqi security officials say four people have been killed in the first deadly bombing in western Mosul since the city district was recaptured from Islamic State group militants last year.

    Mosul police officials said the car bomb blast in front of a restaurant in west Mosul on Thursday evening wounded nine others. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity in line with police regulations.

    Mosul was recaptured by Iraqi forces from the Islamic State group in a violent 8-month battle in 2017 with the support of the U.S. military.

    Iraq is facing a spate of bombings and kidnappings in recent months that has raised concerns about security. Mosul experienced a renaissance since it was recaptured, with residents rebuilding their homes and reopening cultural centers.”

  34. French cold kills 20-year-old walking cigarettes over Pyrenees (BBC, Nov 8, 2018)

    “A sudden cold snap in the Pyrenees cost a young man his life as he slogged through the snow, smuggling cigarettes for a few €10 notes.

    The 20-year-old Algerian was found unconscious in the snow by a French police patrol last week. He died of hypothermia.

    One hundred cigarette cartons were found nearby which he had likely been paid less than €50 (£43) to carry.

    His family identified him on Thursday, after he had been missing for days.

    The tragic fate of the young smuggler highlights the continuing problem of cigarette trafficking on the mountain routes between Andorra and France, for which those risking their lives are paid little and the traffickers orchestrating the operation remain beyond the reach of customs officers…”

  35. Pakistan: Thousands join MMA Karachi demo against Asia Bibi’s acquittal

    Thousands of people joined a Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal’s (MMA) rally in Karachi on Thursday, demonstrating against the Supreme Court’s recent acquittal of a Christian woman condemned to death for blasphemy.

    One protester said, “Our main demand is that Asia, who has been released by the Supreme Court, must not be allowed to go abroad.”

    Another protester noted that “if the decision is not reverted, we are ready to sacrifice our lives for the honour of our Prophet.”

    Asia Noreen, better known as Asia Bibi, was sentenced to death by hanging in 2010 for allegedly making derogatory remarks about the Prophet Muhammad during a dispute with coworkers. The dispute arose after she was reprimanded for drinking water from her neighbours’ glass because she’s not a Muslim, reports say.

  36. Report: House Dems to go “All-In” on Impeaching Kavanaugh and Investigating Russia

    For months Democrats and #TheResistance have been demanding impeachment not only of Trump, for supposed Russia collusion, but also Brett Kavanaugh for alleged perjury during his confirmation testimony.

    Now that Democrats will control the House, and the House Judiciary Committee, are Democrats serious?

    According to reporting by Molly Hemingway at The Federalist, Incoming Democrat Chairman: Dems Will Go ‘All-In’ On Russia, Impeach Kavanaugh For ‘Perjury’:

    Judiciary Committee ranking member Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., revealed plans for House Democrats to investigate and impeach Justice Brett Kavanaugh for alleged perjury and investigate and impeach President Donald Trump for alleged treasonous collusion with Russia.

    In post-election chats with various callers while riding the Acela train from New York to Washington, Nadler gave advice to a newly elected representative and discussed potential 2020 Democratic presidential nominees with another….

    The two discussed two routes for investigating new Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. The first is to go after the FBI for how they handled the investigation into unsubstantiated claims he sexually assaulted women. “They didn’t even do a half-ass job,” he said. “They didn’t interview 30 witnesses who said ‘Interview me! I’ve got a lot to say!’” he said, while mimicking people waving their hands to be called on.

    His other plan is to go after Kavanaugh because “there’s a real indication that Kavanaugh committed perjury.” …

    When the caller suggested going after Kavanaugh quietly, Nadler explained, “You can’t do it quietly because word will get out that the FBI or the committee is reaching out to witnesses.”

    The caller then suggested that impeachment might still be worthwhile because the president elected in 2020 could nominate someone else. Nadler said the problem was that any investigation wouldn’t take long enough to last until the presidential election. “There are a finite amount of witnesses. I don’t see why it should take long at all,” he said. “We’re not talking about a 30-year scheme of getting money from Russians via hidden sources — that takes time.”

    This would be consistent with Nadler’s statement months ago that he “would dearly love to preside over the impeachment of Donald Trump.”

    Richard: Pay attention a lot of the House Dems are going to try and impeach both Trump and Kavanaugh, and if Ginsburg is forced to retire because of health they will try and impeach whoever Trump appoints. The people who are leading the Dems and way too many of the Dems in the House are committed leftists who don’t believe in Democracy and the peaceful exchange of power. Their attempts to reverse the 2016 election will drive even more people away from them. That is the good news, the bad news is the more people who leave the Dems the more violent the Dems will get.

  37. Black Nazis Terrorize Jews in New York
    9 attacks on synagogues, 7 fires, 1 broken window and 9 black male perpetrators.
    November 8, 2018
    Daniel Greenfield

    Last November, Jews For Racial & Economic Justice (JFREJ) released Understanding Antisemitism. The bizarre tract had as much in common with the reality of anti-Semitism as Marxism does with economics.

    JFREJ, a radical leftist group, claimed that “white Christians” in Europe had “invented anti-Semitism”. That would have come as news to Pharaoh, Haman and Mohammed: in JFREJ’s parlance, “people of color” who had innovated and spread anti-Semitic ideas, while seeking to exterminate the Jews.

    “Antisemitism was something European Christians created and brought to the Middle East within the last 150 years,” JFREJ insisted. There was no such thing as Muslim anti-Semitism, the leftist group, which collaborates with Linda Sarsour, a Farrakhan supporter who had urged dehumanizing Jews, insisted.

    Black and Muslim anti-Semitism are occasionally justified as a response to white Jewish oppression. But mostly their existence is denied. Racial anti-Semitism, JFREJ insisted, only existed as white supremacy.

    JFREJ’s tract whitewashing black and Muslim anti-Semitism was partly funded by Jenny Levison.

    This November, Levison’s black leftist foster son, James Polite, was arrested for setting 7 fires in Hasidic Jewish schools and synagogues in Brooklyn. He also scribbled, “Kill All Jews” inside a lefty congregation.

  38. Jim Acosta and Tucker Carlson
    November 8, 2018
    Daniel Greenfield

    A mob showing up outside Tucker Carlson’s house might have been startling a decade ago. Now it’s practically mandatory.

    But the same media that’s howling about CNN’s Jim Acosta after his almost supernatural rudeness, that included placing his hands on a female intern, has nothing to say about the overt intimidation of Tucker Carlson.

    The mobs are no longer just harassing conservative politicians. They’re trying to intimidate conservative journalists.

    And the media has nothing to say about it.

  39. Despite Video, Acosta Says He ‘Never Touched’ Intern; CNN Hosts Agree, Saying Video Is ‘Distorted’

    CNN’s Jim Acosta caused a major stir on Wednesday after creating a wild scene at the White House, arguing with President Donald Trump, getting his “hard pass” credentials suspended, and was accused of placing his hands on a White House intern.

    Richard: This is bullshit, yes there was physical contact Acosta should have been fired by CNN, should have been fired but he won’t, CNN is never going to admit their people are lower on the social then used car sales men and just a little bit higher then Chinld Molesters

  40. China Infiltrates American Campuses

    by Gordon G. Chang
    November 8, 2018 at 5:00 am

    Beijing, in seeking influence on American college and university campuses, has been infringing on academic freedoms, violating American sovereignty, and breaking U.S. law. U.S. officials, neglecting their responsibilities to the American people, have allowed this injurious behavior to continue, in some instances for decades.

    As an initial matter, some of this impermissible Chinese conduct is harmless, even amusing. As detailed by Anastasya Lloyd-Damnjanovic in a landmark study for the Wilson Center, Chinese officials in 2004 and 2007 threatened then Columbia University professor Robert Barnett, the prominent Tibet expert, that if he did not adopt a more favorable view of China’s policies they would — heavens! — stop speaking to him.

    Most of the time, however, impermissible conduct has taken on a more ominous tone. Barnett, for instance, was also the target of an effort, by a Chinese student at Columbia and a faculty member from China (at another institution), to “depose” him for trying to protect Tibetan exiles from harassment by Chinese students and Chinese consular officials.

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