USA, and Europe must wake up to save themselves: Links 1, Nov. 5, 18

1. Denmark abolishes itself.

Please read post at GoV.

2. Gutfeld on Kavanaugh’s false accuser

3. Is that a poppy box she is stealing?

4. Africans protesting the German state demanding, well everything from what I can tell.


The Turkish-Islamic cultural federation TICF, a foundation that speaks for 144 Turkish mosques in the Netherlands, demands that Twitter block the account of PVV leader Geert Wilders. According to the TICF, many of Wilders’ statements are contrary to Twitter’s terms of use. If Twitter does not block the populist politician’s account, the foundation will go to court, lawyer Ejder Kose said to newspaper AD.


The TICF also plans to file charges against Twitter in four Islamic countries – Turkey, Morocco, Pakistan and Indonesia. In those countries, many of Wilders’ statements are punishable, Kose said. “Twitter offers Wilders a platform to spread his hatred propaganda worldwide. This means that not only Wilders, but also Twitter, is punishable in those countries. The world is bigger than the Netherlands”, the lawyer said to the newspaper. 

Thank you all who sent materials and translations in. Its been a busy, ok several years but some days I can keep track better than others. But you know who you are, and know you are appreciated.

More to come today. Hopefully all 4 parts of the Thilo Sarrazin debate with an imam on German TV if we manage to get everything done today.

adding this: Georgia Democratic Party attempted to hack the mid term election machines.


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  1. This is weird. Yucki made a comment to my repost about Putin being the paymaster. I replied who can you trust. Now both comments are gone. What gives?

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