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2 Replies to “Funny, I did not know about these Pittsburgh disturbances at a memorial moment”

  1. The incidents were only covered by a couple of websites, everyone else ignored it, at least until this morning when it was mentioned on FOX.

  2. The spiritual essence of Judaism comes from the loving God of Abraham, the strength of Issac’s God, and the perfect synthesis of those relationships in the God of Jacob. Without those guideposts and the fear of Heavan, one may get this https://mobile.twitter.com/IfNotNowPGH
    This falsely claims that Jews traditionally wear black during a period of mourning. Apparently, protesting the President is more important than the tradition of asking for God’s blessing to guide our government officials. Given the long history that tablemag has published of the KKK in the area, IfNotNow’s apparent ignorance only underscores the organization’s bumbling ignorance of the history of an area 1000’s of miles away in the Holy Land.

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