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11 Replies to “A wonderful moment brought by President Donald Trump and his wife”

  1. A caring and loving man, he realizes that if we continue on the current path everyone and everything he loves will be destroyed.

  2. Yup and when the mid terms show even more support
    Do you think the psychotic cable news and papers w3 have in No mans land what used to be Canada
    Do you think for a second they will change to being objecticporesenterscof news
    Or continue on their communist destroy trump track
    I watch these cable empty heads briefly as I turn e into all news reporting sources, but the ones who make me sickest
    Are the Canadian sources, the level of bias and propaganda and
    OUTRIGHT LIES is unbelievably outrageous

    • The Communist will continue and will raise the level of violence using their election loss as an excuse. Although they will blame it on Trump and the fake mail bomber.

  3. I was touched, but not surprised that President Trump and his family took time out of their hectic schedules to pay their respect to those gunned down in this horrific massacre! My disappointment is with the Mayor of Pittsburgh who could not put politics aside to pay his respect to the family’s of those who lost their love ones in this senseless crime. President Trump could have cared less about the political affiliations of those who were murdered. It’s a sad day when an individual loses his most valuable asset “Common Sense”! I personally equate “Common Sense” to WISDOM!

    • Remember when Obama sent James Taylor to France after a particularly horrible massacre to sing, “You’ve got a Friend”?

      He actually added major insult to historical class injury.

      Yet the media hates President Trump.

      • History will treat Trump as one of our Great Presidents, all of the Great Ones were hated by a large chunk of the population, but they stayed the course and were proven right.

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