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10 Replies to “Trudeau stealing Canadian’s financial data way beyond metadata without knowledge or consent”

  1. Terrifying. The only solution is to withdraw many hundreds of $$$ at a time and pay cash for your purchases.
    Utilities, mortgage and taxes are bank pre-authorized.
    This is Big Brother gone wild.

  2. The 5000. That is what dictates Canada’s fiscal policy? A guesstimate?

    No. Behavioral science needs the whole country to influence and control. Marxist science needs the proletariat. A hand in glove situation.

    This government under pretence, is finding the tracking information in each corporate-system to then match to individuals. With that know-how, they will track anyone they want.

    But for the majority of voting shopper-holics, they will welcome their God coming down to Earth with promises of manna from heaven.

  3. Doesn’t this bureaucrat hear himself? How can he say what he says with a straight face? Like we’re supposed to automatically trust Big Brother? We’re supposed to consent to being tracked like convicts by bloodhounds? He’s lying. You can see right through him with his soft tone. And if he believes what he says then he’s stupid.

    For what it’s worth I’ll be telling my bank that I’ll pull my money if they consent to this, but I think this will be a fairly futile threat given Canada’s current atmosphere.

    The government says they need more info to make better decisions? How about a little less info and fewer decisions? Why not try and just leave people alone and stop telling them what to think and do? Why not quit with the social engineering? Why not allow the economy to run itself?

    No matter how much information a government gathers, it cannot control a complex system.

  4. A different half million every year. In a short 20-30 years they will have data-captured every adult Canadian. This is not a mere marketing exercise.

  5. I actually cried when I read about this latest travesty
    The end of any personal privacy or freedom
    All our banking information
    Why would they need the names and social insurance numbers
    If i5 is just for group data analysis
    Sadly the masses of Canadians will believe this blatent lie
    Yes, spend with cash, except that soon it will be out of fashion
    I will do that, use American Express
    Anonymous credit cards
    Quit Apple ITunesb Music downloads
    Change addresses and give fake ones
    Have three or four accounts and transfer money
    Back and forth,
    Take out cash and deposit into other accounts
    Lie about age and social insurance numbers
    Next they will want revenue Canada info too,
    But why would they need that
    Salaries, pensions, ALL FINANCIAL information
    There should be masses of peopl3 rioting on the streets over this
    Stazi move FASCISM
    Stupid little beaurocrats will feel empowered
    Gawd help us
    Get this imbecile democracy destroying liberal government
    Sent packing

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