Video alleges that London pub refused service to blind British Vet

So the police came and threw him and his dog out. All because, again allegedly. he is a supporter of Tommy Robinson.

Who would be being arrested if they refused service to a muslim because that muslim said the UK must become Islamic and all the usual muslim demands?

Answer: Not the muslim.

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8 Replies to “Video alleges that London pub refused service to blind British Vet”

  1. Time for all soldiers and supporters of the military to boycott Wetherspoons. If it’s a franchise chain, boycott ALL of them.

    Hit them where it hurts, at the bottom line. However the blind veteran is responding, eventually that person should receive free meals for a year.

    When businesses pander to Muslim (no dogs) preferences, let them have exclusive Islamic custom until they realize that regular Brits are the best stripe of customer.

  2. A Mohammedan will not step into the bar to be served alcohol, but to demand the pub be shut down entirely. What then barkeep?

  3. World War 3

    The Fourth Reich, is the third time.
    The invasion through Brussels is the third time.
    The capitulation of France is the third time.
    The UK alone, is the third time.

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