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31 Replies to “Thilo Sarrazin on German TV debate with imam, parts I and II”

  1. Highly esteemed your diligent translation work. Not regular German speakers should know that Mr. Sarrazin had a tumor removed from his head, during the operation his right half of his face was paralyzed (left from our point of view). That’s why he also stops talking like a stroke patient every now and then.

    The show is so telling. The Muslim constantly seizes the conversation and operates with the typical methods of intimidation. At one point he speaks our an indirect fatwa against Mr. Sarrazin: “You have soiled the whole Islamic world” or “made it cry”, or something like that. A disgusting creature. And we let this into our countries as “enrichment”.

  2. Always this leftist “argument” of lies, one would “split” with the description of the truth, which everyone sees anyway. It is not without reason that the riving wedge is the symbol of “Antifa” (https://ibin.co/4KP3j4GlKTa8.jpg).

    Yet it is these unteachable do-gooders who not only split by luring millions of alien and irreconcilable “elements” into our societies, but also by expecting from us that it would have something to do with “connecting” when a healthy person embraces lepers like his own children.

    Muslims are contaminated indoctrinated populations who have an infectious effect on others, in such a way that the embraced person himself finally will contaminated by Islam. Therefore a certain distance should be pleasingly kept to this backward-aggressive “religion”.

    Speaking of left-wing liars who defame the AfD


  3. “I see in front of my eyes thousands upon thousands of academic scholars, teachers, IT specialists, egineers, chemists, physicists, structural engineers, and the list goes on. I see in my eyes thousands of loyal employees who are tax payers in Germany, hair dressers, bus drivers, traders of food.” Lol.

    Now we finally know why all the Islamic countries are so far superior to the West in social and technical development and Millions of those hard working “engeneers” come only to Europe in order to not let the backwarded lazy Europeans die in poverty.

  4. Hardy I beg to differ on the infectiousness of Islam. Only in the current perverted atmosphere of political correctness are Islam’s three decrees rendered superfluous: Convert, Pay the Jizya, or Die. Rather, while the symbiotic tumors of Islam and NeoMarxism suck eachother’s blood, neither would survive the open air of Truth. Only in the rancid folds of doublespeak, projection and taqiyya do these sicknesses dwell. Otherwise, no person submits to slavery if given all the info. Therefore we can exclude contagion as a reason for this disease.

    Without a clever facility for language PoMos like yourself wouldn’t last a day. Shed your wooly coat, Hardy, and fight like a man.


    Which party do YOU prefer?

    • I voted for AfD. Are you a “HEMA” freak? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Historical_European_martial_arts

      Well: I don’t think much of “martial masculinity”. The fact that I appear as a “weakling” in the eyes of Muslim “machisms” (who are in truth namby-pambies in disguise) does not give me, as an autonomous personality, any sleepless night.

      Only those can insult each other with it and “impress” each other with provocations, who have been conditioned to react reflexively with their “reptilian brains” to it with pubertal display behaviour. Imposters.

      Look where these “men” all end: the prisons are full of them. They do not rule over their emotions with their deficient lack of self-control, but are their slaves. An unfree life that I never wanted to live. I would rather hang myself.

      Moreover, it must be stated that it was precisely not Neanderthals like these who ensured our “postmodern survival and existence”, on whom all “animalists” are as dependent as a brain dead from a drip. But us “workers of the forehead”…

      • One knows, for example, that boxers often suffer from brain damage caused by constant shocks. They don’t understand what heads are for. In my opinion this shows little self-respect, even contempt for one’s own life as well as that of others. An eye is such a miracle that it is irreparable after damage. To prove to someone that I am physically stronger than him is about as intelligent as to stand on the street and to prove that you are stronger than a truck. You only do that once, then that’s it.

        It’s the same with weapons. “I don’t need a gun,” sang Billy Idol. Whoever needs weapons to feel like a “man” is not a man, but a scaredy-cat. So that we don’t have to sacrifice our lives idiotically, our heads have invented drones, for example, with which we can eliminate our enemies at a distance. No display behaviour, no shouting, no showing off necessary. Policemen don’t usually scream either, but act without announcing with great noise.

        • Just one more thing: they really exist, the haters, racists, neo-Nazis, hooligans, who see brawls as a sport and feel “strong” and comfortable especially in groups.

          I am not an MSM or “antifa” fan, but if the AfD is infiltrated by such people, it should ask itself whether it still has control over its affairs. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Kuban

          • FWIW I agree with most of what you’re saying. Supporting a bunch of street brawlers and criminals is just plain wrong, and won’t help against “islamization”, terrorism etc in any way.
            The AfD unfortunately attracts such types.. they’ve said some stupid things, like reviving the “clean Wehrmacht” myth.
            It’s unfortunate there’s no alternative to Merkel atm. I’m european, not a German citizen though, and her policies affect the whole of Europe. She wants to flood us with 3rd-worlders and I have no say in it for some reason.
            It seems that in the EU, the richest country calls the shots, and right now that’s Germany. I thought the EU was designed exactly to avoid this situation? If it’s roughest man wins, whether militarily or economically, then what do we need it for? We might as well go back to the 19th century system then.
            And people wonder why the UK left. Our politicians (and press!) seem clueless, completely out of touch.

  5. “Today, many people forget World Savings Day because it collides with Halloween.”


    As long as it doesn’t collide with Ramadan, everything’s fine. A few hundred billion dollars in welfare costs for all the Muslim doctors, engineers, scientists, inventors, technicians and large productive enterprises is not what matters.

  6. Islam by its own definition can not,will not,must not integrete with anything,when will people wake up to that,islam is life threatening, as simple as that

  7. These lunatic liberal-marxist globalists drive a wedge into our societies, dividing us and asking us to choose one of two possibilities: to accept that we become Muslim and die out – or to become an opponent of migration and to be insulted as “Nazi” and socially ostracized.

    One has the choice between plague and cholera. They force their own schizophrenia upon you. It is not enough for us to withdraw, because basically we all want nothing to do with it. They want us to welcome our own downfall with a grin as a “gift of God”. They are crazy!

  8. Someone said our societies are all going to disintegrate into individual autonomies, inside and outside the cities. In our city, entire streets are already Muslim. Where there used to be expensive, noble and groomed shops, it looks like Istanbul or Cairo at the bazaar.

    Maybe I should move to Japan. I have nothing against Japanese. I really like the fact that they are still not indifferent to themselves. However, I remain there a stranger among strangers. This is obviously the price of not having to watch the “multicultural” (better multi-criminal) madness every day.

    • I didn’t even know that Austria was part of the Eastern Bloc: “As a response, terrestrial transmission of private TV stations was legalized in Austria.”

      TV as a German invention has never been without ads. Two Swedish girlfriends said to me in the 90s: “Ads on tv are forbidden in Sweden.”

  9. The “Imam” speaks about “Karl-Marx-Straße”, located not in East-,
    but in Muslim Westberlin quarter Neukölln (Buschkowsky’s home).

    Reminds of “Anne Helm”, who posed with Femen-friend “Mercedes Reichstein” (both no really common German names) topless painted “Bomber Harris do it again!” in Dresden.

    Our Islam ghetto Kennedystraße Oldenburg notorious for rape, murder, robbery. Nobody wants to live or cross the street there in the evening. They even have their own police station for only this street like Davidswache on the Reeperbahn! https://bit.ly/2ENeEIJ


    In English & German-speaking police Wikipedia
    a Hamburg policeman serves as a photo motive.

  10. Germany & Austria are in every respect a (pre-heavenly) “paradise” for Muslim butchers. https://bit.ly/2yzzW79 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prison_escape#Punishment

    “As early as the 1880s, the legislators of the German Empire laid down that “self-liberation” would not be punished. That has not changed until today. The reason: “Prisoners have no right to freedom, they have just forfeited that right. But the legislator has said to himself that he does not want to punish the ‘urge for freedom'”, explains Michael Stoewer, lawyer for criminal law.” https://www.welt.de/vermischtes/article172004276/JVA-Ploetzensee-Warum-ein-Gefaengnisausbruch-nicht-strafbar-ist.html

  11. Islamic scholar Sayyid Qutb said: “No political system or material power should put hindrances in the way of preaching Islam. It should leave every individual free to accept or reject it, and if someone wants to accept it, it should not prevent him or fight against him. If someone does this, then it is the duty of Islam to fight him until either he is killed or until he declares submission.”

    “The foremost duty of Islam in this world is to depose jahiliyyah from the leadership of man, and to take the leadership into its own hands and enforce the particular way of life which is a permanent feature.”

    Islam does not sanction the rule of selfish desires, It has come to abolish all concepts, laws, customs, and traditions, and to replace them with a new concept of human life, to create a new world on the foundation of submission to the creator.”

    “jahlilyyah is evil and corrupt, whether it be of ancient or modern variety. It is fruitless to try to construct a system of life which is half-Islam and half-jahiliyyah. God does not forgive any association with this His person, and He does not accept any association with His revealed way of life. Both are Shirk in the sight of God, as both are the product of the same mentality.”

    “We need not rationalize Islam to them, need not appease their desires and distorted concepts. We will be extremely outspoken with them.”

    “The chasm between Islam and jahiliyyah is great, and a bridge is not to be built across it so that the people on the two sides may mix with each other, but only that the people of jahiliyyah may come over to Islam.”

    Perhaps the Imam should have mentioned under Shari’ah “Mosque and state are not separate.”

    8:39 Jihad may be waged to spread Islam and force conversations–A Holy War

    Women captives of jihad may be forced to have sex with their captors (now Owners)

    A second class submission tax, called jizyah, must be imposed on Jews, Christians and any other religious minority.

    Male owners may have sex with his slave women, even prepubescent slave girls. 4:24 23:1-7

    Apostacy laws=imprisonment or execution on anyone who leaves Islam.

    Blasphemy laws=including imprisonment or execution may be imposed on critics of Islam. Modern day example, Asia Bibi.

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