Cross of Matamoros available now

Just a reminder, that anyone thinking of buying for themselves, or gifting one of the silver crosses of Matamoros, available on the sidebar of this site, may want to buy one soon if they wish to get it in time for Christmas. There are some in stock now, so shipping will be the same day or the next day for anyone who orders one while supplies last.

Thank you to all who have supported this site so far with a purchase.

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6 Replies to “Cross of Matamoros available now”

  1. Hi Vladtepesblog, I ordered a cross two weeks ago and I’ve still not received it. A little bit concerned, can you please advise when I can expect delivery.

    • Thank you for drawing my attention to this! I had not even seen the order in my email. My fault, and no one elses. Some days so much mail comes in I don’t see it all.

      You have my deepest apologies and it will be in the mail to you Tuesday, as Monday is Thanksgiving in Canada so nothing can go out before Tuesday.

      Again, deepest apologies and I will get it to you as fast as post will allow!

      Eeyore for VTB

      • Thank you, I look forward to receiving it, and thank you also for your efforts in raising awareness of the issues that your blog addresses and highlights and providing a platform for others to share too.

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