Corbyn takes another swipe at Israel: Links 2, Oct. 4, 2018

1. Democrat intern DOXXED people involved with confirmation

2. Hugh Fitzgerald: Jeremy Corbyn Calls For an Arms Embargo on Israel (Part I)

The Labour Party — Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party –has called for the U.K to impose a  total arms embargo  on Israel. This would not be the first time the U.K. has imposed such an embargo on Israel. In the 1948-49 Arab-Israeli war, at the time of maximum peril to the Jews of Israel, with the nascent state invaded by the armies of five Arab states, Great Britain also imposed such an embargo. It was not alone. The United States also banned sending arms to the belligerents on either side. The most important weapons deliveries, including airplanes, for the Jews in 1947-49 came from Czechoslovakia.


The British, unlike the Americans, did not impose an arms embargo on both sides in 1948. Instead, they continued to supply arms to Egypt, Jordan, and Iraq. More important, the British armed, trained, and provided officers, to the Arab Legion of Jordan. Under the overall command of General John Bagot Glubb, the Arab Legion was the most effective fighting force on the Arab side, and the only one that could claim a clear victory — at Latrun — over the Jews during the 1948 war. Even before the war was declared by the Arab states, the Arab Legion joined forces with local Arabs, who attacked the four Israeli settlements that made up the Etzzion bloc. The Jewish forces consisted of members of the Hagana militia and kibbutzniks. Of the 129 Haganah fighters and Jewish kibbutzniks who died during the defence of the settlement, Martin Gilbert states that fifteen were murdered on surrendering.

(Please read the rest @JihadWatch)

3. Meanwhile, Gaza does military parade

4. DISGRACEFUL: Justin Trudeau Had Time For Joshua Boyle, But Not Tori Stafford’s Father

5. Obama admits he was a thug a drunk and a druggie for a “big part of his growing up”


6. Professor Defends Due Process for the Accused. Students Want Him Fired

In the Believe All Women era, there’s just no place for the bigotry of due process…at least when that process would be used to exonerate a white male.

That’s apparently the message being sent by more than 100 University of Southern California students. They are rallying to have Professor James Moore fired after he had the unmitigated gall to defend the constitutional right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Because, you know, that’s just not how the left wants things to work anymore. Well, unless the accused is a black liberal. Then the rules change again, because oppression.

We digress.


Moore got himself in hot water when he noticed an email that was sent out to all staff and students at the university last Thursday. The email, which instructed students to “Believe Survivors” of sexual assault, inspired Moore to give those students a lesson in the criminal justice system.

7. Migrant threatens Salvini unless…

Thank you Gary F., M., Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, and SO many more who sent in recordings, materials and lots of indicators of the seriousness of the slide into a totalitarian leftist/Islamic society we live in now. 

But remember, wars are never lost or won unless one group decides to surrender for ever. If there is one thing we can learn from both the left and Islam, it is that.


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    • Events are building to create the perfect storm of small wars starting more or less at the same time. Welcome to WWIII.

  1. 5. Obama’s adolescent years?

    + video link of Larry Sinclair’s National Press Club Conference in June of 2008. By Jack Cashill – March 21, 2018


    In September 2007, according to Sinclair, he contacted the Obama campaign with the request that Obama tell the truth about his use of drugs.

    At the time, Obama, then a candidate for president, was telling the media he did not use drugs after college.

    Larry Sinclair Interview on the HillBuzz & Mrs. Fox Show
    Part 6 of 9 – Published on November 23, 2011

    Warning: Adult Content

  2. The charge of racism is beginning to lose its power, as illegals use it to destroy a civilised country like Italy.

    There was never a reason that Africans with no ability to engage in dialogue, will contribute anything to Italy or the West.

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