France: So a horse walks into a bar…

France: A horse storms into a bar/restuarant near north Paris (Chantilly) Security camera capture the moment. No one was injured. Just minutes before, a large group left the restaurant. A rider lost control of his horse.

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  1. We had a Clinton-joke in a post earlier ; a Bush-joke seems quite appropriate here:
    A man enters a bar in rural Texas , goes up to the bar and has a few beers . He starts a conversation with some of the locals by stating that there’s a lot of horseshit coming from Bush . Whamm !!! He gets knocked onto the floor , but after getting up on the barstool he goes on about Bush : That guy really is a horses ass . Whamm !!! He gets knocke down once again , gets up , shakes his head and says : Man this must really be Bush-country .
    Nope says one of the locals , this is horse-country….

    • LOL!

      How about this:

      Bush was known to be sensitive about casualties in the Iraq war. All the aids were reluctant to have to tell him when any allied troops had been killed.

      One day, one assistant drew the short straw, and went in to the Oval office to tell President Bush that three Brazilian soldiers had been killed in action.

      Bush turned white and started to sob into his elbow. The assistant was surprised. He had heard that George W was sensitive, but he didn’t think he was that sensitive.

      After a minute, George looked up at the aid and asked,

      “How many are in a brazilian again?”

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