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9 Replies to “This is overdue”

  1. I know a guy that was accused of rape by a female student. He lost his job as a school teacher. His wife stood by him.

    When I met with him the first time, he spoke about it. We were going to work together on a project. A really nice guy, very respectful with a dark cloud over his head.

    Imagine living with that and no possibility of proving otherwise.

    Ten years later, the student recanted her allegation. He was finally free but the cloud still remains. The only way to free these innocent men is through recanting. And these men can’t sue the women because often they are insolvable or the statute of civil liability prevents them from doing so (I think it’s ten years).

    • These males submitting to the female form, to draw out the animal nature in her so as to serve the beast in them, so that in resentment she turns, realizing they really serve the bitch in her, creates this anti-male Socialism we have around us today.

      This angry female-centric universe that Communists bridle, to killing every soul in every nursery for the conformity of the Good Citizen.

      Islam, as a fallout of envy towards the independent woman, has sought ways to tie her back down again, Maxism distracts her so that she wear the crown of pride (and they have all the money), or Sexuals wearing her gowns for Preference that out-compete her at every level.

      All this, from the mimicking of the noble act of men who mate wholesomely with their pair-bond companion wives, to be nothing more than a drug-induced celebration of their deaths, by abdicating and passing their seed to a new life of an abandoned next generation. In physical action only representing the only sense of purpose they have left in them. Even being promised virgins in Heaven to mirror their earthly poverty.

      So it is the more telling that these dhimmi-males are nowhere to be seen in the new scrubbed-up Democrat-Version of America. No Muslim, Liberal or Gay talking-heads.


      Welcome to dystopia.

      • Peterson didn’t notice the JFK-puff. Even FDR in one frame.
        It’ll take time till people recognize that corrupt filth, the damage done by Dems over multiple administrations. I don’t trust them anywhere near legislative or executive power.

        This video is just another gimmick, not even close to what’s necessary. Red-state Dems can make the right noises to win state office, certain Congressional districts. But then they vote “resist”, defame, obstruct.

        Lots of work to be done.

  2. Yes this is long overdue, the women who lie should be tried and sentenced to long terms in prison.

    This is why the MGTOW movement started.

  3. At one time in England, someone found guilty of sodomy (with either sex) could be executed, but false accusations of sodomy also attracted the death penalty. If false accusers had to suffer the same penalties as their victims, things might be different.

  4. I worked in a small town for a month. One of the people that I met told me a story about how she was disgusted with her best friend: who had slept with some fellow and then the next day when he had not called or she sobered up, she contacted the police and accused him of rape. He was given a 4-8 year sentence and she boasted about it: “serves the bastard right for not calling me”.
    Women as a sex are better than most men but when you meet a female scumbag there is no bottom to their behaviour and to reward them for being scum is lunacy.(she claimed compensation as well). There is also a VAST difference between date rape and violent often group rape but the law has a problem working this out. I wonder why?

  5. There is also a VAST difference between date rape and violent often group rape but the law has a problem working this out. I wonder why?

    The routine objectification of women as sexual objects is the usual go-to explanation for this (and with some justification). Be that as it may, the sharp increase in Muslim gang rapes and pedophilia cast all of this into question and require some very uncomfortable revisions of Western definitions. None of which appear to be coming soon.

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