Trudeau administration now ignoring the law, and two branches of government, “Accountable to no-one”

Today a campaign bus headed for a town in New Brunswick had to stop, think and divert after unions protested the Liberal candidate.

From The New Brunswick Telegraph Journal:

MIRAMICHI • The Liberal campaign bus was forced to divert away from a scheduled campaign stop on Tuesday afternoon after word of protesters.

Liberal Leader Brian Gallant was scheduled to make a mid-afternoon announcement at the Rodd River Hotel in Miramichi.

But the bus pulled off the road minutes before reaching its destination.

The reason for the protest is what gets interesting. Because typically the Liberal party caves to unions to the extent that they create an entire new kind of MAFIA of unions in Canada, where people who want jobs are forced to join, pay dues, have no say in policy and then are used and abused to support far left wing views that have nothing to do with unions or the jobs they allegedly protect.

He said the union went to the New Brunswick Labour and Employment Board after an arbitration hearing regarding language issues facing paramedics, including staffing shortages due to a lack of bilingual paramedics.

McConaghy said the labour board and arbitrator both sided with the union.


“[The Liberal government] completely ignored the conditions and recommendations in the arbitrator’s decision,” he said. “So we took them to the labour board and they ordered the government to follow it, so that’s two institutions the government is ignoring. They’re not being held accountable to anyone.”

For the whole story, please find the Telegraph Journal and get the article there.

Interesting times. Trudeau has managed to thoroughly tick off quite a few communities in an unprecedented way. For the second time, the Chinese community is protesting him and demanding an apology, this time for the murder of one of their young girls at the hands of one of his muslim migrants, and the various Amer-Indian leaders are also fully annoyed with him as you can see from this bootleg clip of a recent meeting he held with them below.

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