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17 Replies to “On Google’s bias”

  1. How things have changed. Now that our own media has become Pravda the only place to see an intelligent editorial is a Russian network. Maybe they should call it, “Radio Free Europe”. It’s the exact same thing only the other way ’round, with us as the bad guys…

    • Not us.
      Rather: Merkel, May, Macron.
      “Our allies”? Well, allies of a fundamentally diminished USA with a 0 for POTUS and his designated successor-ess.

      Despite PDJT’s win, the plot has yet to be overturned. We’re still pinned to these erstwhile “allies” by the “resistance”. Their monstrous fiction of muh Russia has turned out to be spectacularly successful. The most formidable faction of our domestic enemy is the corporate media, intimately linked with its counterparts in occupied Europe.

      So the President has had to postpone the genuine “reset” with Russia he’d anticipated during his campaign. That’s a tragedy: Imagine the losses that might have been spared – just in the Middle East! – if he had been free to deal with Putin in his own way. As well, the reflexive bonding of Russia with China. (As reversible as it is unnatural, but not without casualties.)

      So too, the necessity to appease the globalist dregs still holding the reins of the EU-Reich.

      There’s no question he knew who put the upstart twerp Macron in power, yet he went out of his way to flatter this placeholder for the New World Order. (But our President is cunning. In time we’ll see how he works this maneuver to our advantage.)

      Though Theresa May had ‘Remainer’ tread-marks, PT entered office well-disposed to the “special relationship”, reinforced by personal sympathy for Mom’s old sod. But Mrs. May is a cowardly rat. And the UK is morphing faster and uglier than anyone could’ve anticipated.

      As evidence of their treachery to our President mounts, so do demands to “prove your loyalty!” Muh-Russia runs a parallel course on British soil.

      And it’s not too much of a stretch to give credence to allegations of Putin’s nefarious activities anywhere and everywhere. So we chime in with the chorus of condemnations and sanctions. (…though the targets of latest sanctions may not be entirely displeasing to Uncle Vlad.)

      If the British censors hit Russian media, we’ll hear the echo of the Iron Curtain descend. At that point Labour may as well win 10 Downing, and a government-in-exile will be looking for friends.

      • Some time last month I posted a video by a Canadian who said that it wouldn’t be too much longer before the US and Eastern Europe would be fighting to free Western Europe from its Marxist overlords. He was worried that in this war Canada would be on the side of Western Europe and fighting the US. Events to seem to be working out the way he predicted.

      • Succinct and elegant, Yucki. But maybe all of these machinations are mainly the death throes of another world reserve currency? Evidenced by your post some days ago, the Russkis seem to know something is nigh by their stockpiling of gold, no?

        • ty~
          Yeah, that struck me as unusually interesting.
          I’d imply treason if I suggested our Potus might’ve had a private conversation or two with Mr. Muh Russia himself.
          (Or via Bibi, who’s known PT for decades and has better security.)

  2. How many public colleges and universities and cities didn’t have similar meetings? At least Google did not have a meeting like this on my nickel.

    • How many public colleges and universities and cities didn’t have similar meetings?

      A damn fine question, malca. This entire not-so-cottage industry of “Hate Trump” is totally OOC (Out Of Control). To this day, I still can remember the post-2016 election countenances of stunned astonishment and lamenting tones that my academic colleagues generally exhibited over Trump’s election.

      It took nearly my entire might to not openly snigger sniggroe at their all-too obvious distress.

      As in: “If you didn’t want Trump, then why’d you run Hillary?”

      It’s a classic example of, “Be very careful about what you wish for…”

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