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4 Replies to “Black Pigeon: The Dalai Lama’s path to the obvious”

  1. Yet another perfect, “Canary in the Coal Mine”

    Along with the south-most Philippines and parts of South Korea, these are the “swan songs” to listen for. May both of them survive for all human history.

    That the fate of Tibet has been expressed so explicitly and unmistakably is priceless.

  2. There is no way this can end peacefully because massive wars that allow the left to establish Marxist dictatorships has been the goal all along. The left knows that as long as Western Civilization, the fruit of the enlightenment exists there no hope for their dream of a one world socialist government, to destroy Western Civilization they have to destroy the ideas of the nation state and individual rights and freedom. They (the left) are closer to achieving their goal of massive war everywhere then I like, and the pressure cooker keeps building perssure. I don’t know when th e cooker will explode but I don’t see how the explosion can wait much longer. This is not the time of year to start a war in the Northern Hemisphere but revolutions like children are born when the time is ripe no matter wat tiime of the year it is.

    • Most of the west is indoctrinated and dependent of socialism. You will see how easy west societies will accept it. There are still few crazy guys fighting this, but when eliminated…all become simple.

      • For a while, possibly quite a while.

        The Continent managed to live under the Nazi flag. Long enough to murder millions on an industrial scale. It was tolerated: most people were cowed into submission; some actively collaborated.

        Sweden remained unoccupied and managed to airbrush that “unpleasantness” away. No lessons learned there.

        By now Europe’s had years of conditioning to soft-sell political Islam and practice semi-socialism. Much alpha-male DNA perished in the last hundred years. They may tolerate dhimmi status without too much fuss.

        At least for a while. Then another chapter will come to a close.

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