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  1. the gateway pundit Devin Nunes Warns Democrats And Media They Won’t Like Declassified Info On Russia And Spy Warrants


    The Daily Caller reports:


    […]the really bad stuff about the Trump campaign was buried in the redactions.”

    “And I said, you know what, you might be right. We should declassify the whole thing,” Nunes said Thursday, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

    Nunes asserted that Trump’s critics have backed away from that argument out of fear that the rest of the FISA application will be damaging to the FBI and the narrative that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government.

    “And you know why? Because I think they’re going to be frightened by what you see,” Nunes said of Democrats and the press.

    Intel Chair: FBI, Justice Corrupted for Political Spying

    Nunes warns China, not Russia, is ‘real threat’

    […]Nunes said Trump, as a moderate Republican, is governing as one of the most conservative U.S. presidents.

    That has prompted Democrats and their liberal allies to attack Nunes and Trump on a regular basis, he said.

    “The reason that the press is completely, finally, essentially come out of their shell and became who they always were is because they don’t know what to do,” he said.

    “So they’ve put everything they have out on the field and this is really Nancy Pelosi’s last stand,” Nunes noted.

    “The reason that they have this fight, the reason that they have Antifa, the reason that they’re protesting, the reason that they’re causing all of these riots, the reason that they’re doing things that you normally wouldn’t see in this country, the reason that they’re actually willing to corrupt the FBI and the DOJ—they’re doing it because we’re winning folks,” he said.

    “We’re winning and I think we have a good chance to win this fall if we keep the faith, stay on message, and help out our colleagues.”

    • The long term Threat is Russia but as the short term threats go they are a distant third, Iran and China are competing to see which is first and which is second. Right now China is in the lead but the Mullahs are trying hard to take over as first.

    • Nunes warns China, not Russia, is ‘real threat’

      And we pay exactly how many hundreds of grand per year for insights of this depth and perspicacity?

  2. 4 Videos + Links (see – Bottom Line Truths):
    “Egyptian Media Backs Up This Site’s Charge Sheet: McCain AIDED & ABETTED The Muslim Brotherhood Mafia! Why Does This Matter, Now That He Is Dead? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki”
    Adina Kutnicki – September 11, 2018

    Link: September 18, 2014 Podcast – 1:32:47 mark.
    “Bombshell: John Brennan’s Disturbing Connection To 9/11 Will Forever Convince You He’s A Traitor” Tea Party – September 1, 2018

    • At some point, merely driving over the bodies of these @ssailants will become a readily accepted option. Gun possession shall remain a distant third choice, until Europe wakes the fü¢k up.

  3. Daily Dose part 2 – “Teenagers beat female police officer” – Essen, Germany

    Lebanese teenagers attacks a young policewoman (26). She falls onto the asphalt and tries to sit up. But another tackles her with full force in the abdomen. Finally, her colleague (27) can intervene, protect her from further kicks and punches …, cause for the unleashed violence in Essen? A normal routine police check. ”

    • Isn’t this where LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers) are supposed to draw down and indelicately perforate their various @ssailants?

  4. Germany: Kothen residents colour in city to defy racism

    Hundreds of Kothen’s residents painted the streets with messages of peace on Saturday. The demonstration comes one day before another round of right-wing protests in the German city.

    SOT, Steffen Rogge, artist and organiser (German): “I find it appalling that such symbols and words are being used here [national socialist]. The Nazi era is over. I personally have not experienced it but I am a descendent of grandparents and parents that have really experienced it. My grandparents are from Pommarania, from Bessarabia and they were refugees, too. German refugees, but still.”

    SOT, Steffen Rogge, artist and organiser (German): “I hope that the contemporary Christians wake up to stand up against right-wing thoughts and neo-Nazis in order to understand politically what we can do against this.”

    SOT, Jorg Gewinner, official (German): “It’s a nervous feeling [regarding the right-wing demonstration tomorrow]. I would prefer it if no-one from outside would come and if there were no demonstrations, neither right-wing, nor left-wing. But you cannot avoid it. We have a democracy and the constitution allows the right-wingers to come, and of course we – I am in the City Council for the Die Linke party – have to be present too. But, addressing everyone – please no violence.”

    SOT, Raina, resident (German): “To be honest I am nervous about how they [right-wingers] will behave or act. But I think everything will be fine.”

    Raina, resident (German): “Yes, well, last week has been difficult but now its getting a little better.”

    SOT, Raina, resident (German): “Well we are sorry, we have been here for a while in Germany. And all we want is to live together in peace. Multiculture is also a part of Germany.”

    • Get back to me when the sidewalks are running with blood instead of chalk dust.

      Much as I detest violence, Islam’s presence in this world merits nothing less.

  5. Deutsche Welle -Let’s talk about “integration” in Germany

    Germany is more non-German than ever, and “integration” has become a buzz word.

    But what does integration really mean? DW asked six newcomers in Berlin what the term means to them – and doesn’t.

    Integration is a hot-button issue in Germany.

    One in four people have foreign roots.

    The countries foreign population is growing and reached a new record high in 2017.

    The biggest immigrant groups are from Turkey, Poland and Russia.

    But what does integration really mean? DW asked six newcomers in Berlin what the term means to them – and doesn’t.

  6. Iran’s Embassy in Paris Attacked by Komala Terrorist Grouplet: Report (tasnimnews, Sep 15, 2018)

    “TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A group of individuals affiliated to the Komala terrorist grouplet attacked Iran’s embassy building in the French capital of Paris with no casualties reported.

    The attack saw 15 Komala terrorists hurling stones and debris, spray-painting graffiti, breaking several windows and slightly damaging the diplomatic facility’s facade, according to the IRIB news agency on Saturday.

    The report added that French police carried out no measure to protect the compound during the attack despite the claim that they were aware of the assault and had informed the embassy officials in advance…”

  7. Turkish intelligence nabs 9 YPG/PKK militants in Syria (hurrietdailynew, Sep 15, 2018)

    “Turkish National Intelligence Service (MIT) on Sept. 14 brought to Turkey nine YPG/PKK militants, who were behind the attack that killed two Turkish soldiers during Operation Olive Branch in northern Syria, according to Hatay governor.

    The militants were caught in a joint operation by MIT and the Turkis gendarmerie forces in Syria’s Afrin city and brought to southern Hatay province Erdal Ata said at a news conference.

    They were involved in Jan. 23, 2018 terror attack in Rajo area of Afrin that left Lt. Oguz Kaan Usta and Specialist Sergeant Mehmet Muratdagi dead.

    The militants had taken away with them the body of the lieutenant which could only be found after 58 days.

    Ata said the militants were caught in accordance with the confession of a Syrian national PKK militant, who was identified by the initials M.C. and arrested by Turkish security forces on Sept. 3, 2018 in Rajo.

    “We know that there are other names involved in the incident. We will do whatever necessary [to get them],” Ata said.

    On Jan. 20, Turkey launched Operation Olive Branch to remove YPG/PKK
    and Daesh militants from Afrin. On March 18, Turkish troops and the Free Syrian Army liberated the Afrin district center.

    The Turkish Intelligence Agency on Sept.12 brought Yusuf Nazik — a key plotter of the 2013 Reyhanli attack — from the Syrian port city of Latakia to Turkey.

    Nazik, 34, who was marked in the blue category of the Interior Ministry’s wanted terrorists list, confessed that on a tip off from Syrian intelligence units, he scouted the crime scene prior to the attack and moved explosives from Syria to Turkey.”

  8. Thousands of rejected Denmark asylum seekers unaccounted for (thelocal, Sep 14, 2018)

    “Danish police are uncertain as to the whereabouts of many as 2,835 rejected asylum seekers, some of whom may still be in the country, according to a report.

    A National Police document detailing the figure was seen and reported by Radio24syv.

    The unaccounted-for persons could either be in Denmark, a second country or have travelled home.

    The National Police believes the majority of the unaccounted-for persons to have left Denmark during the three years over which the total has accumulated, Helga Lund Laursen, who heads the Nationalt Udlændingecenter, the law enforcement’s unit for foreign citizens, said to Ritzau…”

  9. Manchester bomb attack: Libyan warlords demand $1MILLION to hand over man behind atrocity (express, Sep 16, 2018)

    “THE BROTHER of the Manchester Arena terrorist, wanted in the UK for 22 murders, is being offered for sale to the highest bidder by Libyan warlords. Militia group henchmen are inviting bids of $1million to hand over Hashem Abedi, whose suicide bomber brother Salman Abedi blew himself up at an Ariana Grande concert on May 22 last year, killing 22 people including seven children and injuring hundreds more.

    The UK government wants to extradite him but there are now fears he could escape justice and be sold to Islamic State terrorists where he will be hailed a hero for his role in the atrocity.

    Hashem Abedi, 21, was detained by a semi-official Libyan militia last year and is being held at Mitiga airport near the capital Tripoli.

    But two groups of fighters, who have control over him, want to sell him for a $1million cash bonanza.

    Last night sources in Libya revealed that Islamic State, which does not support these groups, is negotiating through a third party to “pay for his release”.

    Britain has been trying to extradite him since November, seven months after his older brother – he was 22 – was responsible for the atrocity at Manchester Arena.

    Investigators believe Hashem Abedi helped to gather the materials used for the bomb, which was detonated in the venue’s foyer at the US singer’s concert.

    Both brothers were born in Manchester to Libyan parents…”

    • Manchester bomb attack: Libyan warlords demand $1MILLION to hand over man behind atrocity

      Easy peasy. Simply arrest and indefinitely imprison all who are remotely connected with the Manchester atrocity until one of them cracks as to the perpetrator’s identity. Case solved!

  10. Judge Jeanine: To Dems, you’re guilty until proven innocent

    Senator Feinstein’s handling of Kavanaugh letter shows complete disregard for truth, justice and the American way.

  11. Carter Page reacts to calls to declassify FISA documents

    Lawmakers call on President Trump to declassify previously redacted sections of FISA applications; Carter Page shares his perspective on the Russia investigation on ‘Justice with Judge Jeanine.’

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