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    • Just what we need-more of these religious fanatics.

      Right there is the problem, StE. These attackers are not, “fanatics”. They are individuals who have firmly connected with Islam’s grounding plane and have returned to the most fundamental forms of worship—one of which happens to be killing Infidels in the largest possible numbers.

      We in the West have difficulty distinguishing between actual fanaticism and this sort of Muslim “piety” because ours is not a triumphalist, violent, supremacist doctrine that assigns little value to human life. Make no mistake, these killers are following the Koran’s bedrock code to the letter.

      Sayyid Qutb, figurehead of the Muslim Brotherhood made it explicitly clear that all Muslims today are disbelievers.

      This is a core element of Salafism, that the vast majority of modern Muslims are takfir or impure. It allows for even greater levels of slaughter that include Muslims because such killing represents a process of purification—in both internecine and general festivities.

      It is this sort of rationale that’s used as a crowbar to prize away young, impressionable, Muslim youth from their moderate environments and begin the process of reconnecting them to that Islamic grounding plane.

      This does not a fanatic make. Certainly not a so-called radical, either. While it may be called “fundamentalism”, it’s much as Erdogan said:

      There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. There is only one Islam.

      There are no “shades of gray”. No “cafeteria” Islam. No alternate narratives.

      The end product is millions of stabby, rammy, ‘splody-type acolytes. Far worse is how, using Social Media tools, ISIS essentially midwifed a new, very-fine-grained form of Islam that drills down to individual levels and is almost impossible to interdict. Often called “radicalization”, this is, once again, merely that reconnecting of vulnerable (and often frustrated) involuntarily celibate young Muslim males to that Islamic grounding plane.

      All the rest is waiting for them, right there in the Koran, hadiths and sunnah.

  1. The fragmentation or division of a region into warring or hostile groups is the definition of Balkanization.

    The brilliance of postmodernists rests in turning the power of language into power over people.

    We hear the slogan “Diversity is our strength” an awful lot nowadays. People who tell us this understand that repetition works, especially if it sounds nice. They are trying to make us believe, in fact, that balkanization is our strength. I truly believe Justine Trudeau is dim enough to believe his own propaganda without understanding the motive behind it. Conversely I truly believe George Soros completely understands that the details of reconstructing a balkanized world matter little beyond unimagined riches, and absolute power gained by Globalist elites.

    Soros learned most of what he needed to know by the time he was 18. I believe the paradigm he glimpsed in Budapest in those formative years resonated in him. He learned that superior men with superior intellect, drive and will existed. Whisper this truth into the ear of a weakling like Justin Trudeau and you’ve got him. Soros learned that wealth creation and survival favoured the powerful and the priviledged. He learned that an outsider gaining entry to such a club has usually made friends with risk.

    “Balkanization Is Our Strength.” This slogan should be on t-shirts and bumper stickers.

    • We hear the slogan “Diversity is our strength” an awful lot nowadays.

      This may well prove to be chief amongst the Big Lies spread during the 20th century’s back nine. As brilliant Conservative writer, Takuan Seiyo, is so fond of pointing out:

      “Diversity” is like Tabasco – add a quarter spoonful to your grits, and you have a more lively and interesting dish. Add half a cup of the hot sauce, and you need an ambulance.

      A nation’s culture can only be “diversified” just so much. After a point, political, economic, religious, and cultural goals begin a process of irreversible fragmentation. We are getting close to making that 911 ambulance call.

      America’s current polarization is a splendid example of what happens when over-diversification digs in its heels and drags down genuine cultural progress.

  2. This is from May 30, 2018 but it needs to be aired again and again.

    The Muslim Refugee Rape Epidemic: Coming to America? | Michelle Malkin Investigates

    • Good show, Richard. Although a stretch at nearly forty minutes, Malkin’s delectable firecracker attitude and some very slick post-production editing make this more than worth watching.


  3. University announces “White Awake” safe space for white students

    Update: After publication of this article, University of Maryland-College Park changed the name of the group to “Anti-Racism and Ally Building Group,” along with a shorter description, which reads, “Do you want to improve your ability to relate to and connect with people different from yourself? Do you want to become a better ally? Members will support and share feedback with each other as they learn more about themselves and how they can fit into a diverse world.”

    In a statement provided to Campus Reform on Friday, the university explained the name change: “Our Counseling Center acknowledges that we did not choose the right words in raising awareness about this research-based initiative, and how this group has been perceived is counter to the values of inclusiveness and diversity that we embody. Therefore, we are renaming the group to better reflect our intention and values.”

  4. Twitter is so liberal that its conservative employees ‘don’t feel safe to express their opinions,’ says CEO Jack Dorsey
    “I don’t think that’s fair or right,” Dorsey says.

    One of the more popular criticisms right now against social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube is that they’re supposedly biased against conservative viewpoints. U.S. President Donald Trump likes to tweet about it, and numerous members of Congress also believe that to be the case.

    Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey — like his counterparts at Facebook and YouTube — has consistently said that his service isn’t biased.

    But the people who build Twitter are biased, Dorsey admitted in an interview last month, saying out loud what everyone already knew: Twitter, like most tech companies in Silicon Valley, has a lot more left-leaning employees than right-leaners.

    Twitter is so liberal, in fact, that conservative employees “don’t feel safe to express their opinions” within the company, Dorsey told NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen in a new interview published today on Recode Media.

  5. BREAKING: James O’Keefe Teases Next Week’s Hit — DEEP STATE SHOULD BE WORRIED!

    On Friday afternoon investigative journalist James O’Keefe teased his upcoming investigation with The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft and Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk.


  6. Texas board votes to eliminate Hillary Clinton, Helen Keller from history curriculum

    Updated at 11:30 a.m. to include the board’s vote, at 1:20 p.m. with comment from board member Barbara Cargill and House Democratic Caucus Chairman Chris Turner and at 4:10 p.m. with comment from a Christian advocacy organization.

    AUSTIN — History curriculum in Texas remembers the Alamo but could soon forget Hillary Clinton and Helen Keller.

    As part of an effort to “streamline” the social studies curriculum in public schools, the State Board of Education voted Friday to adjust what students in every grade are required to learn in the classroom. Among the changes, board members approved the removal of several historical figures, including Clinton and Keller, from the curriculum.

    The board also voted to keep in the curriculum a reference to the “heroism” of the defenders of the Alamo, which had been recommended for elimination, as well as Moses’ influence on the writing of the nation’s founding documents, multiple references to “Judeo-Christian” values and a requirement that students explain how the “Arab rejection of the State of Israel has led to ongoing conflict” in the Middle East.

  7. Mother Of MS-13 Victim Fatally Struck At Daughter’s Memorial Site In N.Y.

    The mother of an ms-13 victim, who was recognized at President Trump’s State of the Union address, is fatally struck at her daughter’s memorial site in Long Island.

    Evelyn Rodriguez was killed Friday about an hour before a planned memorial for her daughter.

    The incident took place at the same location her 16-year-old daughter was found beaten and hacked to death by ms-13 members in 2016.

    Rodriguez was rushed to the hospital where she later died.

    The incident may have been intentional, according to local reports.

    President Trump has since responded to her death, saying his thoughts and prayers are with Evelyn Rodriguez along with her family and friends.

  8. Pompeo slams Kerry for ‘inappropriate’ meetings with Iran officials

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday lambasted his predecessor, John Kerry, for meetings with Iranian officials in back-channel talks and accused him of “actively undermining” the Trump administration’s policy toward Tehran.

    “What Secretary Kerry has done is unseemly and unprecedented,” Pompeo told a news conference, adding that he “ought not to engage in that kind of behavior. It’s inconsistent with what the foreign policy of the United States is, as directed by this president. It is beyond inappropriate.”

    Pompeo’s sharp criticism of Kerry comes a day after President Donald Trump accused the former secretary of state of “illegal” meetings on Iran in a late-night tweet.

    “John Kerry had illegal meetings with the very hostile Iranian Regime, which can only serve to undercut our great work to the detriment of the American people. He told them to wait out the Trump Administration! Was he registered under the Foreign Agents Registration Act? BAD!” Trump said on Twitter.

    Trump withdrew the United States from a nuclear deal that Kerry clinched in 2015 between Iran and six world powers. The Trump administration has pushed a hard line against Tehran, which it accuses of expanding its influence in the Middle East through support for proxy armed groups in countries such as Syria, Lebanon and Yemen.

  9. In his new film, Michael Moore warns that Donald Trump may be ‘America’s last president’
    By LU Staff September 15, 2018

    Michael Moore has been making the rounds lately, promoting his new film “Fahrenheit 11/9.” In the process, he has been dropping what many in the media are treating as a bombshell. It is “absolutely possible,” the portly director has grimly pronounced on ABC, and elsewhere, that Donald Trump may be “America’s last president.”

    On Thursday his publicity campaign took him to MSNBC. In the video that follows, Moore enlarges on why he believes the political sky is falling.

    • In his new film, Michael Moore warns that Donald Trump may be ‘America’s last president’

      In his new film, Michael Moore warns that Donald Trump may be ‘America’s last best president’

      There, fixed that!

      PS: Irony simply cannot apply in this case without severe penalties.

  10. Want to see what Feinstein sent the FBI about Kavanaugh? First put down your coffee
    By LU Staff September 14, 2018

    Cleaning up computer keyboards and screens after a projectile spit take can be a nasty affair, which is why we advise you to put down your morning coffee before proceeding.

    After it was reported yesterday afternoon that Dianne Feinstein, the senior Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, had “fresh dirt” on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, the mainstream media stopped their collective presses. The New York Times reported that “a letter, which was first sent to the office of Representative Anna Eshoo, Democrat of California” and forwarded to Feinstein “accuses the judge of sexual misconduct toward the letter’s author, a person familiar with the letter confirmed.”

    The sense that this was a major development was reinforced by the grave tone of Feinstein’s statement:

  11. Colin Kaepernick probably wasn’t fired for his activism, which is not to say he shouldn’t have been
    By Benny Huang September 15, 2018

    My primary beef with Nike’s new ad campaign is that it clearly insinuates that poster boy Colin Kaepernick’s long period of unemployment is somehow linked to his political activism, a conclusion that is speculative at best. The truth is that during the 2016 season, Kaepernick’s last and the one in which he made such a spectacle of himself, the 49ers won just two games out of eighteen. Could it be that Kaepernick was fired not for showing flagrant disrespect for his country but because he sucked at his job?

    It’s hard to say. The 49ers have never said that they let their quarterback go because of the whole kneeling thing. But they wouldn’t, would they? No, they’d lie about it because admitting that they canned their starting quarterback for that reason would invite accusations of racism: Kaepernick is half-black.

    It would also mean that they don’t support free speech — which they aren’t required to. As liberals continually remind us, free speech does not mean freedom from consequences. No one is putting Kaepernick in jail. He merely lost his job, possibly for alienating the fans — a quite reasonable justification for firing someone — and possibly for leading his team to a last place finish in the NFC.

    This whole debate about why Kaepernick was fired amounts to a tricky surgical separation between two completely legitimate reasons for termination. Sure, Kaepernick’s big mouth might be to blame. Employers frequently discipline their employees for what they say. But on the other hand, Ka

    • My primary beef with Nike’s new ad campaign is that it clearly insinuates that poster boy Colin Kaepernick’s long period of unemployment is somehow linked to his political activism, a conclusion that is speculative at best.

      Yust wait until the period of joblessness stretches over a season or two … then see who is linked to what for doing $h!t.

      I’d love to see what would happen if Kaepernick tried kneeling during the National Anthem in a Houston cowboy bar. You could dial the paramedics ahead-of-time and they still wouldn’t arrive soon enough.

  12. Text message suggests Strzok sought to capitalize on news reports about dossier
    By Daily Caller News Foundation September 15, 2018

    A newly released text message suggests that former FBI official Peter Strzok sought to capitalize on news reports in January 2017 that President Donald Trump had been briefed about allegations in the infamous Steele dossier.

    Strzok wanted to use a CNN report related to the dossier as a reason to interview witnesses as part of the FBI’s investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government, according to the text message.

    “Sitting with Bill watching CNN. A TON more out,” Strzok, a former FBI counterintelligence official, texted to FBI lawyer Lisa Page on Jan. 10, 2017.

    “Hey let me know when you can talk. We’re discussing whether, now that this is out, we use it as a pretext to go interview some people,” continued Strzok, according to a CNN report published Friday

  13. You want Socialism? This is Socialism: In France, the number of rapes keep growing, amid a 40% decline in convictions
    By Jean Patrick Grumberg – on September 14, 2018

    For the last ten years, the number of people convicted of rape has dropped by 40% in France.

    And the number of complaints of rape and sexual assault is increasing.

    This may seem surprising. Not in a Socialist country where the victim is guilty of incitement, and the perpetrator is a victim of the cruel society. Get used to it, it’s coming to your doorstep.

    The number of convictions for rape by the French courts has dropped by some 40% in ten years, according to the Chancellery’s statistical service.

    • In what parallel universe is France a socialist country? Outside of Paris, the vast majority of French are conservative or even reactionary catholics. It’s the country of the proto-fascist Maurras and his Actioin Francaise. It’s the country of Marcel Lefebvre and his Society of Saint Pius X, notorious for Holocaust denial and for hiding fugitive Nazi Paul Touvier for 45 years. They’re so fundamentalist the Pope excommunicated them in ’88.
      The gay marriage law led to vehement protest marches only a few years ago. Going back a bit further back in time, the release of The passion of the Christ prompted the formation of a catholic goon squad that posted outside a cinema and attacked moviegoers with baseball bats.
      If you’re thinking of the socialist party, it’s corrupt through and through. Just look up Dominique Strauss-Kahn, also known as ‘Monsieur 30 centimètre’.

  14. ‘Open revolt’: Theresa May to face Brexiteer coup ‘within days’

    This should have come long ago. May actually opposed Brexit; then, when David Cameron resigned after the Brexit vote, May became Prime Minister promising to implement it. Instead, she has sabotaged Brexit every step of the way, and anyone could have foreseen that she was going to do so. May needs to go, but what comes after her will likely be even worse.

  15. Trudeau Gives $50K Per Family to Migrants — But His Staff Hide That Number From Canadians

    Justin Trudeau, ever the open borders guy, has doled out $50,000 to each and every migrant family in Canada. How nice. Thing is, he’s doing it mostly on the sly. Trudeau’s staff is going out of the way to make sure Canadian citizens — the ones footing the bill for these migrant families — don’t know about the disbursement.

  16. Poland to Veto EU Sharia-Based Sanctions ‘In Solidarity With Hungarian People’

    Poland’s governing authorities — specifically, the members of the conservative Law and Justice Party — have announced intent to veto a set of European Union sanctions aimed at punishing Hungary.

    What did Hungary do?

    The government bucked European Union open borders’ demands.

    In response, EU leftists voted for an article that sanctioned the state.

  17. Anti-Islam book becomes German bestseller less than two weeks after release (RT, Sep 14, 2018)

    “A new book highly critical of Islam and Muslims has been flying off the shelves in Germany to become a non-fiction bestseller. Mainstream media panned it for a simplistic approach to the religion.

    The controversial book titled “Hostile Takeover: How Islam Impedes Progress and Threatens Society” reached the number one spot on Der Spiegel’s non-fiction list after being on the market for less than a fortnight. It’s a critique of Islam as a religion, which the author sees as detrimental to people sharing it, based on a literal reading of the Koran.

    Written by one-time SPD politician and former member of the executive board of the Bundesbank, Thilo Sarrazin, the work comes eight years after Sarrazin’s previous take on Muslims titled “Germany Abolishes Itself”. Focusing on what he called a failure of multiculturalism policies, that book accused Arab and Turkish immigrants of “dumbing down” the German society, and shifted 1.5 million copies.

    Speaking ahead of the release of his latest work last month, Sarrazin proclaimed that “everything has been worse than I predicted eight years ago.”

    The release of “Hostile Takeover” comes during a period of heightened tensions in Germany, with much public attention focused crimes committed by immigrants. It was started by the murder of a man in the city of Chemnitz in August, which triggered massive anti-immigration protests in parts of the country with violent clashes erupting between left and right-wing demonstrators.

    Calling Islam an “ideology of violence in the guise of a religion,” Sarrazin’s latest work had a somewhat bumpy path to the shelves. US-based publisher Random House, which signed a book deal with Sarrazin in November 2016, refused to print in in May, leading to a lawsuit from the author. The manuscript was eventually picked up by Munich-based FinanzBuch Verlag, a publisher that usually specializes in non-fiction books dealing with business and trading subjects.

    Sarrazin’s new work has received praise in right-wing German weekly Junge Freiheit, but mainstream media outlets, both in and outside of Germany, have slammed the book. A review by Deutsche Welle called it a “distorted picture based on prejudice” and compared Sarrazin’s way of reading the Koran to that of jihadist groups. The UK’s Financial Times criticized its “reductive approach” pulling up Sarrazin for his lack of knowledge of Arabic and for not being either a theologian or religious scholar.

    The criticism hasn’t stopped the book from becoming a best seller on online retailer Amazon, however, receiving an average 4.3 stars out of 5 from the 264 reviews made by online purchasers.”

  18. TURKEY CRISIS: Tear gas fired and riot police deployed at HUGE protest – 400 arrested (express, Sep 14, 2018)

    “TURKISH riot police have crushed a protest over labour conditions at Istanbul’s new airport by arresting 500 workers and firing tear gas.

    Thousands of workers had joined in the demonstration to demand workers’ rights after a reported shuttle bus accident on Friday in which 17 workers were injured.

    Heavily armed police deployed riot control vehicles and fired tear gas at crowds of protesters.

    Ozgur Karabulut, general manager of the Dev Yapi-Is union, told Reuters: “They broke into the workers’ camp with 30 gendarmerie, broke down the doors and detained around 500 workers.”

    Mr Karabulut said today he was speaking from a local police station where he is seeking the workers’ release.

    Opposition parliamentarian Ali Bayar, from the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), said around 400 workers had been detained.

    Mr Bayar said the workers’ quarters “look like a detention camp…When we went there this morning gendarmes soldiers were still detaining workers.”

    Turkey’s labour ministry said 27 workers had died at the airport since the start of work there in 2015, mainly from work accidents or health problems.

    Unions have regularly complained about the working conditions at the site…”

  19. Iranian hackers STEAL top secret information on nuclear power and cybersecurity (express, Sep 15, 2018)

    “IRANIAN hackers have stolen sensitive British information on nuclear power and cybersecurity from UK universities, it has been revealed.

    Research from top UK universities including Oxford, Cambridge and Edinburgh have been stolen and made available for sale on Iranian websites.

    The hack has come ahead of a new round of sanctions against Iran due to begin in November.

    The hack, revealed by the Telegraph newspaper, is likely to concern President Donald Trump as it gives Iran information on Western research at a time when the US wants to isolate Tehran…”

  20. Shocking moment gang of masked thugs throw moped rider off his bike and repeatedly stomp on his head before stealing his scooter (dailymail, Sep 15, 2018)

    “This is the horrifying moment a gang of masked thugs punch and kick a moped rider to the ground then repeatedly stamp on his head before taking his bike.

    The helpless victim cried ‘what are you doing?’ as he was surrounded by feral youths in College Road, Alum Rock, Birmingham, and viciously attacked in broad daylight.

    The vile yobs were seen laughing and taunting their victim as they beat him in front of several onlookers who did nothing to intervene, but instead recorded the action with their mobile phones…”

    • SKY NEWS – Five men sought after ‘sickening’ attack on traffic warden

      Police say the level of violence used was “truly shocking” and those involved must “examine their conscience”.

      A man has been arrested and police are looking for five others after a traffic warden was dragged off his moped and violently kicked and stamped on.

      West Midlands Police says the “sickening violence” happened between 5pm and 5.30pm on 14 September in the Alum Rock area of Birmingham.

      The victim, who was on duty, was dragged from his moped before being kicked and having his head stamped on.

      The gang then stole his vehicle.

      Currently, the men numbered one, two and three in the images released by police are being treated as suspects.

      The men pictured in numbers four and five may have information to assist the investigation.

      One man, 20, has been arrested on suspicion of robbery.

      There is a sixth person police want to trace, but no images of that person.

      The attack happened on Hartopp Road at the corner with College Road.

      Detective Sergeant Tom Lyons said the victim was taken to hospital, but, despite the violence used in the attack, is not believed to have suffered serious injuries.

      He said: “I was absolutely furious when I saw the footage. The level of violence used is truly shocking, and I know every right-minded person who views it will share that anger.

      “We’ve already spoken to the victim. CCTV and other enquiries have already begun, but people in the community will know who these men are. I’d urge them to examine their conscience and do the right thing and give us the names.”

  21. Former British soldier jailed for nearly 8 years in Turkey after being accused of fighting against Islamic State (telegraph, Sep 15, 2018)

    “A former British Army soldier has been jailed for nearly eight years in Turkey after being accused of fighting against the Islamic State terror group.

    Joe Robinson, 25, formerly of Accrington, Lancashire, was sentenced to seven years and six months’ imprisonment.

    The Foreign Office said: “We stand ready to provide consular assistance to a British national in Turkey.””

  22. Monitor: IS fighters kill 20 US-backed gunmen in east Syria (abcnews, Sep 15, 2018)

    “A Syrian war monitor and a Kurdish official say members of the Islamic State group have killed 20 U.S.-backed fighters in the country’s east.

    The attack occurred late Friday in Deir el-Zour province where the U.S.-backed Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces launched a wide offensive this week to capture the last pocket held by IS in Syria.

    The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the extremists took advantage of a sand storm to launch a counterattack, which killed 20 fighters and wounded others.

    Kurdish official Ebrahim Ebrahim said the 20 were killed in an ambush by IS fighters…”

  23. Iran orders the closure of a pro-reform newspaper (abcnews, Sep 15, 2018)

    “Iranian media are reporting that the country’s General Prosecutor has ordered the closure of a reformist newspaper on charges of insulting the Shiite religion.

    The Friday reports say that the “Sedayeh Eslahat” newspaper was ordered shut down for publishing an article on female-to-male gender reassignment surgery. The prosecutor, Mohammad Jafar Montazeri, ordered the editor be punished, too, the reports said.

    On Thursday, a headline on the newspaper’s front page read: “Ruqayyah became Mahdi after 22 years.”

    Ruqayyah was the daughter of Hussein, a Shiite Imam, and the article was published during Mu?arram, a holiday in which Shiite Muslims mourn the death of Imam Hussein, the grandson of the prophet Muhammad.

    According to Shiite beliefs, Mahdi is the name of the 12th Shiite Imam who has lived since the 9th century.”

  24. Kashmir man, 5 rebels die in anti-India clashes, gunbattle (abcnews, Sep 15, 2018)

    “A young man was killed and more than a dozen other people were injured on Saturday when government forces fired at anti-India protesters in Indian-controlled Kashmir after soldiers killed five rebels in fighting, police and residents said.

    Indian troops laid a siege around a southern village in Qazigund area overnight on a tip that militants were hiding there, police said. A fierce gunbattle erupted early Saturday, and hours later, five local Kashmiri rebels were killed.

    Residents said troops blasted at least one residential house with explosives.

    The slain rebels belonged to the region’s largest rebel group, Hizbul Mujahideen, police said…”

    • Seeing as I often can barely breathe when I step outside at night in winter and no one seems that interested in the CO2 output of such fires (anywhere in the west but especially in Asia and Africa where no one dares to mention the CO2 output of such…even in summer there is a smoke haze over many African cities) nor the smoke pollution on cold still nights, I do see some point in this and yes it is the green types who use it most. Ironic!

  25. Mediterranean Migrant Influx Cracks 70,000 for 2018, Approaching Size of British Army (breitbart, Sep 15, 2018)

    “Illegal immigration to Europe via the Mediterranean has cracked 70,000, as a surge in migrants to Spain partly offsets the effect of tighter border controls in Greece and especially Italy.

    While the number is significantly down on recent years — particularly the peak year of 2015, when hundreds of thousands of migrants surged into Europe largely via Greece and the ‘Eastern Mediterranean Route’ at the invitation of Germany’s Angela Merkel — it is still far from insignificant, with the numbers being not far off the total manpower of the British Army.

    Moreover, the official UN Migration Agency/International Organization for Migration figures may significantly underestimate the true scale of the influx, as they do not account for migrants whose arrival goes undetected.

    The Dutch government has previously suggested that some two-thirds of the migrant arriving in the Netherlands have not previously been registered in another EU member-state — although the great majority arrive from one — and hinted this may be deliberate.

    EU member-states cannot deport illegal migrants to the last EU country they were in, and must instead determine the first EU country they arrived in or keep them. Naturally, this serves to disincentivise border countries such as Greece, Italy, and Spain from registered migrants at all.

    The figures show arrivals to Italy, which had become the main entry point to Europe for illegal migrants after Brussels began paying Turkey billions of euros to stop the influx to Greece, have collapsed to their lowest level since 2014.

    A large share of the credit for this is likely due to the country’s new populist coalition government, and in particular Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini, who has acted strongly against NGO ‘rescue’ ships ferrying migrants across the Mediterranean after collecting them from smuggler boats a few miles off the North African coast.

    In Spain, however, the picture is reversed, with illegal migration increasing significantly following the instalment of a new Socialist Party government — partly through sea ‘rescues’ or migrant boats simply driving straight across the sea and disgorging their human cargo onto packed tourist beaches, and partly through violent, organised attacks on Spain’s land borders with Morocco, around the exclaves of Ceuta and Melilla.”

    • It’s odd that Macron slams Salvini for cracking down on the NGOs, when he himself keeps his border with Italy closed. merkel also criticizes Salvini, but he’s actually doing what she’s advocating – redistributing migrants.
      Spain is happy to take in Salvini’s rejects, but I predict that will change as soon as France closes its southern border.
      Despite all the rhetoric from the virtue signallers, they’re tossing the migrants around like a hot potato.

  26. Finland Interior Minister: More Police in Suburbs to Stop Sweden-style ‘Culture of Violence’ Taking Root (breitbart, Sep 15, 2018)

    “Finland’s interior minister has proposed a greater police presence in migrant-populated suburbs in order to avoid the problems neighbouring Sweden has faced in recent years.

    Interior Minister Kai Mykkänen has said that he wants to beef up the number of police in suburbs and have them work with social services to avoid the potential buildup of criminal gangs in areas with high populations of migrant-background residents, Finnish public broadcaster Yle reports.

    According to Mykkänen, a similar programme has been implemented in the Varissuo suburb of the city of Turku and has seen a large degree of success. He noted that the co-operation between police and local social workers allowed them to tackle problems with young migrant-background individuals as they happened.

    Mykkänen said that around 96 criminal gangs currently operate in Finland with the largest being motorcycle gangs. “It is largely international motorcycle gangs that are primarily concerned with drug trafficking, and that trade is increasing,” he said.

    “In Swedish suburbs, we see a worse culture of violence linked to drug trafficking and robberies, with a wide recruitment of vulnerable young people,” he said.

    “There is a risk that we have a similar situation in Finland in ten years.”

    Organised criminal gangs, many of which operate in heavily migrant populated no-go “vulnerable areas”, became one of the focal issues of the Swedish national election that took place earlier this month.

    Fatal shootings have increased over the last decade, with many, including a mass shooting in Malmo earlier this year, being blamed on organised criminal gangs…”

  27. English Girl Allegedly Abducted, Forced Into 2 Marriages, 8 Abortions by Pakistanis During 12-year Captivity (breitbart, Sep 15, 2018)

    “Details of what may be Britain’s worst ever grooming gang case are emerging after being taken up by a member of the House of Lords, with the victim allegedly abducted, held captive for 12 years, and forced into two Islamic marriages and eight abortions.

    House of Lords crossbencher Baroness Caroline Cox has taken up the case of ‘Sarah’, who says she was kidnapped in a Tesco car park aged 15 and subjected to a constant succession of rapes and beatings over 12 years of captivity while police refused to intervene, according to the Daily Mail.

    “I know Sarah and her family,” Baroness Cox told the newspaper. “Every sex grooming case is terrible. But the length and cruelty of her abduction make it the worst I have known.”

    ‘Sarah’ was allegedly taken by a Pakistani Muslim with a large extended family and connections to the minicab trade and “raped, beaten, and made to swallow strong sedatives every day to make her docile”, before being forced into a kind of domestic slavery and “made to learn the Koran in Arabic and allowed to speak only in the Pakistani languages of Urdu and Punjabi”, according to the Daily Mail account of her ordeal.

    Police are alleged to have refused to investigate her disappearance or even list her as missing, and the Mail reports her as claiming that even after she finally escaped and tried to report her experience to the authorities “a Muslim [police] officer turned off the tape recorder during an interview… and told her to drop allegations against one of her attackers ‘because of lack of evidence’.”

    “The police officer came from the same community as the gang and has since been imprisoned for child sex crimes himself,” she told the newspaper.

    ‘Sarah’ says her alleged captor, said to have forced her to wear Islamic clothing including a veil, came to her one day and presented her with an “Islamic wedding certificate signed by an imam at the local mosque” and told her they were married.

    “I now think this marriage was to make the police believe I was a willing wife if they ever found me,” she said.

    When her alleged captor tired of her, he dissolved their ‘marriage’ by simply telling her three times that they were divorced, in the Islamic style, and married off to another Muslim.

    She said she was simply bundled downstairs from her bedroom with almost no warning into a roomful of clapping guests, with the ‘wedding’ ceremony being over in a matter of minutes before she was forced upstairs with her new ‘husband’.

    “The women had put petals on my bed in the Muslim tradition,” she claimed.

    “The strange man began putting his hands all over me. I was so weak I couldn’t fight him. He raped me as the wedding party was still going on downstairs.”

    ‘Sarah’ now lives at a secret address away from her family, so they cannot be threatened, but her alleged kidnapper, who tracked her down after a failed escape once before, is alleged to have acquired her phone number already, and called to abuse her as “white trash”.

    She is receiving advice from the Christian Legal Centre and the Mothers Against Radical Islam and Sharia organisation as the police belatedly gather evidence to present to the Crown Prosecution Service — but it appears that no charges have been laid against her alleged abusers for the time being.”

  28. Austria: Six Illegal Migrants Hospitalised After Setting Deportation Cell on Fire (breitbart, Sep 15, 2018)

    “Austrian police say six men have been hospitalized with serious injuries after setting alight the mattresses and bedding of the deportation cell in which they were being held.

    Vienna police said Saturday that five Afghans and an Iranian man had tried to block the cell door with a locker and left a joint farewell note expressing anguish about their imminent deportation.

    Officers were able to force open the cell and some 70 firefighters tackled the blaze, which broke out late Friday.

    Police say the men, aged 18 to 31, are in intensive care. Fourteen other people, including at least three police officers, were treated at the scene for smoke inhalation.

    Austria’s government, which includes the far-right Freedom Party, has pledged to step up deportations since coming to power last year.”

  29. Salvini: ‘We Need to Help Italians Have More Children, Not Bring Africans to Replace the Children We’re Not Having’ (breitbart, Sep 15, 2018)

    “Italy’s Matteo Salvini infuriated the EU’s most senior foreign minister by declaring that Italy needs more children, not more Africans “to replace the children we’re not having”.

    Speaking at a conference on the European migrant crisis in Vienna, the dynamic League (Lega) leader, who became Italy’s deputy prime minister and minister of the interior after anti-establishment populists triumphed at the polls in the recent elections, said he disagreed with EU politicians “[who] say that we need immigration because the population of Europe is getting older”.

    “I have a completely different viewpoint,” he said. “I believe that I’m in government in order to see that our young people have the number of children that they used to a few years ago, and not to transplant the best of Africa’s youth to Europe.”

    Salvini’s remarks flustered nearby Jean Asselborn, who muttered “blah, blah, blah” while the Italian was speaking…”

  30. At least 9 killed in extremist attacks in Burkina Faso (abcnews, Sep 15, 2018)

    “Authorities in Burkina Faso say extremists have killed at least nine civilians in two attacks in the country’s east.

    The governorate of the eastern region says six people including an imam were killed in one attack on a mosque in the community of Diabiga. In Friday’s other attack, three members of a family were shot dead in Kompienga province.

    Until now, extremists in that part of the West African country have largely targeted security forces.

    President Roch Marc Christian Kabore recently announced that the country would put an end to “destabilization activity” in the east, where extremist attacks have been increasing.

    Since then more troops have been sent to the region, where extremists use the forests as hideouts.”

  31. euronews – Protesters in Belgium condemn migrant detentions

    Protests have taken place in Belgian against a government plan to increase the number of migrants, including children, who are detained in holding centres

  32. UK: Football Lads Alliance clash with police in Sunderland

    Scuffles broke out between members of the right-wing Football Lads Alliance (FLA) and the police on Saturday, after the group took to the streets of Sunderland to demonstrate against the local authorities’ alleged lack of action against rape and child sexual offences.

    Police made at least two arrests as protesters attempted to storm police lines.

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