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7 Replies to “Canada delegate at OSCE”

  1. She is not responsible for the text she read. She is just a reading machine.
    “civic spaces”….
    I didn’t had the nerve to watch to the end. I don’t want to spend neurons watching imbeciles who think they are the center of the universe.

  2. Well, I watched to the end twice.
    It is amazing to me that a representative of Canada would spew such garbage. Her nation is staggering under illegal immigration and yet, they persist.
    Why do they persist? What is it that immigration, illegal, refugee or otherwise brings to Canada?

    You know what, I need to take a break from that. My son in Va. Beach predicts that his, home will be a wipe out… I think I need to direct my attention to that rather than the absurd responses of Canadians.

  3. They keep talking about a democracy but we longer have a democracy. The rights and privileges of particular minorities have overtaken that of the majority.

  4. Not even the Bulgarian who was supposed to sit beside her could stand the stench of this commie doublespeaker. This is proof-positive of the utility of language for the leftist cause.

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