Another Canadian prof. fired for insufficient Marxism

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A small excerpt:

Acadia University psychology professor Rick Mehta has been fired six months after the school launched an investigation over allegedly “racist and transphobic” comments. The school said it was legally obligated to investigate in order to provide an environment free from harassment and discrimination.


A brief statement from Acadia University confirmed Mehta’s dismissal this week.


“We can confirm that Dr. Rick Mehta, a professor in Acadia University’s Department of Psychology, has been dismissed by the University. As this is a personnel matter, the University will provide no additional comments or respond to requests for further details,” an unnamed school spokesperson said in a Facebook message.


According to Mehta, the firing came from Acadia president Peter Ricketts, citing issues that “were wide ranging and include failure to fulfill academic responsibilities, unprofessional conduct, breach of privacy, and harassment and intimidation of students and other members of the University community.”

If you want to decide for yourself what sort of a character he is, watch this segment of a panel chat he gave on freedom of speech in Canadian universities in Ottawa this May.

His part start at around 13:50


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5 Replies to “Another Canadian prof. fired for insufficient Marxism”

  1. What is the intent of the Laurier free speech gal in referring to
    Faith Goldy as a White Nationalist.?
    Is she that stupid herself, or does she label her because she is so influenced by the same mass propaganda and newspeak tha5 she
    Is fighting against

    • I really don’t know. Faith took some risks that in sane times would be a proper statement on freedom of speech. But in today’s matrix of forced meanings imposed on us by the PoMo(fos) she allowed herself to be painted in a light so bad, that all who try and colour correct, find themselves also badly tinted.

      • No mo’ pomo, Mofo.
        That became a rallying cry among young architects decades ago. PoMo design surfeit.

        We can take it up again, shout it from roof-tops, let it echo down chat-corridors…

        A cris de cœur: No Mo’ PoMo, Mofo!

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