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  1. Collingwood residents have described scenes of anarchy and chaos after a car sped towards brawling partygoers in their quiet street on Sunday morning, hitting parked cars then leaving a man with serious leg injuries.

    Mater Street erupted in violence about 2.45am as up to 200 people flooded the street, screaming and fighting.

    As pyjama-clad residents rushed to help the injured, they were also attacked.

    “It was just anarchy,” said resident Michael Devine. “I sort of saw a flash on a car and heard a screech and then bang …”

  2. A woman running as a “Democratic Socialist” for the state senate in New York is in hot water for what accusers say are falsehoods in her biography, multiple reports say.
    Julia Salazar is running to oust eight-term Democrat state Sen. Martin Dilan in the upcoming general election, but critics say that Salazar has a number of false claims in her biography, not the least of which is her claim to be a “proud immigrant,” the New York Post reports.

    Records show that, while her father is an immigrant, Salazar was born in Florida and is not an immigrant at all. Also, her father, who was born in Colombia, became a naturalized U.S. citizen even before Julia was born. In addition, her mother is also a U.S.-born citizen.

    Salazar also claims to have been partially raised in Colombia, but her brother, Alex, says that the family only took trips to the South American nation. They didn’t ever properly live there.

    The 27-year-old candidate is also under fire for claiming that she is Jewish. First she said her Jewish heritage was on her father’s side, but later she said it was her mother’s side. Yet her brother has insisted that the family has no Jewish heritage at all. Indeed, Alex Salazar says his candidate sister was baptized a Catholic.

    Salazar’s opponent is pouncing on the contradictions in her bio.

    “Julia Salazar was a Florida Republican until she parachuted into Bushwick last year to run,” Dilan’s campaign spokesman Bob Liff said. “…Voters don’t judge candidates on whether they are immigrants — or even any of the other misrepresentations and outright lies she has claimed as part of her background — but they do care about the truth.”

  3. Dual-Purposed Trump Doctrine Squeeze #3 Continues – Pentagon Cancels Financial Aid to Pakistan…
    Posted on September 1, 2018 by sundance
    The Trump Doctrine is easiest to describe as: deploying economic leverage to achieve national security interests. The Trump Doctrine is unique and stunningly effective.

    Many of the geopolitical decisions have multiple facets which connect like small gears on a much larger machine. One of those small dual-purpose gears is the Doctrine as it is applied to Pakistan. The downstream moves impact China, our #1 geopolitical and economic adversary, then Russia, and also support new alliances with India and the broader Middle-east.

    Toward China = ?Squeeze #3. In 2017 Trump and Secretary Tillerson, now Secretary Pompeo, put Pakistan on notice they need to get involved in bringing their enabled tribal “extremists” (Taliban) to the table in Afghanistan. Pakistan’s primary investor and economic partner is China. The U.S. removed $900 million in financial support to pressure Pakistan toward a political solution in Afghanistan, China has to fill void. [NOTE: Last month the World Bank began discussions about a financial bailout for Pakistan.] Again, more one-way bleed for China. {Go Deep}

    When President Trump removed the $900 million in aid to Pakistan, he empowered the Pentagon via Defense Secretary James Mattis, with an option to give $300 million to

    • The U.S. removed $900 million in financial support to pressure Pakistan toward a political solution in Afghanistan, China has to fill void.

      “A Million here, a million there, and pretty soon you’re talking about some serious money…”

      • And China has a liquidity crisis right now. For decades China has been waging economic war against the US and the US Government did nothing, now we have a President that understands how the world economy works and he4 is using it against our enemies.

  4. Is it a surprise to find a Stalin apologist at the center of the Steele dossier scandal?
    Gotta hand it to Special Counsel Robert Mueller: He knows how to set off a stick of dynamite. I refer, of course, to his office’s recent indictment of thirteen Russians in Russia, which we are now to chase after, yelling “Pearl Harbor!” on the Left and “No collusion!” on the Right, forgetting all about the coalescing revelations of corruption and conspiracy and, yes, Russian influence, to elect Hillary Clinton in 2016, and, failing that, to destroy the Trump presidency.

    The key is still in the “dossier” spying scandal.

    Nellie Ohr is the “dossier” spying scandal’s woman in the middle.

    To one side of Ohr, there is the Fusion GPS team, including fellow contractor Christopher Steele. To the other, there is husband Bruce Ohr, who, until his “dossier”-related demotion, was No. 4 man at the Department of Justice, and a key contact there for Steele.

    As central as Nellie Ohr’s placement is, her role in the creation of the “dossier” remains undefined. For example, the House Intelligence Committee memo on related matters vaguely tells us that Nellie Ohr was “employed by Fusion GPS to assist in the cultivation of opposition research on Trump”; the memo adds that Bruce Ohr “later provided the FBI with all of his wife’s opposition research.” Senator Lindsey Graham more sensationally told Fox News that Nellie Ohr “did the research for Mr. Steele,” but details remain scarce.

    Note: not the most recent, but currently relevant…

  5. A Democratic congressional candidate’s plan to combat sexual misconduct in public office if elected includes impeaching conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and opening a congressional hearing into allegations against President Trump.

    In her campaign for Massachusetts’ 3rd congressional district, state Sen. Barbara L’Italien has taken on the issue of sexual misconduct – from accusing a fellow Democrat of failing to help a sexual harassment victim to releasing a detailed platform on the need for accountability in public office, especially in wake of the nationwide #MeToo movement.

    “People in power need to stop waiting for the public to get outraged to do their jobs and start actively supporting victims. I believe that’s part of my duty in elected office,” L’Italien said on her campaign website, touting her work tackling sexual misconduct as a state lawmaker.

    “I am going to give accountability for sexual misconduct the attention it deserves in Congress,” she said. “This will require extensive policy change, but it must also include talking about the elephant in the room in Washington, D.C. in the #MeToo era. We cannot claim to be serious about ending impunity for sexual misconduct when two of the most powerful men in the country have been credibly accused of sexual crimes and gotten away with it.”

    • not a lawyer, but I seem to recall that if there is an actionable offense that the alleged victim claims then this is a court matter; absent that effort the claim is prosecutable for slander.

      • It is almost impossible for a Politician or political appointee to win a slander case, the courts generally reject them on the grounds that the case will be tried in the Court of Public Opinion.

    • The Dems have rediscovered an old tactic of the Monarchy, they bring charges against their opponents until they are broke and can no longer defend themselves. If they gain control of the House they will keep bringing bills of impeachment against Trump, Pence and the Judges they dislike until the people are broke and have to resign. This tactic worked against General Flynn and will work against others.

      The only way to stop this is get a Special Counsel to investigate all of the crimes committed by Hillery, Obama and their people as well as the people who are currently running the witch hunt against Trump and his people. The people both Dems and Repubs who are opposed to this being done are either part of the Deep State who are at risk or are living in a fantasy land where the US still has the rule of law. The Dems have turned the US into a Third World Nation and if we don’t fight back using their rules we will never be able to restore the rule of law.

  6. Note: he worked with the Clinton foundation in Haiti on kids/orphans – and he died.

    FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — George Sheldon, the former head of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services who resigned last year during an ethics investigation, died Thursday in Florida at age 71, according to his family.

    Sheldon died at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Miami Beach following post-operative complications due to a neck injury he sustained while exercising, his family said in a statement.

    Gov. Bruce Rauner appointed Sheldon to lead the state’s embattled child welfare agency in February 2015, becoming its fifth director in less than a year and a half, and he faced intense scrutiny following the April 2017 death of Semaj Crosby. DCFS workers had visited the Joliet Township toddler a few hours before she disappeared, and she later was found dead under a couch.

    • Love it!!…..even with the ummm historical timing “compression”.
      Time to start it all over again. BUT this time to do it PROPERLY and COMPLETELY!
      Even as an agnostic I see a dire need for a uniting ethos in the west and Christianity could well be that IF we can take it back from the hands of the fools, liars, cowards and cheats. It took Christianity 500 years to become strong enough to effectively deal with islam. We are strong enough now , we just ned the WILL!

      • We need strong national leaders and strong religious leaders, we are slowly electing the national leaders but the religious leaders are lagging behind. They will come around but probably not as fast as we want.

        You are right about the unifying factor of Christianity, going into a religious war is like going into a medieval battle without a shield. Many of the atheist groups will scream that we don’t need religion that they don’t feel unprotected but they are thinking as individuals and not as members of a group.

    • The allies are gathering to form the army to regain control of Europe. Hopefully they won’t stop there but will instead move into Islamic territory and reclaim it for what use to be Western Civilization.

  7. Germany: Citizens and patriots in Chemnitz carry the pictures of the people who were slaughtered in recent time by illegal migrants in Germany. Victims of Merkels illegal open borders policy.

    • PICTURES: Protesters Stage ‘Mourning March’ in Chemnitz for Victims of Killer Migrants (breitbart, Sep 2, 2018)

      “Thousands of protesters staged a ‘mourning march’ in Chemnitz for people believed to have been killed by migrants, following the fatal stabbing of Daniel Hillig.

      23-year-old Alaa S., from Syria, and 22-year-old Yousif A., from Iraq, were arrested following Mr Hillig’s death.

      Revelations that the Iraqi suspect had a string of convictions for crimes including fraud, drug dealings, and serious bodily injury — which earned him a two-year suspended sentence — and was supposed to be deported sparked public outcry.

      The anti-mass migration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party and the PEGIDA movement, best known for its regular street protests against ‘Islamisation’ and mass migration, staged the “mourning march” in response.

      Participants carried placards bearing the names and likenesses of people believed to have been killed by migrants, including medical student Maria Ladenburger — the daughter of an EU official who was raped and drowned by Hussein Khavari.

      Khavari had allegedly raped a 12-year-old girl in his native country before coming to Europe claiming to be a ‘child refugee’.

      He was subsequently given a ten-year sentence for throwing a woman off a cliff in Greece, but spent only a very short time behind bars before being paroled — and promptly moved on to Germany, where he killed Miss Ladenburger.

      While his true age was never determined, his father indicated that he was in his thirties.

      While the ‘mourning march’ attempted to achieve a sombre and serious tone, the protests in the east German city have not been entirely frictionless…”

    • Global News – Police in Germany halt march protesting stabbing of man allegedly by migrants

      German police in the eastern city of Chemnitz on Saturday halted a march by groups protesting last weekend’s fatal stabbing of a man, allegedly by two migrants, after a few dozen anti-fascist demonstrators tried to barge toward the crowd.

    • Very good, strip the Invaders of their victim status and transfer it to the Europeans. We need to find a way to do this in all Western Nations.

    • ODN – Far-right marchers clash with police in Chemnitz, Germany

      Formerly the ITN YouTube channel, ODN is the UK’s longest serving YouTube News Network.

      «….Many supporters of the “Alternative for Germany” party wore all-black clothing… »

      [... never heard of Black Blocs and Antifas ???... ]

    • AFP- Tensions high after pro and anti-migrant protests in German city

      The issue of migration has been thrust into the spotlight in Germany after thousands of opponents and supporters of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s immigration policy marched Saturday through the eastern city of Chemnitz after a wave of racist violence that followed a knife killing.

    • al jazeera – How much of a threat is the far-right in Germany?

      ( 24 min 30 )

      The city of Chemnitz, in the east German state of Saxony, has seen a series of violent anti-migrant protests.

      They began last Sunday after the fatal stabbing of a 35-year-old German man…and the arrest of two suspects…asylum seekers from Iraq and Syria.

      The streets were briefly owned by far-right protesters who chanted Germany for Germans, reportedly gave Hitler salutes and chased anyone who looked foreign.

      Police struggled to keep control and fights continued the following day between far-right and left-wing demonstrators.

      The violence has raised concerns the city’s a neo-nazi stronghold… exposing divisions in German society about immigration.

      Chancellor Angela Merkel allowed more than a million migrants into the country at the height of the refugee crisis in 2015.

      The biggest opposition party, the far-right Alternative for Germany, seized on what it saw as an open door policy, winning 92 parliamentary seats in last year’s elections.

      Is anti-migrant sentiment growing in Germany?

      + comments on the YT page

    • EURONEWS —- Church calls for tolerance in Chemnitz

      «….. against open demontrations of fascism ….

      ….we have to oppose the right-wings ….»

    • WELT – CHEMNITZ: Politik fordert Aufstand der Anständigen

      Mit deutlichen Worten hat Außenminister Heiko Maas die Bevölkerung aufgefordert, die Demokratie gegen Rechts zu verteidigen.

      In der Gesellschaft habe sich diesbezüglich eine Bequemlichkeit breit gemacht.

      In eigener Sache: Wegen des hohen Kommentaraufkommens können wir zurzeit keine Kommentare mehr zulassen.

    • Germany: Saxony Minister Pres. denounces far-right Chemnitz violence

      Saxony’s Minister President Michael Kretschmer promised that all perpetrators of violent crimes during the Chemnitz riots would be punished ‘to the full extent of the law’ during a speech in the Saxon City on Sunday.

    • <strong<WELT – AFD IM LANDTAG: Das bedeutet Chemnitz für die Wahl in Hessen

      Katerstimmung in Chemnitz – die Rechten hatten mobilisert und es kamen viele, die offenbar auch mit der AfD in Verbindung stehen. Die Partei vom rechten Rand steht im Oktober vor dem Sprung in den hessischen Landtag.

      In eigener Sache: Wegen des hohen Kommentaraufkommens können wir zurzeit keine Kommentare mehr zulassen. Danke für Eurer Verständnis – 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. Antwerp Police Boost Security Amid Death Threats to Right-Wing Dutch Politician (sputniknews, Sep 2, 2018)

    “Security measures in the Belgian city of Antwerp have been increased ahead of the arrival of Dutch lawmaker and leader of the right-wing Party for Freedom Geert Wilders, a Sputnik correspondent reported.

    The correspondent reported that Wilders was immediately surrounded by a crowd of people and journalists upon his arrival at Vogelenmarkt square in the city center. The politician’s bodyguards and police had a hard time to hold people back, with the police officers pushing away several reporters.

    According to the correspondent, one of the photographers was brought away by the police, after he refused to leave the square at their request.

    Dutch lawmaker and leader of the right-wing Party for Freedom Geert Wilders, who opposes mass migration and is known for his anti-Islamic views, is set to partake in a pre-election event held by the Belgian right-wing and nationalist party Flemish Interest. The latter calls for curbing the number of migrants arriving in the country as well. The city authorities have expressed concern that the politician’s visit might provoke incidents.

    Wilders also gave a short press briefing before getting to the square, where he was greeted with applause. Police, as well as a helicopter, is currently surveying the area, with no incidents reported so far.

    On Tuesday, the Dutch police arrested a man, who reportedly threatened to kill Wilders in a Facebook post after the politician announced a competition, which involved drawing a cartoon image of the Islamic prophet Mohammad. The prosecutors said that the suspect had a Pakistani passport with him when he was detained.

    On Thursday, Wilders confirmed that the contest had been canceled over mass protests in Pakistan, saying on his Twitter that “the safety and security of my fellow countrymen come first.””

  9. Saudi Students File for Asylum in Canada Amid Diplomatic Impasse – Reports (sputniknews, Sep 2, 2018)

    “In light of a diplomatic row between Canada and Saudi Arabia over the release of civil society activists detained in the kingdom, Riyadh announced a decision to suspend student exchange programs with Ottawa, and relocate students studying in Canada.

    August 31 was set as a deadline for Saudi students to leave Canada after the latter called for the release of civil society activists jailed in the kingdom, but dozens of students are now reportedly filing asylum claims in a bid to stay in the country and pursue their education there.

    The CBC cited a Montreal-based activist from Saudi Arabia, Omar Abdulaziz, who said he was working with those students, whose lives had been affected by the diplomatic spat between Ottawa and Riyadh.

    “They want to keep studying here in Canada. They don’t want to lose all their credits and the time that they’ve been here studying and working, so they’re at least looking for a solution,” he said.

    According to the media outlet, over 8,000 Saudi students in Canada had their lives disrupted when Riyadh set an August 31 deadline for them to pack their bags and leave Canada.

    “They had plans, they had dreams and suddenly you’re telling them to just go back home. They don’t know what to do, they seem lost, it was like a shock,” the 37-year-old Abdulaziz told the CBC.

    Individuals are entitled to file asylum claims in Canada if they can prove that they would face persecution on the basis of race, religion, political views, nationality or membership in a particular social group in their home country.

    “If the consequence is that you’re not going to get scholarship in the future, that would not rise to the level of persecution for a claim. If the consequence is that you’re going to be thrown into a jail for years or be sent to a re-education camp, then that would constitute persecution,” the CBC cited immigration lawyer Peter Edelmann as saying.

    According to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) rules, Saudi students can stay because their visas are issued by Canada despite what Riyadh may demand – they are eligible to pursue their education in Canada as long as their permits are valid.

    Relations between Saudi Arabia and Canada deteriorated in early August, when the Canadian Foreign Ministry called on the kingdom to immediately release the human rights activists detained in the country, which Riyadh regarded as meddling in its domestic affairs.

    In response to Ottawa’s statements, Riyadh declared the Canadian ambassador a persona-non-grata, giving him 24 hours to leave the country, and halted fresh trade ties and investment transactions between the two countries. Saudi Arabia also announced its decision to suspend student exchange programs with Canada and move Saudi students studying in Canada elsewhere.”

  10. US human rights allegations against China incite Muslim extremism – govt paper (RT, Sep 2, 2018)

    “The recent request by some US lawmakers to sanction Chinese officials over their alleged abuse of the Muslim minority in Xinjiang can be seen by extremists as a call to action, China’s state-run tabloid said.

    The Global Times, an influential Chinese tabloid, published by the Communist Party’s Peoples’ Daily newspaper, warned Washington against applying its “west-centered” value system to the situation in Xinjiang, an autonomous territory in northwestern China and a home to Uyghurs, China’s largest Muslim minority group…”

  11. Suicide car bombing in Somalia’s capital kills at least 6 (abcnew, Sep 2, 2018)

    “At least six people were killed, including two children, after a suicide bomber detonated an explosives-laden vehicle outside a district headquarters in Somalia’s capital, authorities said Sunday.

    Capt. Mohamed Hussein said the bomber tried to speed through a checkpoint but was stopped by security forces, prompting him to detonate the vehicle near the gate of Howlwadag district headquarters.

    The three soldiers who stopped the truck were killed instantly and the three others killed were civilians, said the Mogadishu mayor’s spokesman, Salah Hassan Omar.

    Fourteen people, including six children, need intensive care, said the Aamin Ambulance service. Among the wounded was deputy district commissioner Ibrah Hassan Matan.

    Many victims were students at a nearby Islamic school. Officials warned there could be more casualties as the blast brought down nearby buildings including a mosque…”

  12. A 37-year-old migrant street vendor with a history of sex assault accusations was arrested in the Italian city of Rimini earlier this week after being accused of raping a 26-year-old Danish tourist.
    The migrant, who comes originally from Bangladesh, was taken into custody after being accused of raping the Danish woman last Sunday at a seaside resort in the eastern Italian city, Il Messaggero reports.

    The rape is not the first time the street vendor, who sells roses, has been accused of violent sexual assault, with investigators saying he has been reported for three other rapes, including one involving a minor.

    Late on Sunday night, the Danish woman was said to have been with her boyfriend and had gone off on her own after getting in some sort of dispute with him. At around 5:30 a.m. she was approached by the Bangladeshi who investigators say paid the woman several sexual compliments before attacking her.

    • Celebration Square Mississauga MuslimFest

      Every weekend I go to the library. Saturday and Sunday I get there as the library opens and study. Every weekend during the summer celebration square has some sort of cultural event. Japan Fest is by far my favorite, live performances on stage, delicious food, people from all cultures having fun, even some anime cosplay. I usually spend about an hour or two going to all the booths and enjoying everything. Columbia Fest was also fun. People were dancing and their were live performances; again people from all cultures, beautiful women too. Even the Philippine Fest was interesting, with dance and people happy and smiling.

      Today was MuslimFest… no music, no sweet smells of delicious food in the air, no celebrating, the booths were selling hijabs and womens clothing, there were a few halal booths as well.

      Get this, instead of smiles and happiness, the big screen t.v’s were playing some absolute bullshit about Islamophobia, and the attacks in Quebec. This is the festival, I am not exaggerating or lying.

      Maybe it got better, I didn’t stick around. A lot of the booths were about relief funds for Somalian refugees, and Syrian refugees. All the women had hijabs with the exception of some children.

      Even some of the really young girls only had their faces shown. It was the gloomiest shit I have ever seen.

      As I walked from the library to my car, men looked at me and my wife, with a “wtf are you doing here look”.

      When you leave the festival between city hall and the parking lot of square 1, every weekend a Jesus booth, sets up and hands out flyers. Regardless of the event they are usually there being ignored.

      Not this time, while waiting for a walk light, a muslim man was almost arguing with the Christian booth, “you know this is a celebration for Islam, why not set your booth up somewhere else?” and shit along those lines…

      I interrupted and took a flyer from the guy even though I am a Catholic. I told the guy “Your doing Gods work in this sun.”

      Canada has changed so much for the worse. If Islam is such a strong part of your identity, why not ask for Allah’s blessing and fix your own country?

      Muslim talks to Jehovah’s Witnesses in Mississauga (MuslimFest 2018)

  13. Series of explosions reported at Syrian military airport

    A series of explosions was reported late Saturday in al-Mazzeh, the location of a large military airport near Damascus.
    The private, pro-regime news outlet al-Mayadeen originally reported that Israeli airstrikes hit the airbase near Damascus with multiple missiles. However, Syrian state media later cited an unnamed military source denying the base was hit by Israel.

    he Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) and Syria state television reported a “military source denies the exposure of the Mazzeh Airport to any Israeli aggression and the sounds of explosions that were heard resulted from explosion of an ammunition depot near the airport because of electrical failure.”

  14. Richard Hammond and his wife were gassed and robbed in holiday villa in France

    THE Grand Tour’s host Richard Hammond and his wife were gassed and robbed as they slept inside their holiday villa in the south of France.

    TV star Richard Hammond and his wife were gassed before they were robbed in their holiday villa in the South of France.

    The host of Amazon Prime’s popular show The Grand Tour and his wife Mindy were floored by anaesthetic gas before a team of robbers stole from them and their 15 guests who were all staying together in a San Tropez villa.

    Mindy, 53, revealed she woke up as a team of burglars pilfered cash and jewellery.

    The Express columnist described it as a “horror story” and revealed: “I went downstairs and into the hallway. The door into the living room was shut but I heard a male voice behind the door.

  15. White farmers warn of ‘new Zimbabwe’ as calls grow for land expropriation in South Africa

    Any aspiring farmer would envy Nick Serfontein.

    The Bonsmara cattle he rears on 15,000 acres of pasture in the high plains of South Africa’s Free State province are fat and sleek, prize-winning specimens of arguably Africa’s finest beef-producing breed.

    With state-of-the-art feedlots, a modern abattoir and lucrative retail outlets, the Sernick Group he heads is one of Free State’s most successful agricultural ventures.

    But Mr Serfontein is also a member of South Africa’s privileged white minority, who could — if certain politicians get their way — lose everything he has built up for years and receive nothing in return.

  16. Is There A Plan In South Africa To Take White Farms And Kill White Farmers?

    President Trump was not wrong about the South African land-grab, according to the South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR), a liberal think tank. SAIRR said that the Trump had exposed the “damage” the policy was doing.

    He did not, however, expose the extent of the damage. Nor the intent.

    The current President of South Africa wrote an article for London’s Financial Times just two weeks ago defending the acquisition of land from white farmers by black South Africans without compensation:

    “This is no land grab; nor is it an assault on the private ownership of property. The ANC has been clear that its land reform programme should not undermine future investment in the economy or damage agricultural production and food security.”

  17. China’s ‘Silk Road’ project runs into debt jam

    China’s massive and expanding “Belt and Road” trade infrastructure project is running into speed bumps as some countries begin to grumble about being buried under Chinese debt.

    First announced in 2013 by President Xi Jinping, the initiative also known as the “new Silk Road” envisions the construction of railways, roads and ports across the globe, with Beijing providing billions of dollars in loans to many countries.

    Five years on, Xi has found himself defending his treasured idea as concerns grow that China is setting up debt traps in countries which may lack the means to pay back the Asian giant.

    “It is not a China club,” Xi said in a speech on Monday to mark the project’s anniversary, describing Belt and Road as an “open and inclusive” project.

  18. Former chief rabbi warns of ‘existential threat’ to UK Jews

    LONDON (AP) — Britain’s former chief rabbi has warned that Jewish people are thinking about leaving the country because of anti-Semitism.

    Jonathan Sacks told the BBC on Sunday that for the first time in the 362 years Jews have been in Britain many question whether it is safe to raise children here.

    He singled out Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn for failing to address anti-Semitic attitudes in the main opposition party, saying Corbyn would pose a danger as prime minister unless he expresses “clear remorse” for past statements.

    Sacks said “when people hear the kind of language that has been coming out of Labour, that’s been brought to the surface among Jeremy Corbyn’s earlier speeches, they cannot but feel an existential threat.”

    Gordon Brown, the most recent Labour Party leader to serve as prime minister, added his voice to the chorus of party figures calling for Labour to endorse an internationally agreed-upon definition of anti-Semitism rather than the more limited one now in place.

    He told the Jewish Labour Movement conference the change should be made

  19. Richard: This is anonther of her intel analysis that needs to be read to the end.

    As predicted in 2017, Iran is reportedly moving ballistic missiles into Iraq
    By J.E. Dyer September 1, 2018

    Reporting from Reuters, based on sources in Iran, Iraq, and Western intelligence agencies, indicates that Iran is providing short-range ballistic missiles (SRBMs) to Shia militia forces in Iraq.

    According to Reuters:

    Iran has given ballistic missiles to Shi’ite proxies in Iraq and is developing the capacity to build more there to deter attacks on its interests in the Middle East and to give it the means to hit regional foes, Iranian, Iraqi and Western sources said. …

    Iran has transferred short-range ballistic missiles to allies in Iraq over the last few months. Five of the officials said it was helping those groups to start making their own.

    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted his concern about this development on 1 September:

    • I don’t think you can overestimate the potential danger from this move. In many ways it is a major game changer no matterr what we do, if we and Israel and Saudi do nothing it changes the balance of power in the Middle East and changes it in ways that bot Israel and Saudi will find intolerable. If we attack the missiles (and post Obama that is the only option open to us, moving assets into place to threaten the Missile and Iran is a hollow bluff after 8 years of Obama doing nothing) the internal political repercussions would be immense while the external repercussions would destroy the paradigm that the wold has lived with since WWII. An attack the missiles by either Israel or Saudi will do the same damage as a US attack. No matter what happens the wold will have changed and the majority of people in the world won’t realize what has happened and will scream whn the governments of the world react to the new paradigm.

      We are entering into an era that is very dangerous and part of the danger is the Islamic Conquest designed to conquer all of Europe and establish Islamic colonies that will destroy all of the European culture and history.

      All of the above is occurring at a time when Science Fiction is becoming reality and new technology is coming out that will change the world even further.

  20. South Africa court orders recognition of Muslim marriages

    A South African court has ruled that Islamic law marriages must be recognized by the state to give women more protection in case of divorce. The ruling is “an enormous victory,” activists say.

    South Africa is failing its constitutional obligations by not recognizing traditional marriage between Muslims, a court ruled on Friday.

    The country views couples wedded under Sharia law as unmarried. South Africa recognizes “customary marriage” but only for “indigenous African peoples.” This lack of oversight means that Muslim men and women cannot demand legal protection in case of divorce, including alimony claims.

    After years of debate, a group called Woman’s Legal Center (WLC) took the matter to court, arguing that Muslim women’s right to equality was being violated. The group demanded that the state pass new legislation or include couples married under Muslim religious rites into the current common law.

    Ball in parliament’s court

    The Western Cape High Court said the officials’ conduct was “invalid” according to the constitution.

    “The president and Cabinet, together with Parliament, are directed to rectify the failure within 24 months of the date of this order as contemplated.” The legislative branch is now expected to pass new legislation. According to South Africa’s News24 outlet, even if no new laws are passed in the next two years, the court ruled all Muslim marriages should be subject to the current divorce act after the deadline expires.

    President, ministers to pay expenses

    WLC attorney Charlene May said the ruling was an “enormous victory for Muslim women in this country.”

    “The judgement has the potential to impact on thousands of women in the country who practice and live their faith and who are walking around without protection,” she was quoted as saying by the AFP news agency.

    The court also ordered the president and the ministers of justice and home affairs to pay the costs expended by the Women’s Legal Center Trust.

    Between 1.5 and 1.9 percent of South Africa’s 55 million residents are Muslim, most of them immigrants from South Asia and North Africa.

  21. Iraq Ditches the Dollar in Iran Trade, Switches to Euro, National Currencies (sputniknews, Sep 2, 2018)

    “Defying Washington’s pressure to break off business ties with Iran, Tehran’s international trading partners are determined to maintain their mutually-beneficial cooperation with the Islamic Republic, some even at the expense of dumping the US dollar.

    Iraqi authorities have stopped using the US dollar in trade operations with Iran in favor of national currencies and the euro, the chairman of the Iraqi-Iranian Chamber of Commerce Yahya al-Ishaq told the agency Mehr on Sunday.

    “We abandoned dollar transactions, most of the trade transactions will be in euros, Iranian riyals and Iraqi dinars,” he said, pointing out that in certain cases a system of mutually beneficial exchange is envisaged. According to al-Ishaq, the average annual trade turnover between Iran and Iraq is $8 billion…”

    • Turkey Seeks to Crush Dollar Monopoly by Trading in National Currencies (sputniknews, Sep 2, 2018)

      “Earlier this week, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan lashed out at Western rating agencies, such as Moody’s and Fitch, for their negative review of Turkey’s economy, having also accused them of trying to disrupt the country’s banking sector.

      Speaking at a Turkey-Kyrgyzstan Business Forum in the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek on Sunday, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that currency manipulations sought to “cast doubt on Turkey’s strong and solid economy.”

      The Turkish president has suggested that dependence on the dollar in international trade constitutes a bigger problem that must be solved.

      “We need to gradually end the monopoly of the dollar once and for all by using local and national currency among us,” Anadolu news agency cited him as saying.

      He also vowed he would pursue non-dollar transactions in trade with Russia and other countries.

      “America behaves like wild wolves. Don’t believe them. Using the dollar only damages us. We will not give up. We will be victorious,” he added.

      Over the weekend, Erdogan also blasted Western rating agencies for undermining Turkey’s banking sector amid attacks on the national currency.

      “If they have their dollars, we have our God. They can’t topple Turkey with dollars. Never mind those impostors, those racketeers. They have said a lot of things about us,” he said…”

  22. euronews – Athens protest over treatment of migrants

    A protest was held in Athens to bring attention to the increasingly hostile treatment of migrants by some EU countries

  23. 1 dead, 15 wounded in 2nd bombing to hit Philippine town (wapo, Sep 2, 2018)

    “Suspected Muslim militants on Sunday detonated a second bomb in less than a week in a southern Philippine town, killing at least one and wounding 15, a military official said.

    The homemade bomb went off late Sunday near an internet cafe in Isulan town in Sultan Kudarat province, said regional military commander Brig. Gen. Cirilito Sobejana. Troops put the town in a security lockdown shortly after the attack.

    “We’ve temporarily placed Isulan on a lockdown. We wouldn’t want the suspect to go out. We believe that the suspect is still inside,” Sobejana told reporters.

    Three of the wounded were taken to a hospital in serious condition, Sobejana said.

    A bomb concealed in a bag went off near a night market in Isulan on Wednesday, leaving three people dead and 35 wounded.

    Military officials blamed both bombings on the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters, a small but hard-line group that has aligned itself to the Islamic State group…”

  24. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

    “Trump Approved Air Force 2 to Transport McCain Casket to DC – Then Family and Uniparty Elites Trash Trump at Funeral” by Cristina Laila – September 1, 2018

    “Donald Trump, “the racist”, comped, free of charge, Omarose Manigault’s $200,000 wedding at Trump Tower. Meanwhile, she was taping him, like a snake, working the whole time to stab him in the back. Remember Trumps story ‘The Snake.’ ”
    Ken Jones – August 18, 2018 – Twitter

  25. al jazeera – Dangerous consequences after US cuts funding for Palestinian refugees

    Some countries, including Germany and Jordan, are warning of dangerous consequences after the US cut all funding, which amounts to $300m, to the UN agency for Palestinian refugees.

    UNRWA provides healthcare, education and food to millions of people.

    Israel has backed the decision, which the Palestinians say is an attack on their people.

    Germany has warned of an “uncontrollable chain reaction” if UNRWA were forced to shut down.

    + comment on the YT page

  26. AFP “news” agency Syria rebels train pending government assault on Idlib

    Syrian National Liberation Front rebels receive training in anticipation of an attack by the Syrian government troops on Idlib and its surrounding area.

    An assault on Idlib by Damascus and Moscow could be the last major battle of the civil war that has torn Syria apart since 2011.

  27. Muslim Migrants Are ‘Threat’ to European Civilization – Czech PM (sputniknews, Sep 2, 2018)

    “Andrej Babis previously lauded the EU’s step to take a fresh look at the contentious quota system presupposing that every country should accept some concrete number of refugees from developing countries and assist them on European territory.

    Illegal migration from Muslim countries of Northern Africa and the Middle East pose danger to European civilization based on Christian foundations, Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis told the Prague TV channel Prima.

    “We [in the Czech Republic] take illegal migration as a threat to the European civilization,” he stressed.

    “We don’t want to live [in our home] like people live in Africa or the Middle East. We must stop [immigration from Muslim states]. If Frenchmen, the Dutch or Belgians want to obtain [more Daesh* supporters] than they have today, it’s up to them. ” Babis went on to address the border issue, speaking out for tightening the EU’s external borders and assisting Libyan authorities in their battle against refugees trying to relocate from Africa to Europe. He believes that the stability of the political and economic life in Libya is a key goal for the EU in its struggle against illegal migration.

    “Libyan border security is very effective [in battling illegal refugees,] but there is no unified government in the country. We should do our best to see it set up there and the EU reach a similar deal with them [to halt illegal migration ] as they did with Turkey, ” the premier rounded off.

    Separately, Babis hailed the change in the German authorities’ approach towards giving asylum to Muslim refugees. He emphasized that the German government set about revising its policies, which were previously in migrants’ favor, in wake of Germans protesting against Muslim migrants in the country.

    In late July, the Czech prime minister stressed the necessity to counter illegal migration “at all costs.” Referring to the European Commission’s proposal to encourage member states to accept migrants, he noted that the commission was wrong in it assessment of the current state of affairs in the bloc. He asserted that migrants should be provided help in their own countries.

    In his June statement, Babis hailed the backpedaling from the controversial quotas system, which stipulated that all member states are obliged to take in a certain number of refugees.”

  28. London

    Other tourists may remember London for its spectacular sights and history, but I remember it for Islam. When I was visiting the U.K. as a teenager in 2006, I got lost in an East London market. There I saw a group of women wearing head-to-toe black cloaks. I froze, confused and intimidated by the faceless figures. It was my first encounter with the niqab, which covers everything but a woman’s eyes.

    This summer, I found myself heading back to the U.K. as it was plunging into a debate over Islamic dress. Boris Johnson, the country’s former foreign secretary and London’s ex-mayor, wrote a column opposing attempts to ban face-covering veils. Nonetheless, he added, “it is absolutely ridiculous that people should choose to go around looking like letter boxes.” The responses could hardly have been more heated.

    I wanted to cut past the polemics and experience London’s Muslim communities for myself. My first visit was to Tower Hamlets, an East London borough that is about 38% Muslim, among the highest in the U.K. As I walked down Whitechapel Road, the adhan, or call to prayer, echoed through the neighborhood. Muslims walked in one direction for jumu’ah, Friday prayer, while non-Muslims went the opposite way. Each group kept its distance and avoided eye contact with the other.

    Note: important for where it was published

  29. Peel Regional Police say they have arrested five young people believed to be behind as many as 15 armed robberies at convenience stores and fast food outlets in Peel, Halton and Etobicoke last week.

    On the night of Aug. 29 and early morning of Aug. 30, a group of males entered 15 different convenience stores, gas stations and pizza shops across Halton, Peel and Etobicoke.

    Toronto police investigators said that in each instance, the group wore masks and brandished handguns.

    The first robbery occurred at a Mr. Sub restaurant located near Derry Road and Goreway Drive shortly before 9 p.m. last night, and a Pizzaville, located in the area of Dundas St East and Cedarcreek Lane, was the second location to be robbed at around 10:45 p.m.

    Shortly before 11 p.m., a Rabba Fine Foods, near Hurontario Street and Harborn Road, was targeted and a Subway was robbed shortly after 3 a.m. near Mill Creek Drive and Erin Mills Parkway.

    A Canadian Tire gas bar, near Dixie Road and Eglinton Avenue, was the last location to be robbed at around 4 a.m.

  30. London stabbing: Man stabbed in ‘serious assault’ near Barking Station – police at scene (express, Sep 2, 2018)

    “A MAN has been stabbed outside Barking Station in what police have described as a “serious assault”.

    Police were called to Station Parade, Barking, at about 12.40pm.

    A man in his 50s has been taken to hospital in east London after suffering a stab wound to his back.

    His condition is not life-threatening or life-changing, police said.

    Barking & Dagenham Police said on Twitter: “Police are currently on scene outside Costa/ Barking Train Station dealing with a serious assault where a male has been stabbed…”

  31. Judge Jeanine: Jeff Sessions needs to do one of two things

    Jeff Sessions needs to either resign immediately or put on his big boy pants and be a real attorney general.

    • “Femi Fani-Kayode tells Buhari: Nigeria will NEVER be islamised and Christians will never be slaves”
      One Njenje – Published on June 10, 2018

    • “Cry for help. Muslims Burn Alive Christian Pastor and His Family, BURN 95 Houses in Nigeria” The Resistance England – Published on September 2, 2018

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