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3 Replies to “On the Trump-Russia … what shall we call it…”

  1. He does a real good job of laying out the facts, and from the comments he is getting them out to people who think we and othes like us are lying when we say the same things. Read the comments on you tube.

  2. On the Trump-Russia … what shall we call it…

    Back when men were men and small livestock remained perpetually terrified.

    This sort of low-grade, pulverized, caviar mush was called “spooge”.

    … Still is …

  3. hmmm….lacks a lot on substance….such as the fact there is overwhelming evidence that there was/is a deliberate and calculated plot involving a highly politicised FBI/DOJ and IC community that has been working to undermine Trump for more than two years. And that the Mueller probe is simply an illegal and shameful continuance of this attempt that never should have been instigated in the first place. As Beria stated, ‘show me the man and I will show you the crime’. That is not justice. That is tyranny.

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