Naaldwijk The Netherlands

August 27, 2018


I have finally made it back to the point int he email this morning where the explanation for this was waiting from C.

Attempted stabbing in Naaldwijk, the Netherlands, by a bearded man allegedly yelling Allahu Akbar several times. He pulled out a knife in a supermarket, shot and arrested outside. Video here (possibly Allahu Akbar around 0:26 and 0:48?):

Story here (in Dutch):

UPDATE: The story below is a separate incident.

Could the arrest in the video above be related to the story below? I have zero reason to think it is other than location and instinct. But it seems like it could be.

Dutch police detain man suspected of threat to Geert Wilders

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — Police say they have detained a 26-year-old man suspected of threatening an attack on the Dutch Parliament or on the organizer of a Prophet Muhammad cartoon competition scheduled to be held in November.


Police didn’t name the targeted organizer by name Tuesday, but the cartoon contest is organized by anti-Islam lawmaker Geert Wilders and will be staged in his party’s tightly-guarded office in the Parliament complex.

Physical depictions of God or the Prophet Muhammad, even positive ones, are forbidden in Islam.


Police did not release any details of the suspect or his identity. They say he made the threat in a Facebook post. The suspect likely will be arraigned on Friday.

Wilders has for years lived under round-the-clock security due to repeated death threats.



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4 Replies to “Naaldwijk The Netherlands”

  1. And the sad thing is that historically Mohammed was allowed to be depicted. So all these people that go crazy over depictions of Mohammed know absolutely nothing of their religious history.
    BTW, during the cartoon riots a decade ago, my absolute favorite was dragging Ronald McDonald into the streets to burn him in effigy. These hamburger stores were franchises and what the rioters were actually doing was destroying a business of their neighbor. I would guess that the destruction of a McDonalds in the Middle East or Pakistan was barely a blip on the corporate radar.

  2. Like the proverbial busload of lawyers at the lake’s bottom; it’s a good start.

    Guns drawn? Even better. Let us all hope that European police are learning how instantaneous access to firepower (i.e., guns drawn) is the only way to deal with these death-lovers. This same equation applies to non-Muslim “immigrants” because, they too, “have nothing to lose”. Which only can be processed through the filter of cognitive dissonance. Else-wise, these primitive cretins would be far more well-behaved in the dire hope of gaining ecktual citizenship.

    Not so? Guns drawn will be just the start.

  3. Associate Press dawa
    “Physical depictions of God or the Prophet Muhammad, even positive ones, are forbidden in Islam.”
    Judaism and the faith of Jehovah’s winesaes also abjure depictions of God, so why act as though this tenet is unique? Or, who is feeding the author this line of thought?

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