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6 Replies to “Dutch town fails to deal with muslim gang, beating on local kids”

    • If citizens of Europe are killed, raped, beaten and they still wait for help while they do nothing, then…they must wait the help of governments.

    • You’re comment is 100%, Someone over on Gates of Vienna, it think it was, said that this period we are living through will be come to be known in the future, as the Great Betrayal; where the malignant political filth who currently infest out governmental institutions will be exposed as the political traitor class who caused the coming war.

  1. One word: RECIPROCITY

    Beat down a single Dutch child (teen or adult, for that matter) and prepare for a swarming attack on whichever gang of Muslim thugs happens to have the misfortune of being out in search of trouble that evening.

    It matters not at all whether or nay they were the original malefactors. If they wish to impose collective punishment upon Westerners, then they’d best be prepared to spend a few weeks in traction.

    The only way to prevent such a repellent outcome is to jail the entire crew or watch them gain regular, complimentary admittance at the local hospital. Whether it’s one by one, or two and three at a time, is utterly irrelevant. Getting such Islamic scumbags out of the reach of enraged Dutch villagers is the only way of ensuring even a slight degree of safety for these microcephalic, göat-hümpïng, child raping, wannabe gangsters.

    A few serious hospitalizations and cases of permanent paralysis here and there and “Hey, Presto!“, there will arise a major loss of interest with respect to assaulting Dutch citizens of any age. Escalate to cricket bats and crowbars wherever it is deemed necessary.

    To be sure, the Muslims certainly won’t mind this mimicry of their own strategy and tactics. After all, isn’t imitation the sincerest form of flattery?

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