Video: Italian Police Arrest Moroccan for ‘Barbaric’ Sheep Tying on Eid

(Now this is a nice surprise)

From Morocco World News:

Rabat- Italian authorities arrested a Moroccan resident who tied up his sacrificial sheep in a stroller in a “barbaric” way.


Onlookers in the city of Naples felt uncomfortable after seeing the man handling a sheep during Eid al-Adha (festival of sacrifice) in a child’s stroller. The sheep was on its back,tied in such a way that its head was cocked, and appeared to be struggling.


A video of the sheep in the stroller, which has circulated on social media, caused Italian media and animal rights activists to condemn the act and describe it as “barbaric” or “cruel.”

There is more at the link above.

The video of the event is below:

Bridgette Bardot tweeted out some choice words about her feelings on halal slaughter and Islamic practices in general.

A young muslim replied thusly:


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6 Replies to “Video: Italian Police Arrest Moroccan for ‘Barbaric’ Sheep Tying on Eid”

  1. Not connected, but there’s a short video on what to do if someone attacks you with a knife at CroydonTownCentre@twitter, if someone could post it. Sorry I don’t know how to post a link.
    I think the guy is a community worker, it was on RT as part of an article.

  2. Not connected, but there’s a short video about what to do if someone attacks you with a knife, at CroydonTownCentre@twitter if someone could post it. I think the guy is a community worker.
    Sorry I don’t know how to post the link. It’s part of an article that appeared on RT
    He’s talking to young people but these days you never know. I think most people would be paralyzed with shock if it happened to them. But if you’ve thought ahead: What would I do in the event of this happening? You might have a chance.

  3. The thing that bothers me with “halal” meat is that I was always emphatically told that this was the cleanest, most merciful, painless way of killing the animal (instituted by Allah, of course) … then found out that there is much to be debated in these ass-umptions, reading many publications pro and con. But cowed, dull and unquestioning people will believe what they are told to believe … and never challenge what’s been drilled into their heads. The little sheep didn’t look very comfortable, but … neither do the pigs on industrial North Carolina pig farms, and many of the other animals the young man in the video rails on about. Halal is an idea used for control, power, profit, and identity, nothing more.

    • How about inflicting pain deliberately? One of the few things guaranteed to bring a smile to a muslim’s face, is when they cause suffering in another living creature. Stunning the animal first? Heck, that would take all of the fun out of it (and allah wouldn’t be pleased, either, since he shares his followers’ taste for blood.)

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