Youtube removes another video and gives strike for THIS video about migrants in Europe

If anyone can show me how this video violates Youtube’s community standards I would be keen to see it.

This video does however, show the MSM as potentially being dishonest in how they represent the great migrant flood into Europe.

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4 Replies to “Youtube removes another video and gives strike for THIS video about migrants in Europe”

  1. Without evidence, the labelling of this movie-maker’s film-set as one of having the same evil intent as Pallywood; Liberals will automatically assume is Hate Crime. No humor, no irony allowed from those taking the video as to what it could be. The very idea, the thought-crime that muslims would use fake news, is verbotten because the far-right boggeyman might be watching. (There are a exhorbitantly more Jihadis than National Socialists).

    Though, even with evidence, the truth still something they very much avoid because as advertising is now pretty much deceit and seduction anyway, and audience being woke is not what they had paid for.

    So follow the money. If it’s billions of Saudi money in UK banks, or dictators threatening to take the dollar off the oil currency – money always talks at the end of a gun of a police officer.

    However, with little misplaced hope this could the filming a new movie called “The First Temptation of Muhammad: getting Aisha out of her wet clothes” or “Jihad! It came from the sea.” But in this free society the West has created, this has as much chance as the moon being split in two.

    “Is it the production of a movie or is it the production of fake news? We tried to verify it, but our Greek reporter couldn’t find the video crew or the people involved. But we do want to show you the footage, to combat fake news, (if that was the intention of the footage).”

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