Today’s Reader’s Links post, and German News videos

There is a great deal of worthy news items and video links in today’s Reader’s Links post.

It is well worth the time to take the dive.

The land grab in South Africa has begun, and weird semi-effective attacks are taking place all over. The media seems to be, as usual, reluctant to report them properly and sometimes perhaps not at all, based on a couple of events I was told about in Ottawa that are suspicious. Some however are unavoidable like the police being attacked in a couple of ways in Chechnya.

For a lot more news of this level of importance, please check the reader’s links post for today and even yesterday.

Meanwhile, MissPiggy translated a couple of new videos for us from German news and German news watchers. Here they are below:

Germans protest Chancellor Merkel while another attack takes place in Germany:

Somali stabbed the German doctor for no apparent reason in front of his ten year old daughter.

The Real Mood in Germany:

And there are more in the works.

Thank each and every one of you for your amazing contributions especially over the last two days. We have been busy here trying to set up a launch of Michael Hansen’s new film, Oh Canada, on the death of free speech in Canada and the USA.

Let me assure you all that given the level of difficulty in getting a venue to talk about the loss of free speech, that any and all claims made in the film are short of the mark.

Even still, its an exceptionally good movie and I hope at some point there is a way for all of you to see it.

Perhaps at some point we can find some electronic way to show the film in a non-centralized way. But the premiere will be in a Theatre in the more or less old fashioned way.

Thank you all again for the contributions, translation, comments, news links and analysis.

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