Avi Yemeni takes on Facebook directly in NYC over cancellation of account: Links 2, Aug. 19, 2018

1. Nigel Farage is back to deliver Brexit

2. New trend in Iran:

Now if they can just chase it with the Communist Manifesto and about half the Western university text books…

3. The end of London?

4. British Govt Appears to BACK ‘Land Reforms’ Aimed at Dispossessing South Africa’s White Minority

Theresa May’s government appears to be backing the Soviet-style policy of “land expropriation without compensation” aimed at dispossessing South Africa’s white farmers.

Breitbart London has seen a letter written by Harriet Baldwin MP, Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), to Sir Paul Beresford MP, who enquired what the government’s stance on the policy was on behalf of a concerned constituent.


“The British government understands the need for land reform in South Africa”, Baldwinasserted, adding that they “welcomed” promises from President Cyril Ramaphosa that “the process of land [re]distribution would be orderly within South African laws” and be carried out “without negatively affecting economic growth, agricultural production and food security”.

…aaaaand the cheque is in the mail.

5. This is funny. An anti-Trump guest on a CNN show attempts to throw a pro-Trump off of a show that isn’t even his!

6. Interview with Australian political candidate, Avi Yemini on his NY battle with Facebook

Thank you Avi, M., Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa. EB., Richard, Charles, and all who sent in important and insightful links and comments.

More to come!

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4 Replies to “Avi Yemeni takes on Facebook directly in NYC over cancellation of account: Links 2, Aug. 19, 2018”

  1. 5 – The Trump derangement syndrome is affecting more and more of the left, the more Trump wins and they lose the worse it is going to get, In the future (probably near future) the leftist at the Propaganda Media will be physically attacking people instead of just verbally.

    6 – This is also Facebook interfering in the Aussie election.

  2. 2- wow that takes balls. I’m afraid that won’t end well though. Such people disappear, and if they’re ever released they’ll be broken people. Iranian regime doesn’t mess around.

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