ANTIFA tilts at windmills in Boston, Seattle

Notice that the same group pretending that classical liberals are “nazis” are the same group who pretend that men are women, women are men, that there is no difference anyway unless someone is pretending there is to be the other, and that all genetic and biological differences between people are social constructs. so, I would not take their word  for anything.


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    • The man making this video is very confused about who the bad guys are, he seems to believe the BS about the Free Speech movement.

  1. C.E.O of Twitter: “We are Left-leaning” (15:35)

    What I think, interpret, what he really means is, ‘we encourage through Behavioral Science our employees and customers to all be Left-leaning. Because without souls, there is then never any competition to our business.

    Communism or Islam – these hyper-sexualized defeated slaves – believe they are the greater. They lack inspiration and innovation, tear down those that do, and are most suited as a captive workforce – with an addictive prayer space and a tranquility room to daydream and let their bitterness vent before returning back.

    Impoverishing the citizens – but then look how their Elite live running the police.

    Social Media for the masses, moving closer to running like those in China and Iran. The same Al Gore rhythms.

    Left-leaning for you, right-leaning for them.

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