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5 Replies to “Worthy video recap of New Zealand and Australian tour by Lauren Southern”

  1. Lauren looked extremely fed-up and angry during those “gotcha” interviews and I think she has to change gears for a while. It’s no fun being conservative with everybody being really unfair to you and calling you a “fascist bitch” and such. I could see the anger in her eyes as the presenters persisted in being brazenly unfair and slanderous toward her and Stephen. Maybe she should leave the close combat to others for a while and make those documentaries with high production values and stuff…

  2. The really crazy thing is that our current crop of “controversial, right-wing” speakers, like Lauren and Stephen and Ben and Mllo and Ann and Mark are nowhere near radical in any way. Sure, the left likes to scream “fascist!” at them but what they really are is what used to be called an ordinary middle-of-the-road center-right typical person. It would be funny if it weren’t so alarming to see crowds gearing up to insult and abuse Ben Shapiro for saying what any fairly liberal person would have said a few years ago. Not wanting the borders torn down or the industries nationalized is not exactly far-right ideology. And then Lauren Southern declares that it’s OK to be white and they make out like she’s the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan for just saying that, for saying that it’s OK to be of British heritage…

  3. We are living in a day where patriots like these two dear ladies are vilified….and our enemies are protected……It can only lead to national suicide or civil war!

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