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8 Replies to “Brad Johnson on the Chinese Spy and the DNC”

  1. The situation that he describes reminds me of the problem of the Verona Intercepts, the early version of the NSA was intercepting the transmissions from the US and Canadian Soviet Embassy’s. They had successfully broken the Soviet codes but quickly discovered they couldn’t report their intelligence coup because some of the decoded messages showed that many of the higher ranking civilians in their chain of command were Soviet Assets. These Soviet Assets were the people that Senator McCarthy exposed as Soviet Assets, exposed and was vilified for his prtriotic actions. After his death the history books called him a lying drunken self servicing politician, even now with the full facts of the intercepts adn what they showed declassified the left has such a hold on the Academy that the facts, the truth about McCarty is still not taught to the students.

    I am telling you this so you will know that we have been in something like the current mess before and have managed to pull out of it and remain free. If we all work hard we can do this again.

  2. Richard have a look at the bookshelf behind Brad in the video. You may notice he has the Verona book!

    Great comment by the way, thank you.

  3. Excellent as usual.

    “FBI Hack Peter Strzok Thanks Citizens For ‘Fighting For America’ As His GoFundMe Soars Past $300,000”
    by Cristina Laila – August 14, 2018

    “New Info on Feinstein’s Chinese Spy — Media, FBI Complicit in Cover-up”
    by William F. Jasper – August 13, 2018

    A YouTube video of Russell Lowe (see below) published by the Education for Social Justice Foundation on May 4, 2018, is entitled “Comfort Women Sexual Slavery History.”


    • “Angelo Codevilla on The American Mind – 5 . The Superiority of the Founders’ Foreign Policy”
      Claremont Institute – Published on June 3, 2015

    • Ty, EB – one of the best ever!
      ~~ not a bit raycisss…
      Porky and Baby Dumpling!
      Happy ending- Warning _SPOILER_:
      All the bearded uglies in nightgowns turned into tents for Auto Camp!

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