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One Reply to “Pat Condell tweets out his 2009 video on burkas”

  1. I loved his suggestion at the end, that muslim males should be “encouraged” to wear the niqab (or whatever it’s called), especially in hot summer weather.

    On another note, I used to personally think that giving muslim women more freedom and influence within islamic society might have a … moderating … effect on those societies/communities. But having observed the behaviour of young muslim women joining ISIS and mothers of jihadis steadfastly defending their nice boys, I am rather less optimistic. I just wish (might as well wish for the moon while I’m at it, I suppose) Islam was not a part of OUR Western societies, and that they dealt with (or not) the “problems” of their ideology in their own countries. But alas, rather too late for that, I fear. Islam is here to stay in the West, it would appear. It won’t be pretty for future generations, especially women.

    Anyway, I’ve yapped enought 🙂

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