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9 Replies to “Projection attack on Trump admin grows ever more Kafka-esque”

  1. He was 20 years very, but very, close to her. This guy is a very good friend. Maybe more when they were younger. Just saying. It often starts that way.

  2. “Feinstein’s Ties to China Extend Beyond Chinese Spy”
    By Epoch Newsroom – August 6, 2018


    According to the San Jose Mercury:

    “He [Jiang] once invited her and her husband to see Mao Tse-tung’s bedroom in his old residence, the first foreigners to do so. Feinstein had entertained Jiang in San Francisco, dancing with him as he sang ‘When We Were Young.’”

    Sunday – August 5, 2018 Jimmy from Brooklyn mentioned Feinstein’s visit to Mao’s crib on Aaron Klein’s Sunday radio show. I wish that Aaron would give Jimmy from Brooklyn more air time.

  3. Lou Dobbs ask where the intelligence agencies were, he was hired during the Clinton era and Bill was busy selling and giving our secrets and technology to the Red Chinese.

    Note how the Dems always say there is no reason to prosecute the spies they hire.

  4. Feinstein and her hubby have done so much endless harm to California such that they are part of the “nuts and flakes” that compose this unbelievably wealthy, yet, veering state.

    Anyone who hasn’t personally visited this astonishing piece of territory has ZERO right to harp on the Left-Coast “lunatic fringe”. Come here, see the supreme natural beauty contained herein (this from a world traveler), and then try worrying me about the politics.

    Relatively undamaged by more Northern-based, mile-deep, glacial ice-sheets, California emerged from this latest inter-glacial episode relatively unscathed and in possession of some TWO DOZEN different functioning micro-climates (or micro-environments). Maritime, volcanic, alpine, riverine, inter-coastal mountain ranges, high desert, riparian, arboreal, low desert, and the sort flapping insane beauty that you cannot possibly imagine without physically standing on this stunning piece of ground.

    Howsabout; more unique, indigenous species found in one place than no other location on earth?!? (As in: you don’t find this flora and fauna anywhere else on the planet.)

    Come to California—somehow manage to ignore the political loons—and discover one of this world’s most fabulous scenic and natural treasures.

    Sneer all you want. If you haven’t ever been here, then you just don’t know.
    (4:00 minutes)

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