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  1. This is such a fine speech, a collection of well-reasoned arguments that needs to be reposted again and again. Thsnk you! I also appreciated its linguistic terms because the language has been highjacked to a certain extent by neo-Marxist-feminist phraseology and we are pushed to use the linguistic framework they imposed on public discourse. In my opinion he conflates religion (formal, bookbased bigotry) with spititual dimensions of the human experience – but yes, we all have the right to say how we are making sense of the world around us and hear each other’s attempts at making sense.

  2. This is one of my all-time favourite speeches ever!

    In homage to Hitchens, I sometimes start my speeches by yelling ‘Fire! Fire! Fire!’

  3. It is good that you still have the freedom to post this, and I still have the freedom to watch it, and lastly, that it has not yet been purged. In what order and when will these disappear?

    • My guess is, if they manage to destroy the Trump admin, then they will hit the streets as it were, and destroy all opposition to the Islamic-Marxist revolution.

      I think there is a pretty thin veil between the vestigial freedoms we have and the Soviet-Saudi style, life headed our way in the near future actually.

      It is very clear in my mind that powerful forces, and dark and dishonest ones, are after the Trump admin and anyone truly influential that supports it. For example, someone who President Trump retweets and has over a hundred thousand followers. Weaponized propaganda outfits like Huff Post and so on will work double shifts to destroy those people BAMN.

      The fact that I have not been destroyed yet means Im not worth it yet. But I know Im on lists. And I know they know who I am.

      Once they get the big guys its people like us. Or, once we grow in influence enough then its us.

      What we need to do, is unwaveringly support people like President Trump, OM Orban, and the rest of the V4, and all leaders who are ready to stand up for classical liberal values. Not reflexively. Not like supporting a sports team. But because what they say is the truth and what they are doing is what works to alliviate suffering for the vast majority of people.

      And we have to kindly, and calmly, show people we know, proofs that the New York Times lies for the left and always has, from Durante to now. They are responsible for the Holomodor, and frankly should be on charges for crimes against humanity for it. That the CBC does what it does not to inform, but to enforce a narrative that they feel must shape Canada to be what they feel Canada must be. In other words, like communism, remake man in Marx’s image.

      I hope that is at least vaguely an answer to your question.

      • My guess is, if they manage to destroy the Trump admin, then they will hit the streets as it were, and destroy all opposition to the Islamic-Marxist revolution.

        If they take down Trump there is a very good chance that the kinetic portion of the civil war is started, if it hasn’t started before then. Truthfully I don’t see the Dems winning the midterms which means that violence is the only way they can take Trump down. Next weekend we will see if the Dems are thinking the same way, if the violence is so bad that several people are killed and more weapons then percussion devices are use they are thinking the same as I am. If they stage some kind of an atrocity to justify a kinetic war they are thinking the same way I am. If on the other hand they keep the violence to the level of their previous riots they are probably thinking they are going to win the midterms and can wait to impeach Trump.

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