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  1. WATCH: Facebook Blocked This Republican Asian Woman’s Campaign Ad

    Talk about election meddling.

    Facebook has reportedly blocked a California congressional candidate’s campaign from using a video as an ad on the social media platform because they deemed it “shocking, disrespectful or sensational.”

    The Christian Post reports that Facebook blocked 33-year-old Republican Elizabeth Heng’s video which shows “her America immigrant parents, who survived brutalities by the Khmer Rouge communists during the Cambodian Civil War.”

  2. EU will punish own companies if they comply with US sanctions on Iran, says Mogherini aide (RT, Aug 7, 2018)

    “European companies doing business with Iran could soon find themselves between a rock and a hard place. Should they comply with US sanctions and abandon Tehran, they may in turn face sanctions in their home EU.

    If European companies cave in to US President Donald Trump’s threat of secondary sanctions and stop doing business in Iran, they will be punished by the EU itself, says the aide to Federica Mogherini, the bloc’s foreign policy chief.

    “If EU companies abide by US secondary sanctions they will, in turn, be sanctioned by the EU,” Nathalie Tocci told BBC Radio 4 in an interview on Monday night, as reported by NBC.

    According to Tocci, the move would show Iranians that the Europeans are serious about keeping the 2015 nuclear deal intact despite Washington’s efforts to tear it down. Earlier, the EU enacted the Blocking statute to forbid its companies from complying with the US sanctions, which came back into force on Monday as part of Washington’s push to bend Tehran to comply with its multiple demands.

    Since Trump pulled the US out of the 2015 JCPOA agreement, which envisioned the lifting of economic sanctions on Iran in exchange for it winding down its nuclear development, the other signatories have been scrambling to keep the deal alive.

    Trump, meanwhile, wants a new deal, which would also end Iran’s missile program and regional influence ambitions. As US sanctions were reintroduced on Monday, Trump warned that “Anyone doing business with Iran will NOT be doing business with the United States” – all for the sake of “WORLD PEACE, nothing less!””

  3. MOTHER FROM HELL: Woman Repeatedly Sells Young Son To Pedophiles Who Rape Him

    A German woman committed one of the worst acts perpetrated on an innocent child in recent memory, selling her eight-year-old son on the darknet to pedophiles, who raped him repeatedly.

    The 48-year-old woman, who has been sentenced to over 12 years in prison for selling her young son on the darknet to abusers, has a 39-year-old partner who is a convicted pedophile, according to The Guardian. He was also found guilty of sexually assaulting a 3-year-old girl, The New York Times reported. The Times added:

  4. Berkeley, California, police arrested 20 people Sunday and confiscated “dozens of weapons” as members of so-called “alt-right” and far-left groups gathered in the city for opposing protests.

    In addition to the arrests, officials said three people suffered minor injuries after a group of “extremists” threw “explosives” — believed to be fireworks and flares — at police and Alameda County sheriff’s officers. No members of law enforcement were hurt.

    Berkeley police also said that “an extremist element among a large group” damaged 21 city vehicles, setting one on fire, and slashed their tires. The group also set fires in trash bins, which were extinguished quickly.

    Two groups of alt-right protesters had announced plans for a “No to Marxism” rally at the city’s Civic Center Park earlier in the week. That prompted plans for a “Sweep Out The Fascists” march and counter-rally that drew hundreds of people downtown.

    The San Francisco Chronicle reported that several dozen “anti-Marxist” protesters arrived at Civic Center at 12:30 p.m. At one point, the group pushed books off a table set up by a local Communist bookstore, but police and bystanders stepped in to head off any potential confrontation.

    City officials said neither group had sought or obtained a permit for their respective rallies. On Friday, police issued rules prohibiting masks and items that could be used as weapons.

  5. Border Patrol agents in the Del Rio Sector apprehended a Pakistani national who illegally crossed the border from Mexico into Texas. The Pakistani man was reportedly not attempting to seek asylum but to surreptitiously enter the country.
    A trusted source operating under the umbrella of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) who spoke with Breitbart Texas under the condition of anonymity and initially reported that agents assigned to the Comstock Station discovered a Pakistani national attempting to hide and avoid apprehension. The source said the Pakistani was not attempting to turn himself in to seek asylum, but was attempting to avoid detection.

    A spokesman for the Del Rio Sector later confirmed to Breitbart Texas via email that Del Rio Sector agents arrested “a 34-year-old Pakistani man who was found to be in the country illegally.” The spokesman said the Pakistani man was traveling with a group of five individuals from Mexico.

    The source said the agents arrested the Pakistani national about 20 miles west of the Del Rio Port of Entry near the town of Comstock. The border town of Comstock does not have a legal port of entry.

  6. The Left’s War on Whiteness
    John Perazzo’s new pamphlet unveils the colossal myth of “white privilege.”
    August 7, 2018

    Introduction: In recent decades, the Left has gained a nearly monopolistic control of the key institutions that shape the American people’s worldview: the mass media, the entertainment industry, the schools, and many of the mainline churches. Consequently, these institutions have been turned into conduits through which leftist perspectives are transmitted to a highly receptive public. One of these perspectives is the notion that white people are both the cause and the embodiment of virtually every societal ill afflicting our country. Until “whiteness” can be either quarantined or destroyed outright, says the Left, “people of color” will continue to fare less well in school, earn less money, and be incarcerated at higher rates than their white counterparts. All inequalities in these various realms are attributed, by the Left, to injustices orchestrated by white people. By relentlessly banging the drum of “white privilege,” the Left has effectively portrayed race relations as little more than a constant battle between white oppressors and black victims. In this new Freedom Center pamphlet, The Left’s War on Whiteness, John Perazzo unveils the colossal deception and ignorance that underlies this worldview.

    Read the full pamphlet below or order your copy today by clicking HERE.

  7. Richard: This is a real good question, wish I could know what is going to happen.

    Trump Tightens the Screws on Tehran
    Could it prompt a second Iranian revolution?
    August 7, 2018
    Lloyd Billingsley

    “Today, the United States is taking action to reimpose nuclear-related sanctions with respect to Iran that were lifted in connection with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action of July 14, 2015,” President Trump said in a statement on Sunday. “These actions include reimposing sanctions on Iran’s automotive sector and on its trade in gold and precious metals, as well as sanctions related to the Iranian rial.”

    The president said his actions were consistent with his May 8, 2018, announcement of U.S. withdrawal from “a horrible, one-sided deal” that “failed to achieve the fundamental objective of blocking all paths to an Iranian nuclear bomb, and it threw a lifeline of cash to a murderous dictatorship that has continued to spread bloodshed, violence, and chaos.” Since the deal, “Iran’s aggression has only increased. The regime has used the windfall of newly accessible funds it received under the JCPOA to build nuclear-capable missiles, fund terrorism, and fuel conflict across the Middle East and beyond.”

  8. NBC News Agonizes That Man Who Came Here With Fake Passport Can’t Get Citizenship
    August 7, 2018
    Daniel Greenfield

    President Trump is always doing something to outrage and infuriate the media. Like possibly denying citizenship to people on welfare and those who come here with fake passports.

    Here’s the latest thing that lefties should be outraged by… courtesy of NBC News.

  9. Will the Left Rename America?
    And New York, Pennsylvania, California and Washington D.C.?
    August 7, 2018
    Daniel Greenfield

    Austin’s Equity Office has recommended renaming the Texas city because of Stephen F. Austin’s alleged views on slavery. But why stop at just renaming Austin when Amerigo Vespucci took and sold slaves.

    Austin, Texas is named after Stephen F. Austin, but America is named after Amerigo Vespucci.

    New York City has been on its own anti-history binge, demoting the statue of the ‘Father of Gynecology’ and tearing out plaques memorializing Robert E. Lee attached to a tree that he had once planted, but it’s got bigger problems. The city is named after King James II whose Royal African Company branded thousands of slaves with DY for the Duke of York.

    And New York’s problems don’t end there. Its Bronx borough is named after Jonas Bronck, who was likely killed in an Indian raid. Queens is named after the wife of King Charles II (James’ brother) whose husband was also quite active in the slave trade. New York is full of places named after Charlie and his relatives, like Richmond County, and the city and the state would both have to be renamed.

  10. Germany: Mass Migration vs. Microaggression

    by Vijeta Uniyal
    August 7, 2018 at 4:00 am

    With Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open door migration policy continuing to fuel a surging crime wave and swelling the ranks of jihadists in Germany, a large number of people took to social media — not to denounce the open borders policy or radical Islam — but to protest what are perceived as racist “microaggressions” faced by immigrants and refugees in the country.

    Under the hashtag #MeTwo, countless Germans of immigrant descent, refugees and activists shared stories of the “everyday racism” in Germany.

    “My Croatia neighbors in Germany treat us as “arabic” Students from Arabia ( we are Tunisians and there is no place called Arabia ). And when i meet her in the building she never smiled and never replied to my greetings as if i did something to her,” tweeted a Tunisian girl.

    Another had some advice:

  11. Just 5.7 Percent Of Clinton Foundation Budget Actually Went To Charitable Grants

    Just 5.7 percent of the Clinton Foundation’s massive 2014 budget actually went to charitable grants, according to the tax-exempt organization’s IRS filings. The rest went to salaries and employee benefits, fundraising and “other expenses.”

    The Clinton Foundation spent a hair under $91.3 million in 2014, the organization’s IRS filings show. But less than $5.2 million of that went to charitable grants.

    That number pales in comparison to the $34.8 million the foundation spent on salaries, compensation and employee benefits.

    Another $50.4 million was marked as “other expenses,” while the remaining almost $851K was marked as “professional fundraising expenses.”

  12. European firms that cut ties with Iran over new US sanctions which kicked in at Midnight might find themselves subject to sanctions of their own, warned an EU official.

    “If EU companies abide by U.S. secondary sanctions they will, in turn, be sanctioned by the EU,” Nathalie Tocci, an aide to the EU’s foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, told BBC Radio 4 on Monday, according to NBC News.

    • Pay attention to the talk about the Italian Debt, this is one of the nations that may cause a world wide economic crisis.

      • I can’t watch Nigel till I cool off. Or Melanie Phillips.
        Nigel turns out to have a shabby little careerist side. Melanie is a reflexive, upper-class snob.

        They didn’t do right by Tommy, they disappointed me. And I’m not the only one. There’s been quite a discussion in Zionist-friendly circles, from Australia to Israel to Virginia. Evangelicals, Orthodox Jews, Counter-Jihadis.

        We love Tommy. We identify with him. He’s been Israel-ed: demonized, persecuted, abused. I loathe the UK with every fiber of my being. (Not as much as Sweden, though.)

        But we need allies, and Eeyore reminds us we can’t afford to be too picky. So I’ll go back to watching Nigel and reading Melanie.

        Eventually. Not now, not with Tommy’s haunted eyes still so close.

        • I never expected anyone from that class of Brit to do right by Tommy, all I expect from them is to oppose the left.

          • And Jews. They hate joozz. And their “shitty little country”, as they put it.

            That’s what’s upsetting those of us who were fond of Melanie. She gets Islam and jew-hate perfectly, but absolutely fails so to see Tommy as anything other than a “chav”. Something defined by the people she knows are liars.

          • If the solution to pollution is dilution, the solution to sovereign debt is globalization–spreading it around through and by central bankers. Buys time but not solvency.

  13. Italy to Invest €1 billion in North Africa for Border Management (moroccoworldnews, Aug 7, )

    “Italy has announced it will give Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia funds in order to restrict the immigration flow to Europe.

    The Italian government says it will invest “at least €1 billion” in the countries’ economies, as announced on Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini’s Twitter account on August 3.

    Italy should become “a protagonist” on migration policy in Europe, Salvini added. He also announced that he would “soon” visit Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria.

    Salvini said that the budget will be allocated to investments in agriculture, trade, and fishing.

    In an interview with Sky TG24, Salvini explained that the Italian government aims to control its southern borders and “to reply to all of those who see me as Satan.”

    Earlier in June, Salvini refused to let a humanitarian boat carrying more than 600 migrants enter Italy’s ports. “From now also Italy begins to say NO to the traffic of human beings, No to the business of irregular migration,” Salvini tweeted on June 10.

    “My goal is to guarantee a peaceful life for these children in Africa and for our children in Italy,” he added.

    The western Mediterranean route from Morocco has been the main passage route that irregular migrants use to cross to Spain and the EU. According to British news outlet Euractiv, by July 30, 23,993 migrants entered Europe through this route in 2018, in addition to 18,298 arriving in Italy alone.

    The interior minister considered tackling the problem of migration to Europe from within countries of origin.

    “It is not enough to close [ports] and send [migrants] back home. It is also necessary to create prospects of growth and work in these countries,” Salvini said Friday.

    According to the news organization Politico, Salvini said he will make “serious and stable agreements” with African countries to deport people who did not qualify for asylum. He will also call for a law to deport asylum-seekers who committed “any sort of crime” in their countries of origin.

    More than 600,000 migrants and refugees have arrived in Italy by boat from Africa in the past five years, Al Jazeera reported.

    On July 6, the EU approved a €55 million fund to assist Morocco and Tunisia to combat migration. Morocco then requested resources estimated at €60 million for border management and migration control.

    The Spanish prime minister supported Morocco’s request by sending a letter to the European Union Commission, asking the body to provide Morocco with the resources it requested. EU President Jean-Claude Juncker responded that “Spain and Morocco can be assured of the full support of the EU Commission.””

  14. ‘I’ll pay Denmark niqab fines’: French-Algerian millionaire (thelocal, Aug 7, 2018) )

    “Rachid Nekkaz, a French-Algerian businessman and activist, has said he will keep a promise he made earlier this year to pay fines issued in Denmark for breaches of the new law against face-masking garments.

    The law, popularly known as the ‘burqa ban’, came into effect last week, to protests in Copenhagen and Aarhus from Muslim women who wear the veil and others who oppose it.

    Nekkaz told Berlingske that he would pay fines after a 29-year-old woman in Hørsholm became the first to be penalised under the law.

    “Of course I will pay all the fines that are issued on the streets of Denmark after August 1st,” he told Berlingske via written message.

    The businessman will travel to Copenhagen to pay the fines, he added.

    “I will be in Copenhagen on September 11th to pay all the fines, and will thereafter do this every month, because even though I am against the niqab, I will always defend freedom across the world. Freedom to wear the niqab as well as freedom not to wear the niqab,” he said.

    First offences under the law are punishable with fines of 1,000 kroner, while repeat offences can be fined up to 10,000 kroner.

    The 46-year-old, who was born in France to Algerian parents, has paid fines amounting to hundreds of thousands of euros, by his own estimation, for women in countries including Belgium, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands and Germany.

    “I have paid 1,538 fines,” he said in March when announcing his intention to cover the cost of the then-proposed Danish niqab penalties.

    “There is no limit to how much I will pay. Freedom has no limit,” he said at the time.”

  15. UK: Muslim body urges Tories to deal with Islamophobia (memo, Aug 8, 2018)

    “The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) has called on the Conservative party to respond to serious concerns of Islamophobia following remarks made by former Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, Anadolu reports.

    “Today the Muslim Council of Britain calls on the Conservatives to respond to serious concerns of Islamophobia in the party, especially after Boris Johnson made unacceptable remarks comparing Muslim women who wear the niqab to letterboxes and bank robbers,” a statement from the MCB read.

    “The intentional usage of the words in a national newspaper appears to be to pander to the far right,” the statement added, citing Johnson’s article on the niqab he had written in the Daily Telegraph newspaper on Monday.

    In his opinion piece, he said Muslim women wearing burqas look like “letterboxes” and compared them to “bank robbers”.

    The MCB also said that while it was right for party chairman Brandon Lewis to call on Johnson to apologize, the party should now act upon calls that had been previously ignored.

    The MCB put forward a number of questions for Lewis and the Tory leadership, asking if Johnson’s apology should “only cover his Telegraph outburst? Or will it also include previous incendiary remarks?”, remarks that included “Islam is the problem” and that “Islamophobia was a natural selection”.

    In recent months the MCB has increasingly called for an independent inquiry into Islamophobia within the Tory party and among its members, both in parliament and in its leadership.

    Its calls have been supported and carried forward by a plethora of institutions and senior individuals such as Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, a member of the House of Lords, and the leader of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn.

    The MCB is an umbrella organization that represent over 500 mosques and institutions in the UK.”

  16. Germany: Refugee attempts suicide by setting fire to shelter

    A 29 year old refugee attempted to commit suicide by setting fire to his room in a refugee centre in Bergish-Gladbach on Tuesday.

    Police Spokesman Richard Barz explained that a security guard noticed the fire and quickly took action, supported by other residents of the shelter and was able to break into the room.

    “Once they were inside they brought the 29 year old out and began to put the fire out. Afterwards, the fire department took over. The 29 year old, the security guard, and six other inhabitants were then brought to the emergency room for medical treatment at the hospital,” Barz said.

    Amirkhan Nagarthy, a refugee from Afghanistan who lives in the same shelter, said the one who started the fire is “a little bit crazy,” and added that “he can’t go shopping by himself. Someone from the Red Cross is always helping him. When the social assistance office gives him money, he can’t buy everything himself.”

    No serious burns were reported, but the 29 year old refugee, the security guard, and six other inhabitants of the shelter who helped to put out the fire are being observed for smoke inhalation.

    SOT, Journalist (German): “Do you know the one [who did it?]”

    SOT, Amirkhan Nagarthy, refugee from Afghanistan (German): “He is a little bit crazy, I don’t really understand, but he can’t go shopping by himself. Someone from the Red Cross is always helping him. When the social assistance office gives him money, he can’t buy everything himself. The person from the Red Cross, this person always has the money, and they go shopping together.”

    SOT, Borinagash, Eritrean refugee (German): “Yesterday there was a fire, but it wasn’t so big, just a little. A lot of firefighters came and got rid of the fire very quickly. That’s all.”

    SOT, Richard Barz, Police Spokesman (German): “According to the current state of the investigation, we assume that last evening, a 29 year old refugee, here in Bergish-Gladbach, attempted to set fire to inventory in his room with the intention to commit suicide. Luckily, a security guard noticed the fire, came immediately into the room by breaking through the window along with other inhabitants of the shelter who helped him. Once they were inside they brought the 29 year old out and began to put the fire out. Afterwards, the fire department took over. The 29 year old, the security guard, and six other inhabitants were then brought to the emergency room for medical treatment at the hospital. *INAUDIBLE*”

    SOT, Richard Barz, Police Spokesman (German): “Thankfully, we have not yet received notice of any severe burn injuries. The eight people were all brought to the hospital due to smoke poisoning, are all under observation, and we will see how it develops.”

  17. Saudi TV Commentators Take on Canada’s Human Rights Record

    Against the backdrop of the political crisis between Saudi Arabia and Canada, commentators on the Saudi 24 network launched an attack on Canada’s human rights record, especially with regard to Canada’s indigenous people.

    They “are being dispersed and killed,” said Saudi journalist Ayed Al-Rashidi. Saudi writer Adnan Muhammad also accused Canada of secretly torturing and Christianizing indigenous children.

    These comments were made during shows on the Saudi 24 network on August 6, 2018.

  18. Remains Of Boy Found At New Mexico Muslim Compound

    A New Mexico sheriff says searchers have found the remains of a boy on property where authorities raided a makeshift compound last week in search of a missing Georgia child.

  19. MEMRI TV -Mauritanian Cleric Ould Al-Dadou Al-Shanqiti: On Judgment Day, the Muslims Will Kill the Jews

    Mauritanian cleric Muhammad Al-Hassan Ould Al-Dadou Al-Shanqiti recounted the antisemitic hadith of the “Prophecy of the Rock and the Tree” and said that on Judgment Day, ”

    The Jews from all over the land will gather around the Antichrist… and the Muslims will kill them.”

    Al-Shanqiti, a member of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, concluded:

    “That is when the ultimate defeat of the brothers of apes and pigs will take place, and after that, nothing will remain of them.”

    His speech, delivered at the second international conference of the Al-Aqsa Forum for Preachers, held in Istanbul on July 27-28, 2018, was broadcast by the Palestinian Al-Quds TV channel.

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