“CNN Sucks”. About the kindest thing you can say about it really.

One important omission. The CNN reporter had the temerity to say that with this much antipathy for CNN “someone might get hurt.”

I believe the House member who was shot at a baseball game by an anti-Trump democrat got the misinformation he used to justify that attempted murder by watching CNN.

So as usual, the left accuses the rest of us of the tactics and consequences they themselves use, and cause.

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3 Replies to ““CNN Sucks”. About the kindest thing you can say about it really.”

  1. Have to agree re CNN … it is the absolute worst of the MSM. Every time I have the stomach to tune in to see what the enemy is spewing, the only thing they are talking about is Trump and Russia and the migrant kids torn from their parents.

  2. CNN has well earned its nickname of the communist news network, a fact that more and more people are coming to understand, hopefully they won’t be in business much longer.

  3. This gradual disassembly of the MSM will prove to be one of the most UNPROFITABLE enterprises in human history. And hooray for that!

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