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26 Replies to “PhD in feminism says dog parks are a microcosm of heater-normative wuzza wuzza”

  1. 1. This title gets the prize for “best of the month”.

    2. WOT? This PhD-in-Feminism watched dogs and THEIR OWNERS for how long? 1000 hours in a dog park ???
    2.1. that Lady is voyeristic
    2.2. that Lady needs to get laid
    2.3. if she cannot achieve 2.2, then to to 3.

    3, That lady needs a dog:

    • Ha! I agree with your summation. On another note, could there possibly be a more useless PhD than women’s studies (with all due respect to women)?

      • Not to Marxists. To Marxists its the most useful one there is. What could be better as a weapon against a merit based society than a PhD. in feminism?

        • You have a point: they aren’t, of course, interested in education for its own sake, but only as it furthers their marxist/post modernist agendas. Sad, in a sense. I remember taking a philosophy course where one of the issues we debated was whether learning for its own sake/merit was a desirable thing. The consensus was overwhelmingly “yes” – after all, what is life, if not learning? But it seems not to be a common attitude in our society nowadays ….

    • I feel sorry for any dog she gets, she is going to make it her baby and probably stuff the dog with un-needed medicine for imagined medical problems. I knew one woman that was like that with her cat, when she finally left her husband and left the cat he stopped the cat and it hasn’t had any problems since.

      • I feel sorry for any dog she gets…

        You could not possibly know, Richard. I live in a side-by-side Victorian duplex and this “neighbor” totally refused to accept any suggestion upon my part that she “wear the pants” (i.e., Becomes the Alpha) with her [vomit] “schnoodle”.

        I politely informed her that failure to take command of the animal would constitute tacit acceptance of its Alpha Role.

        END of LINE: Over ten years later, on the first Sunday of November 2017, this Rat-in-a-Dog-Suit yapped its yowling @ss off to the shrieking cacophony of 500–1,000 barks in a single afternoon. So, yes, this hyper-nervous, un-cued squirming little squirrel-brained Dog-in-a-Rat-Suit is an abused animal that’s the sum of parts from a totally incompetent and abusive owner.

        No further news necessary …

  2. “George Herridge, a 71-year-old blind Englishman and cancer sufferer, was asked to get off a bus because of the hysterical reaction to his seeing-eye dog by some Muslim passengers.”

    “I personally believe that the reason that the Hadiths condemn dogs comes from another source historically. One of the religions standing in the way of the spread of Islam was Zoroastrianism, which was quite successful and had many adherents in the Middle East. Dogs were prized by Zoroastrians, and treated with great affection and reverence. If you look at the way history works it is often the case that the gods of the old religion are converted into the devils of the new religion.”

    • George Herridge, a 71-year-old blind Englishman and cancer sufferer, was asked to get off a bus because of the hysterical reaction to his seeing-eye dog by some Muslim passengers.

      That’s the beginning and end of the entire show. If Muslims cannot tolerate the presence of something so noble and benign as a seeing-eye dog, then they have no place in Western Civilization. Everything else is pure, flapping, window-dressing tinsel.

      The vast measure of independence that such an assisting animal brings to the blind is beyond description. I always take time to engage with blind people (no fecking way am I gonna use, “sight-challenged” [vomit]) about their splendid animals and let them know, without ever trying to pet them, what great additions they are to society.

      That ANY Muslims are unable to accept this fabulous enablement and, instead, try to entitle themselves to something which exceeds this level of civilized compassion for the disabled, indicates a severe derailment and train wreck in the future of Islam. As in: “Your idiotic superstitions do not queue you in front of some innocent individual with a disability far more significant than your Islamic-mental-illness-or-congenital-retardation.

      SIDEBAR: It occurs to me that People Of Limited Elementary Capacity At Testing© (i.e., POLECATs), may need to be rejected from all potential visa or entry options if they’re incapable of sitting in a quiet room with someone who is being assisted by a seeing-eye dog. In fact, I sincerely believe this should be a standard test. Sadly, as with the “immigrant graffiti” at Angel Island, this ‘test’ would swiftly be bypassed by whatever “put up with it” ratline message.

      To continue this mini-rant: At the very least, whichever disconcerted Muslim passengers should have been asked to promptly debark and take the next bus. The coach operator’s failure to do this basic (legal) task was just “another brick in the wall” for sharia law.

  3. It’s amazing how many people tune into Ben Shapiro simply because he’s smart and though biased to the right, isn’t trying to lie to them – nothing fancy.

    The main difference between reporting in the Soviet Union and our world today is that the Soviets knew they were being lied to while most Westerners actually think that Anderson Cooper is a real news guy and not just a salesman for the Democrat Party. Tim Poole is the same thing as Ben. When I see Tim standing at t protest with his camera on I can see with my own eyes and I don’t have to constantly worry that they’re going to get the best of me and slip one past me like CNN and the rest. The internet really is “Radio Free Europe” but most people still don’t even know there’s a war on…

    Steady on, Ben Shapiro, and keep on telling the truth…

  4. I have been asking myself how long it would take the transgender agenda to morph over onto dogs.

    Dog owners feels their dog is non-binary – dog gets hormones and sex change? Could we really end up there?

    How are liberals going to work that out with the animal rights advocates?

    • Pretty sure the large organized and funded animal rights groups are vectors for Marxism no less than feminist ones are.

      ALF is one example.

    • In the seventies , my fishing-buddies family were the owners of a dachshund ; whenever i turned up in full fishing-gear , including wellingtons , that daft dog would start humping my boots . No clue what they were feeding him or if he had some hormone-treatment . Could just have been a dachshund’s rubber-fetish for all i know . Makes me wonder though , in this day and age , if there are places to avoid the next time i put on my waders….. 🙂

  5. I am in awe of the towering intellect that produced this study. This is literally psychotic in the text book sense of completely divorced from reality. No novelty there, for…whatever in the hell ‘it’ is.
    Retrograde-Transhumanism, I suppose.

  6. I’ve read somewhere – Gates of Vienna? – that the paper was a spoof deliberately planned to show up the crap that ‘learned journals’ are today.

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