Toronto shooter motive: “An Asian tried to cut his hijab”. No not really. Links 1, July 26, 2018

1. Just to be clear, Trump is also right about Twitter. In freaking spades.

2. Trudeau still on vacation, and likely will be till the wake of the press on his migrants murdering Toronto young women fades or he has something great to say about islamophobia and’ backlash’. My guess is his writers get better money than any 10 veterans who need medical care.

3. Its a buyers market for mentally ill murdering muslims.

Investigators say the alleged murderer and victim were not acquaintances, but a disturbing discovery was made when authorities investigated Arriola’s vehicle. Rideout’s name, along with the names of two others, were inscribed on the car’s radiator, accompanied by the words, “rest in peace” and references to the Quran, reports said. Investigators are looking into the other names.

4. ‘I am allowed to have two wives’: Patriarch of devout Muslim family in bizarre court outburst before being found guilty of ‘honor killing’ murder of son-in-law and his friend who helped convert his daughter to Christianity

A Jordanian man has been found guilty of two honor killings after taking to the stand to defend himself in a desperate attempt to avoid the death penalty.


Ali Irsan, 60, a Jordanian immigrant, has been convicted of killing his daughter’s husband – Coty Beavers – and her friend Gelareh Bagherzadeh after his daughter converted to Christianity and married a Christian man.


The jury deliberated for just 35 minutes before reaching the verdict Thursday. Jurors will begin hearing evidence Friday morning on punishment, and he could be sentenced either to death or life imprisonment without parole.


Against the advice of his own attorneys, Irsan took the stand Wednesday declaring he had nothing to do with the deaths of Beavers and Bagherzadeh in Houston in 2012.

Irsan was grilled by prosecutors on his relationship with his wife and his devout faith as they tried to paint him as a radical Muslim who believed his daughter’s marriage had brought shame on the family.  

5. The minister of nothing says, well, nothing.

6. A UK Labour Party accidentally got a glimpse of reality and is now persona non-grata in her own party, and needs body guards.

7. How is islam taught in Toronto?

8. remember, human rights mean you have none, and every special interest has so many its tantamount to immunity from law altogether.

There are many who sent in great items in the past 48 hours. EB., Xanthippa, Richard, Charles, Wrath of Khan, M., and so many more, some Ive lost track of and some who do not wish to be mentioned. But thank you all for your diligence, wit and support.

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  1. 8/ Sophie Cook, a LGBT speaker, trans activist and the first transgender newscaster to appear on European terrestrial TV

    terrestrial TV?
    Could’ve fooled me. All of it sounds extra-terrestrial to me.
    SciFi and dystopian fiction give me the creeps. Now shape-changers are for real? “terrestrial”?

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