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    • Sorry about the double post.

      If you watch this video you find another real big data point about the collapse of civilization and the increasing probability of a civil war. One very samrt man said that when the white genocide goes large scale in South Africa it will be less then six months before it hits North America. Watching this video it seems that he was being optimistic.

  1. Ecuador Will Imminently Withdraw Asylum for Julian Assange and Hand Him Over to the UK. What Comes Next?\

    ECUADOR’S PRESIDENT Lenin Moreno traveled to London on Friday for the ostensible purpose of speaking at the 2018 Global Disabilities Summit (Moreno has been confined to a wheelchair since being shot in a 1998 robbery attempt). The concealed, actual purpose of the President’s trip is to meet with British officials to finalize an agreement under which Ecuador will withdraw its asylum protection of Julian Assange, in place since 2012, eject him from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, and then hand over the WikiLeaks founder to British authorities.

    Moreno’s itinerary also notably includes a trip to Madrid, where he will meet with Spanish officials still seething over Assange’s denunciation of human rights abuses perpetrated by Spain’s central government against protesters marching for Catalonia independence. Almost three months ago, Ecuador blocked Assange from accessing the internet, and Assange has not been able to communicate with the outside world ever since. The primary factor in Ecuador’s decision to silence him was Spanish anger over Assange’s tweets about Catalonia.

  2. Washington: Iran Paid $16 Billion to Destabilize the Region (aawsat, Jul 21, 2018)

    “Washington has estimated the amount of money Iran has spent on the regime of Bashar al-Assad and its militias in the Arab world at about $16 billion.

    Tehran also gives Lebanon’s “Hezbollah” more than $700 million a year, in addition to supporting other militias in Iraq and the Houthis in Yemen, with the aim of destabilizing the countries of the Middle East region. It was also a major cause of the aggravation of the Syrian refugee crisis around the world.

    A senior State Department official told a number of reporters via a phone conference that the funds granted by Iran to Assad amounted to $4 billion in form of credits to strengthen the regime’s capabilities, leading to the Syrian refugee crisis, which is the worst since World War II.

    The official was speaking prior to the visit of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, to Los Angeles, California, on Sunday to give a speech in solidarity with the Iranian community under the title “Support the Iranian voices” in America. More than 250,000 US citizens of Iranian origin live in California.

    “We know that Iran uses its economic revenues to finance terrorism. There is no country in the world that sponsors and supports terrorism more than Iran,” the official said.

    He added that the United States was committed to the list of 12 requests made by Pompeo in his speech in May, which aims to change the malicious behavior of Iran – not change the regime – stop the Iranian nuclear threats and its support for terrorism and curb the ballistic missile program.

    He noted that Washington has re-evaluated the future of US-Iranian relations and has drawn up a clear strategy for implementing that vision.

    He also stressed that the US has put on the table the possibility of a treaty with Iran if the regime in Tehran decided to change its behavior and started acting as a normal country.”

  3. Khamenei Backs Rouhani’s Call to Block Gulf Oil Exports (aawsat, Jul 21, 2018)

    “Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei supported on Saturday President Hassan Rouhani’s call for Tehran to block Gulf oil exports if its own were stopped.

    Rouhani had threatened during a trip to Europe earlier this month: “It is incorrect and unwise to imagine that someday all producer countries will be able to export their surplus oil and Iran will not be able to export its oil.”

    “(Khamenei) said remarks by the president … that ‘if Iran’s oil is not exported, no regional country’s oil will be exported,’ were important remarks that reflect the policy and the approach of (Iran’s) system,” Khamenei’s official website said.

    Iranian officials have in the past threatened to block the Strait of Hormuz, a major oil shipping route, in retaliation for any hostile US action.

    Khamenei used a speech to foreign ministry officials on Saturday to reject any renewed talks with the United States after President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from a 2015 international deal over Iran’s nuclear program.

    “The word and even the signature of the Americans cannot be relied upon, so negotiations with America are of no avail,” Khamenei said.

    It would be an “obvious mistake” to negotiate with the United States as Washington was unreliable, Khamenei added, according to his website.

    Iran’s oil exports could fall by as much as two-thirds by the end of the year because of new US sanctions.”

  4. Bahrain Detects Fake Accounts Run by Qatar to Harm Ties with Saudi Arabia (aawsat, Jul 21, 2018)

    “Bahrain revealed on Saturday that its monitoring of recent social media posts revealed that Qatar was running false accounts aimed at harming Manama’s ties with Saudi Arabia.

    The monitoring of the posts has shown a systematic targeting of Bahrain to compromise its national interests by influencing public opinion on various issues, including naturalization, to damage the close and special Bahraini-Saudi relations and target the economy by circulating false information through fake accounts run from Qatar and by fugitives escaping justice, reported the Bahrain news agency (BNA).

    The Ministry of Interior clarified that such accounts incite sedition and hatred to undermine Bahrain’s social fabric and jeopardize the upcoming parliamentary elections by negatively focusing on a number of issues, including the new pension scheme, to negatively sway public opinion and distort the Bahraini identity to project it as having negative characteristics…”

  5. Gunmen Kill 2 Policemen in Russia’s Dagestan (aawsat, Jul 21, 2018)

    “Unknown gunmen have shot dead two policemen in Russia’s volatile Caucasus in the latest attack against local authorities, police said on Saturday.

    Assailants driving a Lada shot at a car carrying three traffic police outside the Dagestani town of Kizilyurt late Friday and fled, a police spokesman told AFP.

    “Two people died,” he said, adding that a third policeman received no injuries.

    The spokesman said it was not immediately clear who was behind the attack, adding an operation was under way to catch the gunmen…”

  6. 3,073 Tunisians head to Europe illegally (memo, Jul 21, 2018)

    “Some 3,073 Tunisians have made the perilous journey from to Italy across the Mediterranean Sea since the start of the year, an official at the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) revealed this week.

    Head of the mission, Lorena Lando, said Tunisians made up the largest number of migrants traveling to Italy during this period. Ethiopians and Nigerians came in second and third place respectively.

    Tunisian youths are taking to the waters in search of a better life in Europe amid a rise in unemployment in the country and increased frustration at the quality of life.

    Youths are “pessimistic” about their future in Tunisia and set their sights on the “European paradise” as they head to the overcrowded boats which aim to transport them to a new life.

    Neither the stories of sinking boats and people struggling to survive the journey, nor the increased security campaigns to stop the migrant flows deter the determined youths from making their escape…”

  7. Saudis ban Kuwaiti group over Brotherhood links (gulfnews, Jul 21, 2018)

    “Saudi authorities have banned dealings with a Kuwaiti charity group over suspected links with the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, Saudi newspaper Okaz reported on Saturday.

    The Ministry of Labour and Social Development has issued a circular banning charity associations and non-governmental institutions in Saudi Arabia from dealing with the Social Reform Society in Kuwait for its ties to the Brotherhood, the paper added.

    The circular also bans Saudi institutions from dealing with any other group that have direct or indirect links with organisations designated as terrorist in Saudi Arabia.

    The move comes in response to available information that the Kuwaiti group maintains a “suspicious relationship with terrorist” Brotherhood, Okaz reported.

    Social Reform Society is seen as a main financier of the Brotherhood, which is outlawed in Saudi Arabia, Okaz quoted unnamed Kuwaiti sources as saying.

    The Kuwaiti group has a long history in raising funds, manipulating high-sounding slogans, an approach that has allowed it to collect large donations channelled into bankrolling the local and international offshoots of the Brotherhood, they added.”

  8. twitter Tom Fitton @TomFitton

    .@JudicialWatch now has Carter Page FISA docs.

    They are heavily redacted but seem to confirm the FBI and DoJ misled the courts in withholding info about Clinton-DNC being behind the info used to get the FISA warrant.


    JW v DOJ FISA Warrant Docs 00245


    FISA docs seem to confirm FBI and DOJ misled courts in withholding material info that Hillary Clinton’s campaign/DNC behind “intelligence” used to persuade courts to approve FISA warrants that targeted @RealDonaldTrump team.


  9. Austria ditches driver’s license theory test in Turkish (thelocal, Jul 21, 2018)

    “Learner drivers in Austria will no longer be able to take their theory test in Turkish, the transport ministry announced on Saturday, blaming the cost of translating the exam.

    Of the nearly 300,000 theory tests taken last year, only 3,631 were conducted in Turkish — or 1.2 percent of the total.

    The ministry, which in Austria’s new coalition government belongs to the far-right Freedom Party (FPOe), said it was too expensive to maintain a test taken by a relatively small percentage of learners.

    There are around 360,000 people of Turkish origin in Austria, including 117,000 Turkish nationals.

    “Each additional language for training costs the state a five-figure sum that isn’t justifiable,” said transport minister Norbert Hofer.

    Exams will however continue to be available in English, Croatian and Slovenian, he said.

    “It’s naturally a question of costs but also for me it’s essential to clearly establish which languages it is sensible to have the exam in,” he said, adding that the scrapping of Turkish was “encouragement to learn German.”

    The FPOe, which ran on an anti-immigration platform and which was founded by former Nazis, has several ministers in Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz’s government.”

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